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When a Leftist Pope gets between a rock and a hard place (laugh of the day)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 10, 2017

Or more specifically when he gets between the Muslims and the Buddhists in Burma.

Scratching his head: How can two “peaceful” religions be killing each other?


See Pope in a pickle by George Neumayr at American Spectator (hat tip: Judy).

(Before you go on with your laugh, you need to know that the Buddhists do not recognize the label ‘Rohingya’ because they think the Muslims in Burma (aka Myanmar) are  simply Bangladeshi Muslims who moved into Burma illegally and deserve no special label. I’ve followed the issue for ten years and have a huge archive, Rohingya Reports, here. The latest outbreak of violence that began in 2012 resulted from a brutal rape and murder of a Buddhist girl by a gang of Muslims, something the media never mentions! You also need to know that the US has admitted thousands of Rohingya to America, most of them arriving in recent years.)

American Spectator:

In late August, the New York Times reported on a controversy only a pope like Francis would bother to court. Like many of his fellow Jesuits, Pope Francis exudes enthusiasm for every religion except his own. Out of this hyper-ecumenism has come a torrent of flaky tributes to what his predecessors would have called “false religions” and silly trips to remote countries with almost no Catholics. The Times reported on one such upcoming trip to Myanmar/Burma: “Pope’s Planned Visit to Myanmar Risks Stoking Religious Tensions.”

Screenshot (827)

Pope to Burma in November—watch for it! Should be fun!

The tensions to which the article refers don’t involve Catholics. There aren’t enough of them around to start a fight. The article refers to the fighting between Muslims and Buddhists. The latter group evidently finds the pope’s Islamophilia annoying and wants him to keep his nose out of their business. In February, Pope Francis rebuked Burma’s Buddhists for mistreating Muslims from Bangladesh who call themselves the Rohingya: “They have been suffering, they are being tortured and killed, simply because they uphold their Muslim faith.”


Besides, talking about his “Rohingya brothers” gives him a break from the difficult work of having to explain away jihad. Here is an opportunity, as Vatican correspondent Sandro Magister pointed out, where he can defend Muslims in the role of the persecuted instead of the persecuting. But the problem, as Magister notes, is that it also puts him in the awkward position of criticizing Buddhism, another religion that he is inclined to cast as impeccably peaceful. Maybe he can find a way to blame the tensions on Catholics, whose numbers in Burma’s dioceses have swelled to the point where they can fit into the back of a mini-van.

The Times gingerly approaches this squabbling among two groups of religionists it normally wants to protect and sanitize. The Times is also loath to criticize an interfering liberal pope. But even from its elliptical reporting one gets the sense that the Buddhists would prefer that the pope virtue-signal somewhere else…

This is a must read for those of you who love irony (and how dumb Leftist drivel gets them in trouble).

Continue here.


3 Responses to “When a Leftist Pope gets between a rock and a hard place (laugh of the day)”

  1. brant119 said

    One can argue whether Rohinga are a true group or not, but how can you or any of readers defend what is going on with the burning of villages the massacres of families and children and the torture antics. The Burmese military has acted this way in the past as for instance against Chin Christians who make up the largest of the Burmese in America. The terroist group is small and is not supported my many other Rohingas. Given all the years of persecution, there gets a point where one needs to defend oneself although it is a useless fight. In 1954 U Nu the first prime minister of Burma sadi “The Rohinga are one ethnic people living within the Union of Burma:-September 25,1954. How can they now be Bengalis?

    THe Myanmar Encyclopedia Volume 9 Page 90 published by the government in 1964 clearly states that 75% of the district are 75% Rohinga people who are Muslims. I believe it was in 1982 that the Rohinga lost official identity status and the promotion of Bengali as their ethnicity. They have a long history in Burma and Rohinga is an adaption of an Arabic word/

    Ann, we are in disagreement on many issues. You have gone from a legitimate promotion of reform to essentially killing the program. I still do not understand the lack of compassion. I can even agree that privitization or true private / public program may work, but in the meantime there are so many people in distress. There is no equivalency between Houston flood victims. They were not persecuted or tortured, They can get help.. How is there any comparison to refugees?. To my knowledge no Syrian refugee has been arrested or charged with a serious crime. The travel Ban was clearly anti Muslim yet only 43% of this fiscal year refugees are Muslims. I share your concern about terrorism but I also do so domestically. I encourage you readers to look at the pictures of the Rohingas fleeing, it hits me just like the ISIS terror against Yezidis and Christians who I believe you support for resettlement i am working as a vouluteer with Rohinga and Syrian families as I have with the Bhutanese for many years. i see families juts like ours, all of whom love America and feel safe despite the financial issues many face. Many families in Clarkston fly American flags or have them in their homes. Refugees are not our enemies and are just another scapegoat from a president who is opposed to any immigration and caters to a particular base.


  2. pope JUDAS ISCARIOT tried to compare Trump to nazis …… Well …….
    The nazis were wiping out Jews ……
    and pope JUDAS ISCARIOT is wiping out CHRISTIANITY
    So I would have to say pope JUDAS ISCARIOT is the NAZI.


  3. Paula said


    NB – Francis is not a validly ordained priest, nor a validly consecrated bishop, nor a valid pope. He is an anti-pope with blood on his hands.

    Any who have followed the Church since Vatican II are into heresy, if not outright apostasy (including my family members).

    Better to call him what he is: Frankenpope the Apostate. This apostasy was foretold at LaSalette and Fatima, as well as in Apocolypse: “Rome will become the seat of the anti-Christ.”

    Keep up the great work. Wish you were working at the White House instead of all those anti-Trumpers…


    Liked by 2 people

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