What about America’s own refugees!

Yesterday I sent out a series of tweets like these below. Help me get the message to Washington.

We have our own refugees now—tens of thousands of them, maybe more—who will be homeless and need medical care, food and clothing.

Suspend the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program for FY18 and use (literally a couple of a billion dollars that now goes to importing third world poverty) for ‘Harvey’ refugees!

Let’s make this the year of……

America First!


Screenshot (791)


And, what about our own homeless elderly citizens?


Screenshot (793).png


It is insanity to consider bringing 50,000 or more refugees (more poverty) in to America beginning October 1, but that is what the Trump Administration is considering at this very minute!

(The Prez will make his announcement in about 2 weeks!)

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4 thoughts on “What about America’s own refugees!

  1. That is why I say, no immigration of any kind whatsoever. Whether people want to believe this or not this country is bankrupt in spite of the fact that the elite of this country live the best. The Mayor of Houston, certainly managed to stay dry, without ordering any evacuations prior to the storm. Yeap!!! He is in good condition. Something tells me that we should stop supporting and giving our monies to celebrities, affluence, and influential figures. I have said this time and time again, this country and along with the rest of this planet is under judgment from OUR CREATOR YAHVEH. Never have we tolerated pagans, satanist, and the Arch of Baal erected in New York. This past Sunday, the pagans conducted a ritual, known as the burning man. We have never seen events like this before, nor have we woven them into the fabric of our society. WE ARE UNDER JUDGMENT!!!



  2. Ann! Your work is SO OUTSTANDING!!! And – I believe you ‘hit the nail’ on the head’ with this message … it simply couldn’t be more true!! In fact, I awoke in the night, which I almost never do, to the EXACT THOUGHT – first, of my friends and their families in Houston who have lost absolutely everything to SECONDLY, they THEY ARE REFUGEES, now!! I believe this may be a ‘sign’; divine intervention … an indicator to the president to PAUSE {again} & RE-THINK America’s Refugee [Acceptance] Policy. The President should direct UN SecretaryHaley to spend the $ the US spend on its membership in the UN on Refugee Settlement & ReSettlement in their home countries.

    Just a few thoughts I had to share with you, Ann … hoping you are doing well!

    Will update you ‘soon’ [hopefully next month] on the status of the ‘report’ of ‘data points’ [sadly, it will not be an audit as many of us had hoped] which will be generated by the Office of the Legislative Auditor due out before our upcoming legislative session which convenes on February 20th, 2018. Disappointed … but not discouraged.

    Onward to Victory over this evil federal program undermining our Western Civilization!



    Cindy Pugh Minnesota State Representative, District 33B 411 State Office Building (651) 296-4315 office (952) 474-1436 cell rep.cindy.pugh@house.mn

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