9th Circuit once again throws monkey wrench into US Refugee Admissions Program

Groups like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and International Refugee Assistance Project, with their lawsuits through friendly courts, have so perverted the legal process that has been in place since 1980 for admitting refugees that there is even more reason for President Donald Trump to simply suspend the USRAP for FY18 which begins in 22 days.

Here is the latest crowing at the New York Times about how the recent 9th Circuit decision will allow more refugees to be admitted to the US.

But, but, but….

No where does the NYT article mention that the Supreme Court did affirm the President’s legal right to set a CEILING for the fiscal year and that Trump did set it once he was sworn in at 50,000.  We are now at 51,726 (as of this writing).  This is the first time in the history of the program that the ceiling has been exceeded. 

Rebecca Heller, Yale law 2010, director of the International Refugee Assistance Project is “thrilled.”

Any day now Donald Trump could set the CEILING for Fiscal year 2018 that begins on October 1 making moot so much of this legal wrangling.

All of this language created out of thin air by the Supreme Court—this “bona fide relationship” BS—is not in refugee law.

My argument again is that since the courts (including the Supremes) have so mangled refugee law (with the help of these political agitators) that the program should be suspended beginning October 1 to give CONGRESS and the President time assess the program and to regain their Constitutional authority to write and administer law!

The Refugee Act of 1980 does not mandate any number that a President must admit.  He can set the level at zero! He can do that without any executive order via his September ‘determination’ required under the Act!

If he sets the level at zero at the outset, he also takes away any claim the contractors have to having been promised (via contract/agreement) by the Dept. of State that they will be getting a certain number of paying clients (aka refugees) in the coming year.

Here is the New York Times helping to further muddy the public’s understanding of how refugee admissions to the US are processed.

LOS ANGELES — A federal appeals court on Thursday reopened the country’s door to thousands of refugees who had been temporarily blocked by President Trump’s travel ban, and also upheld a lower court decision that had exempted grandparents and other relatives from the ban. [Thousands in 22 days?—ed]

The ruling, from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Seattle, was cheered by refugee resettlement organizations,*** and clarified, for now, who was covered by the ban.

In June, the Supreme Court allowed parts of President Trump’s executive order temporarily barring all travelers from six predominantly Muslim countries, and all refugees, to take effect while the court considered arguments over whether such a ban was constitutional. But the court said the government should let in travelers and refugees with a “bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States,” without fully defining what that meant.  [There is no “bona fide” relationship standard in refugee law! Bona fide dies when the executive order dies unless Congress rewrites the law and the President signs it!—ed]


They also said that working with a resettlement agency*** meets the standard for a “bona fide” relationship with an entity in the United States.


The United States refugee resettlement program virtually ground to a halt at the end of June as a result of the travel ban. Since then, the government has frozen the applications of individuals already assigned to a resettlement agency, unless they could show ties to a close family member in the United States. Some 24,000 refugees were affected, the court noted in its opinion.

The court mandated that the government resume resettling refugees in the United States beginning in five days.

Becca Heller, director of International Refugee Assistance Project, an organization that provides free legal assistance to refugees abroad and has sued the government over the ban, said Thursday, “I am thrilled that two courts have now recognized the importance of the decades-old relationship between refugees and the American families, communities and organizations that help them resettle.”

More here.

The Dept. of Justice said they will appeal (to the Supreme Court) this latest legal overreach by the 9th Circuit.

If the Leftist resettlement agencies*** had never gotten involved, accepted the 120-day moratorium, it would be long over now and they would be back to their normal process.

And, so since this whole exercise will be moot shortly, what have the refugee advocacy and contracting agencies*** gained from these legal machinations?

They have gained an enormous anti-Trump media campaign, that’s what!

Tell the President and Congress that the US Refugee Admissions Program should be suspended for fiscal year 2018!

*** For new readers, these are the Federal contractors/middlemen/employment agencies/propagandists/lobbyists/community organizers? paid by you to place refugees in your towns and cities listed below.  Under the nine major contractors are hundreds of subcontractors.

