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No one to blame but themselves for “job jeopardy” as refugee numbers drop

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 3, 2017


Because the refugee agencies have failed over the years to raise private money for their ‘charitable’ good works (to tide them over) and have become completely dependent on you—the US taxpayers—to pay for their ‘humanitarian’ hobby.

Scratching your head and wondering why these non-profits (during this slowdown) can’t just take better care of (and give their love to) the refugees they have resettled over the previous years?

Margaret O'Sullivan

Margaret O’Sullivan is waiting to see how this is going to go!

Then you need to know that federal dollars flow to these quasi-government ‘non-profits’ on a per refugee head basis.  The love stops when the money does!

No refugees=no payola. You might even liken it to a ponzi-scheme.

If there was so much public support for refugee resettlement, why couldn’t ‘charitable’ organizations like those whining in Philly have done all the normal activities that legitimate non-profits do to raise PRIVATE money—hold fundraising events, galas, bake sales, telethons, solicit corporate donations, etc.?

The answer is that it became too damn easy to dip into taxpayers’ wallets….

(And evidently the general public isn’t that interested in supporting this type of charity!)

Now we see headlines like this one at the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Trump’s travel-ban casualties: Laid-off refugee workers

philly loves refugees

Here are a few snips of the story meant to make it look like Trump is the meany while no mention about how groups like these are funded:

President Trump’s travel ban stalled the hopes of thousands of refugees overseas, and now it’s taking something crucial from workers who help the world’s most vulnerable people.

Their jobs.

Resettlement agencies in the Philadelphia region have laid off staff and left positions empty as the flow of refugees slows to a trickle. One organization cut half of its specialized staff, and another has asked senior employees to take unpaid time off.

“It’s a tortuous situation,” said Margaret O’Sullivan, executive director of the Nationalities Service Center in Philadelphia. “We’re all waiting to see which way this is going to go.”

Ms. O’Sullivan (Nationalities Service Center)*** is referring to the decision expected at any time now from the Trump Administration about how many impoverished refugees (aka paying clients) the US will ‘welcome’ to American towns and cities beginning October 1.  We have been advocating suspending the program, see here.

Job jeopardy:

“We’re struggling,” said Peter Gottemoller, director of Pennsylvania refugee programs for Bethany Christian Services.

Bethany has laid off more than half of its 20-person resettlement staff in offices in Allentown and Lancaster and in Montgomery County, “and there probably will be other layoffs coming down,” he said, “because we’re not going to get in the expected number of folks.” [And, the reporter must never have asked, so what is the connection, can’t you keep helping those already here?—ed]

More here.

*** Nationalities Service Center is an USCRI affiliate. A recent Form 990 shows that $2.9 million of their total gifts/grants of $3.7 million came from the government (you).

Below are the nine major contractors that are in most cases completely dependent on your tax dollars.

USCRI is approximately 98% funded by you (from the US Treasury).

The only way for real reform of how the US admits refugees is to remove these contractors/Leftwing activists/lobbyists from the process.

7 Responses to “No one to blame but themselves for “job jeopardy” as refugee numbers drop”

  1. futuret said


  2. This is wonderful news! Finally a little break for the taxpayers of the USA.

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  3. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Here’s the list of those NINE national SCAM agencies, and you can bet one of their 300 local underling offices has a spot in YOUR town.
    From the article: “The love stops when the money does!”

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  4. futuret said


  5. I’m sure many Americans would be delighted to give money for aid and low-interest loans for the many illegal aliens being deported. If the Refugee Resettlement Industry would concentrate on helping people who are going to be deported, they could still have funds and jobs without flooding the U.S. with people who are either a terrorist threat or a drain on social spending. I haven’t heard of any chairty focusing on helping deported people; certainly there is a great need for direct aid, business education and low interest business loans.


  6. pcockroft said

    Someone posted that Saudi Arabia wanted to share the love and have.put 4000 air conditioned tents for all to come. Problem is there are no visas. And Americans have their own compound to live if allowed to even see the country. So much for their sharing, All that love in countries as China, Japan seems to be missing too.I guess we are the best dump in the world.

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    • sturandot13 said

      Those air-conditioned tents are ONLY for participants in the “hajj”. They are NOT for “refugees”, as Soddy Barbaria will not take them. After all, that would not enable “al hijra”: immigration jihad.


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