Syrians struggling with basic needs in Edmonton, Canada

In his zeal to show what a caring humanitarian he is, the boy prime minister of Canada literally airlifted tens of thousands of Syrians to Canada in the year after being elected.

His reckless impulse is now resulting in story after story about how the Syrians are not faring well.

From CBCNews (emphasis mine):

More than a year after arriving on Canadian soil, thousands of Syrian refugees are still struggling to make ends meet and provide for their families.

Alberta welcomed nearly over 5,100 refugees between Nov. 26, 2015 and March 2017, with 2,100 settling in Edmonton.

A report prepared by city staff and presented to the community and public services committee Monday shows the biggest challenges are in health, housing and employment.  [So what else is there besides those three biggies?—ed]

“It’s just the demand is so high,” Ricki Justice, with the Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, told the committee.

Justice said refugees dealing with complex trauma from the Syrian war are having a tough time accessing psychological services.

“Six-week wait times to see a counsellor,” she said.

Catholic Social Services, a group responsible for settling the government-assisted refugees in Alberta, has held a series of forums since the first refugees arrived last year. In May 2017, it compiled the information delivered in the report.

Lots of children per family—demography will be the death of Canada (after Europe):

The province came out with an affordable housing strategy earlier in the summer and Huque hopes some of it will address the need for larger units for bigger families.

“I don’t think it was expected the sizes of some of these families,” he said. “Six, seven, eight people are just not going to fit into a two- or three-bedroom unit.”

He said moving to a bigger place is beyond many refugees’ means. They end up relying on food banks and other charities.

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4 thoughts on “Syrians struggling with basic needs in Edmonton, Canada

  1. Just another example of the Catholic Church promoting human trafficking. In Europe, 700,000 have returned to Syria due to the outbreak of peace in Syria. Maybe these Syrians in Canada can go back to where they came from.

    The Catholic Church wants to bring in wandering Gypsies to your neighborhood just so you can foot the welfare bill in providing for the Gypsies. I can prove that the Catholic Church is an anti-American, Communist organization: Guess who helped give Saul Alinsky his first big break in politics and Communist organizing?: Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago Bernard James Sheil co-founded the Communist and anti-American front organization, the Industrial Areas Foundation, with Alinsky in 1940 in Chicago. See:

    Move the Gypsies into Trudeau’s mansion or the mansion of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Edmonton Richard William Smith,

    Canadians should offer to pay the Syrians there air fare back to Syria to get rid of them.


  2. $10.5 million (Omar Khadr) would have paid for quite a bit of housing, or healthcare, or whatever is needed.

    It is not ideal, but a family of 10 in a 3 bed, 1 bath, can be done. I survived it.

    My question is how many of the women work?

    What Does It Mean to Help One Family?


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