Trump must suspend refugee program for FY18

If you are getting tired of hearing me on this subject, be prepared for more weariness because I plan to talk about it until that date in about mid-September when the President sends his State Department-crafted fiscal year “determination” to the Hill for “consultation” with Congress.

This year is a bit different, however, because the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is under review at the Supreme Court and they surely won’t be reviewing and deciding by the first of October when the new batch of refugees would begin to arrive.  The Court’s first day is October 2.

Trump would have every legal right to simply suspend or hold off sending any “determination” in advance of the Court ruling.

Indeed he could send a determination of zero (or some tiny number for extreme cases).


Trump grin and Tillerson
The test for Donald J. Trump is only a few weeks away. The President has enormous power to decide if refugees will come to America or not in FY18. If he has the will, he can force Congress to trash or reform the entire program.


We know that at this minute, the US State Department is preparing its report (here is last year’s report) that accompanies the “determination” of how many refugees America will ‘welcome’ in the form of a CEILING (not a goal, just a number that can’t be exceeded, excepting they have exceeded it this year).

That “determination” is made in conjunction with the refugee contractors*** which have gathered their “abstracts” from towns and cities, large and small, across America.  The “abstract” is a secret document where the subcontractor tells Washington how many refugees they can handle (and how many “services” your town can provide).

By the way, in years past, the US State Department took public testimony in preparation for writing the “determination.”  Although it was an insincere effort, there wasn’t even any effort in Trump’s Dept. of State to find out what citizens’ think.

Readers ask me all the time: Tell me what I can do!

You must #1: Tell President Donald Trump to suspend the FY18 Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).

#2: Tell every one of your elected Washington Representatives (Congressman and two Senators) to not fund any Refugee Admissions Program for FY18.

#3: This is new!  If you belong to any national Immigration restriction group—like the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and/or NumbersUSA—tell them to urge the suspension of the USRAP until the Supreme Court hears and rules on the case, but most importantly until the program is completely overhauled by Congress.

Trump and Gorka
Trump all smiles with Gorka!

Endnote: It is looking pretty bleak for us in the White House these days with anyone who understands the threat being pushed out or fired (Gorka just yesterday, see here), so for me, what Trump does in September about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is THE barometer I’ll be using to judge this Presidency. 

Trump made promises during the campaign and I and many others believed him.

Reining-in immigration (and getting us out of Middle Eastern wars!) were of paramount concern to me—the deal breakers!


*** For new readers, these are the Federal contractors/middlemen/employment agencies/propagandists/lobbyists/community organizers? paid by you to place refugees in your towns and cities listed below.  Under the nine major contractors are hundreds of subcontractors.

The contractors income is largely dependent on taxpayer dollars based on the number of refugees admitted to the US, but they also receive myriad grants to service their “New Americans.”

If you are a good-hearted soul and think refugee resettlement is all about humanitarianism, think again! Big businesses/global corporations depend on the free flow of cheap (some call it slave) labor.  It is for this reason that Republican leaders of Congress are supportive of an uninterrupted flow of refugees into America.

The only way for real reform of how the US admits refugees is to remove these contractors/Leftwing activists/big business head hunters from the process.


One thought on “Trump must suspend refugee program for FY18

  1. From my own personal and professional experience, I KNOW that irefugee resettlement has become a big business, aka the “refugee resettlement industry”, which is financed on a refugee per capita basis by taxpayers. Simply put, the more refugees who enter, the more faux humanitarian and greedy church-related refugee programs prosper.

    Trust me when I tell you that the refugee resettlement industry has become virtually ALL about money–NOT compassion–and that whether or not refugees pose a threat to the country takes a back seat to these agencies’ bottom line. Oh, sure. Kind-hearted UNPAID volunteers drawn from the community are in it for the right reasons, but 90% of paid staffers are not. You must understand that.

    With Trump’s refugee suspension under review by the Supreme Court (no ruling until October 1st) and his “determination” on the number of refugees to be resettled in FY’18 due for submission to Congress for funding mid-September, I would urge him to suspend his “determination” for FY’18 until after the SCOTUS ruling is reviewed and analyzed, this to assess whether or not it deleteriously impacts the President’s ability to properly manage the flow of assimilable refugees.

    Having been besieged by improperly vetted and often unassimilable refugees over the years, and since the government’s primary duty is to safeguard the interests and security of American citizens FIRST, it is time for the feds to examine how cost-effective and beneficial this program has been to America and to suggest more reasonable vetting and resettlement standards. Such a careful study is LONG overdue.

    While this comprehensive study is underway, the President should appeal to Congress to study assimilation outcomes among all refugee groups before permitting any but the most seriously vulnerable cases to enter the country. This is not to say their suffering should be ignored during the pendency of the study. Not at all. There is still ample opportunity and humanitarian justification for the US to properly assist needy refugees “in place” overseas until this study is completed and until the proper number and nationality breakdown of entrants is carefully determined–the resettlement lobbyists’ howls of protest and self-serving pleas for compassion be damned. In truth, it’s NOT necessary for refugees to come here to be properly cared for and protected until such time that conditions in their home countries permit them to safely return. It’s not a case of resettle these thousands of refugees in the US or they die. That’s crap! I KNOW.

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