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So what would motivate Chechens to kill gay men?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 12, 2017

Just now I was scrolling around to see what the reaction is among members of the refugee industry about the Kennedy decision at the Supreme Court yesterday.

So I stopped by Amnesty International and see that, of course, they are not thrilled, here.

(But, as I have told you innumerable times, the Supremes went too far in the first place and much of what people are having anxiety attacks over will be moot in a few weeks.)

But, then I noticed this action item and was interested to see their involvement in saving gay men in Chechnya from kidnapping and death (that is good), but I noticed one important item not mentioned in their action item for supporters.

Amnesty to their supporters: Tell those bad Russians what you think…..


Screenshot (830)

Screenshot (831)


So tell me, what have they failed to mention?

95% of Chechnya is Muslim. Islam directs the killing of gay men.

As the demographic makeup of a country becomes more Islamic, they become emboldened.

Maybe if Amnesty was more honest about the source of the prejudice they could save more people instead of making it sound like the bad ol’ [rightwing] Russians (who have little control over Chechnya!) are to blame.

13 Responses to “So what would motivate Chechens to kill gay men?”

  1. Russ G said

    “Western values” responsible for Islam’s atrocities? Sorry, but when that pedophile wrote the filthy Koran, some 1400 years ago, there WERE no ‘Western values!’ The “West” – meaning of course Europe and North America plus their spin-offs in places like Australia, either didn’t exist, or hadn’t gone through the Reformation which was still almost a millennium away. So, WE changed and advanced; Islam stayed behind in the Dark Ages, because the Koran says so.


  2. The first thing the Islamics do when they overwhelm a country is to get rid of diversity. In Islam, there is only one religion, one culture, one set of laws, one dominant gender. They are about as anti-diversity as you can get.


    • Russ G said

      Once territory is absorbed into the Caliphate, it’s incumbent on all faithful Muslims to enslave, kill, or convert the Infidel. It’s OK if you don’t convert, so long as you submit to Sharia Law and servitude, or pay a hefty tax. IOW, their so-called ‘religion’ is so inherently corrupt that if you’re rich enough, you can BUY your way out. Like everything else in life, since Forever, just Follow the Money! That tax, or ‘tribute’ is what the Muslims on the 19th Century Barbary Coast demanded of American merchant ships. Our refusal to pay ransom to these pirates was the reason our sailors and marines went ‘to the shores of Tripoli.’


  3. Mark Moore said

    Your article failed to mention the significant role the “American Committee for Peace in Chechnya” plays in this drama. The same figures who supported the Islamic KLA terrorists in Kosovo (Serbia) and the Islamic ISIS terrorists in Syria. See e.g.,


  4. This is why it makes no sense for Western LGBTers to be joining forces with Islam against the West. Supposedly, they believe that Western values (especially those practiced by White, straight, males) is the common denominator in how the West oppresses anyone who is “different”. Many LGBTers believe that Western thinking is behind the divisiveness that separates people who are “different”, and by which they remain “powerless”. This is totally lop-sided thinking and typical of Leftist ideology. I wonder why its so difficult for LGBTers, many of whom are very intelligent and well-educated, to get that Islam is their enemy because ISLAM IS THEIR ENEMY. Islam doesn’t need any instigation, whatsoever, by “Western values” to commit atrocious acts of hate-fuled violence against people it deems to be sub-human.


    • Russ G said

      Makes no sense, unless you hate your own culture and country enough to destroy it. Communists and anarchists have been doing that for centuries. Just fifty years ago the so-called ‘universities’ in China were basically shut down; students weren’t expected to learn any SKILLS that could help them or their country, so long as they submitted to total ideological brainwashing. Stalin killed ten million Russian farmers and merchants? Well, we’ll kill TWENTY million!


  5. I heard about this on BBC World Radio in the wee hours of the morning. A Russian woman and some Russian men were helping some of these Chechen gay men by hiding them in various apartments. Not even BBC tried to gloss over the fact that these guys were from Muslim families that were expected to kill them.Of course Russian government has absolutely nothing to do with this extreme persecution and little to no control over the Chechen population.Chechens are causing problems in Germany too, no surprise. If any of their women step out of line they send them back to Chechnya to be punished. I read about one of these women that the German government is keeping in protective custody.


    • Russ G said

      If you’re a Muslim man, it’s OK to dress boys up in pretty clothes and makeup, then molest them, ‘cuz the “one perfect man’ did that crap. That’s homosexuality AND pedophilia. Having consensual sex with your fellow adult homosexuals, however, is forbidden.


      • I saw a documentary years ago how boys from poor villages are groomed to be courtesans for older men in Afghanistan.They are sent to something like a charm school. Fortunately for one little boy, his older brother rescued him after he was sold into this service by some other family member. There was even a tribal warrior living in the mountains of Western Pakistan who kept such a young man as a concubine,against his wife’s objections, of course. Damn sickening.


  6. 95% of the People of Chechnya are Sunni Muslims ! Does that answer the question as to why the assaults aimed particularly at gays ?

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  7. vdorta said

    I’m sure Islam has nothing to do with it.


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