6 thoughts on “Never, ever forget….

  1. Ann, God bless your GRIT !! 9/11 will be forgotten and ignored by snowflake libtards, They have bartered their very souls tosocialists Benghazi Killeries and the Bernie Sanders still lurking under rocks and leaves. ISLAMISM IS HATE BASED POLITICAL DOCTRINE, NOT RELIGION !!   How do they tolerateother people’s Gods ? Cut their heads off, stone them, throw them from a roof !?!?


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  2. My heart still goes out to all who died either in the attack or afterwards in trying to help together with their families and friends. May their God bless them.

    And when a Muslim yells jump the officials ask, “How High?”

    It is the only time when one has to qualify any statement with there are wonderful Muslims and, yes, there are. But that doesn’t mean that there are not 20% who are extremists and who want to bring us down with any number of moderates supporting them.


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