Finland: Moroccan Muslim asylum seeker was targeting women in terror spree

“Then a person ran towards us shouting ‘He has a knife’, and everybody from the terrace ran inside. Next, a woman came in to the cafe. She was crying hysterically, down on her knees, saying someone’s neck has been slashed open.”

(A witness)

Surely you know what happened in Finland on the heals of Barcelona, but here from Reuters we get more facts on the killer and the poor innocent women who were sadly in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Over the years we have written a few posts on Finland, but it isn’t as easily accessible (or slovenly welcoming) as other Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway.

This Reuters story is surprisingly unrestrained and relatively free of whitewash (or is that because those quoted weren’t pulling punches and speaking in politically correct terms?):

HELSINKI/TURKU, Finland (Reuters) – Finnish police said on Saturday that an 18-year-old Moroccan man, arrested after a knife rampage that killed two people and wounded eight, appeared to have targeted women and that the spree was being treated as the country’s first terrorism-related attack.

Finland’s loss of innocence. Photo:

The suspect arrested following the attack on Friday after being shot in the leg by police in the city of Turku had arrived in Finland last year, police said. They said they later arrested four other Moroccan men over possible links to him and had issued an international arrest warrant for a sixth Moroccan national.

Finnish broadcaster MTV, citing an unnamed source, said the main suspect had been denied asylum in Finland. The police said only that he had been “part of the asylum process”.

The case marks the first suspected terror attack in Finland, where violent crime is relatively rare.

“The suspect’s profile is similar to that of several other recent radical Islamist terror attacks that have taken place in Europe,” Director Antti Pelttari from the Finnish Security Intelligence Service told a news conference.


Both of those killed in the Turku attack, and six of the eight who were wounded, were women, the police said. The two who died were Finns, and an Italian and two Swedish citizens were among the injured.

Ville Tavio (Finns party): Asylum system is primary means of entry for terrorists.

“It seems that the suspect chose women as his targets, because the men who were wounded were injured when they tried to help, or prevent the attacks,” said Crista Granroth from the National Bureau of Investigation.

“The act was cowardly … we have been afraid of this and we have prepared for this. We are not an island anymore, the whole of Europe is affected,” Prime Minister Juha Sipila said. [Well, maybe not Poland and Hungary that have closed their borders to Muslim migration!—ed]


Some members of the nationalist Finns party, which was kicked out of the government in June for their new hard-line anti-immigration leadership, blamed the government for what they said was too loose an immigration policy.

“The asylum system is the primary road for illegal immigration, used also by the terrorists. Harmful immigration can be controlled only by reducing Finland’s attractiveness, or by border controls,” said Finns party lawmaker Ville Tavio.

Much, much more here.

What is asylum?  (As opposed to refugee resettlement)

In the refugee resettlement process, wannabe refugees must prove they are persecuted, the UN screens them (supposedly!) and a country accepts them and flies them in.

For asylum, the wannabe refugee makes his or her way to a ‘safe’ country and then applies for asylum (or often called political asylum).  They are supposed to make a case that they would be persecuted if returned home.  Europe is dealing with mostly asylum seekers (many are phony and are really economic migrants) who are basically loose in the country until their cases can be processed.

And, are often loose because they have been rejected and no one has made them leave!

So, it is a misnomer when you hear the Left and political leaders refer to asylum seekers as refugees. They are not legitimate refugees until their cases have been processed and the governmental body responsible has granted them asylum.

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7 thoughts on “Finland: Moroccan Muslim asylum seeker was targeting women in terror spree

  1. If failed asylum seekers aren’t deported to their country of origin, actually transported there or somewhere outside Europe, they will either stay in country for as long as possible or just slip over the border for a time. I heard one Swedish guy say that they just come back into Sweden on a train.


  2. Did you also read what President Niinistö said: “We have the freedom to say what we think, but we also have the responsibility for what our words lead to. There has already been enough of serious stamping or intentional misunderstanding . Immigration is supported by some and the others are opposed; It must be understood. But if this is built on hatred, it weakens our ability to fight evil.
    Let us also remember the courage and the goodness that was seen in Turku Square. The onlookers put their own lives on the line to save the stabbing victims. Let us see this goodness, that is the humanity against which the blow was directed.”
    Not all the people at the Refugee or Reception Centre are muslims but already they are afraid to move in the city and there is some talk about attacking the centre.


    1. Legal immigration, responsibly managed, is a great thing. The current twisting and stretching of a countries immigration law to bring in people from unstabilized countries is flat out dangerous.

      You have to know the people you allow in, or you are doomed. Even more so, if the people come from is far different socially than the host country.

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  3. Asylum seekers are the ones that got away from the U.N. and the nine major refugee contractors. I’m sure they lament the revenue loss, each and every single time they hear of an asylum seeker.

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