The contractors income is largely dependent on taxpayer dollars based on the number of refugees admitted to the US, but they also receive myriad grants to service their “New Americans.”

If you are a good-hearted soul and think refugee resettlement is all about humanitarianism, think again! Big businesses/global corporations depend on the free flow of cheap (some call it slave) labor.  It is for this reason that Republican leaders of Congress are supportive of an uninterrupted flow of refugees into America.

The only way for real reform of how the US admits refugees is to remove these contractors/Leftwing activists/big business head hunters from the process.

As far as I know, all of the contractors below supported the lawsuits that Ms. Heller and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society filed.

8 thoughts on “9th Circuit once again throws monkey wrench into US Refugee Admissions Program

  1. Ann, another way RRW followers may help out is to post something like this message on their own facebook pages. Every little bit helps:

    HEADS UP: call the White House comment line week days (1-202-456-1111) to encourage the President to SUSPEND refugee program for FY’18 until such time that a thorough, independent review and overhaul of the program is conducted and recommendations submitted to him and Congress for review. (Which refugee groups are assimilating and contributing and which are not; also, costs of resettling refugees vs providing assistance to them overseas until they are able to safely return to their country of origin.) Also, encourage him to ask Congress to pass a law which requires States to have final say over the number & nationality of refugees which the federal government is permitted to resettle in the States. Time: 2.5 minutes.


  2. What kind of a setup do we have where the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which is predominantly Liberal, have the right to endanger the rest of the country by their blocking of necessary Executive Orders ? I THOUGHT that the three branches of government were Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court and NOT some District Court !!!!! Over the years, the Supreme Court has had to reverse 60% of their decisions !!!!!


  3. How do you get the President’s ear? I still don’t understand why you are not an official advisor, consultant, or member of th “kitchen cabinet.” He won the Presidency on your issues, so should listen to you, and heed your advice, in my opinion….


    1. I don’t know the answer about why the President has not brought his supporters who are experts in various issues in to the administration. However, as Bannon apparently concluded, we are all better off on the outside fighting, than on the inside sitting at a desk with nothing to do (as the deep state isolates those who might rock their boat).


  4. This is probably the most important information that you have provided- if ONLY the right people in the Administration would listen and act. There is nobody else in the Blogosphere who lays it out the way you do, chapter and verse, and gives them a way to SHUT DOWN THE INVASION.

    Honestly Ann, I don’t know how your head doesn’t explode some days from the shear frustration of having to deal with the IDIOTS who are running our country and who can’t seem to understand the English language or laws to boot. I have been a loyal reader for quite some time and try to spread the word as much as I can in all my political circles. As normal, decent people read and begin to comprehend what you’ve been saying, they become outraged- especially here in the Belly of the Beast, NY where the hypocrisy of the Dem/Left/Libs is constantly in our faces. Even you would have a good laugh as they come out of their lily white neighborhoods to protest the latest “injustice” to the immigrants/ refugees/ Dreamers who are basically providing their cheap labor all around the house.

    To get back to your point, that Trump does indeed have the power to do something- we can only pray that someone in his Administration reads your blog because all of the answers are here for the taking. Since Bannon, Gorka, and some of the others have been kicked out, it looks like Stephen Miller may be our only hope. Honestly, I don’t know what to make of some of the things that Trump is doing, especially playing footsie with Nancy and Chuck, two of the most evil Dems that have ever been in power. I do know that he (DJT) right now is our only hope to put the brakes on. God help us all and thanks for your tireless perseverance. Please know that you many, many supporters who pray for you and try to spread the message.


    1. Thanks as always for your words of appreciation for my work. LOL! I can’t explain why my head isn’t exploding (maybe I can and maybe I’ll try to explain one day….

      You are so right about the reaction of people when they first understand what is being done—-importing poverty via phony charities that the average joe is paying for.

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