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Is the Heritage Foundation selling you out on UN/US Refugee Admissions Policy?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 14, 2017

Sure looks like it!

On the morning we are getting news that the President is selling out American workers and sacrificing the safety of US citizens by soft talk on the border wall and DACA, we see this announcement.

First, readers may remember that the Heritage Foundation published a dreadful report, here, on the Refugee program demonstrating a total disconnect from what is happening in communities where refugees are secretly dropped off, and now this….

Here (below) we have a panel of bureaucrats and policy wonks who will discuss a bunch of esoteric BS in the Washington swamp about “reforming” the program.  I don’t see one serious critic on the panel and not one person who knows what is happening in communities where the refugees are placed.

bartlett with map

This is Larry Bartlett from the US State Department who is responsible for admitting refugees to the US.  He is standing in front of a map showing more than a hundred resettlement towns and cities. That map from 2015 has since disappeared from the State Department’s WRAPSNET website.

There are several very very good spokesmen for our point of view in Washington who could get over to the Heritage Foundation in a heartbeat—at FAIR, at the Center for Immigration Studies and at NumbersUSA—why isn’t one serious critic of the program on the panel?


These people will suggest tinkering, or worse!

And, to top it off the program is headlined by Larry Bartlett, pro-refugee bureaucrat extraordinaire.   Just two of many posts on Bartlett you should review are here and here.

In the first post Bartlett went to Twin Falls, Idaho and told the audience a whopper—that they don’t place refugees in communities that don’t want them—and he went on to say that was not because of sympathy for the townspeople, but for the refugees (he feared for them, that some local yokels might hurt them!) (go here for more).

And, here, we see Bartlett tell Senator Jeff Sessions that communities are consulted, but failed to mention that citizens everywhere were being blocked from attending the “stakeholder” meetings where plans were being made for the community, while representatives of ethnic groups could attend.

Here then is the Heritage panel lineup scheduled for next Wednesday:


Screenshot (836)

Screenshot (837)

This is a screenshot, so links are not ‘hot.’ Here is the 800 number for them: (800) 546-2843


Readers are always asking what they can do. Here is something you can do….

Call Heritage and tell them to stop the propaganda about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program. Or, better still tell them to have a follow-up panel of experts who know what real reform should look like! (Don’t hold your breath!).

Because Heritage touts itself as a “conservative think tank” that tells Congress what to think, it is up to you to tell Heritage what you think!

If you have been frustrated where you live about how the US Refugee Program is working (about the lack of transparency, crimes, the cultural upheaval going on, and the cost to taxpayers of welfare, etc) tell Heritage what you think!

Here is the Heritage Foundation contact page if you prefer to comment on line:

18 Responses to “Is the Heritage Foundation selling you out on UN/US Refugee Admissions Policy?”

  1. Heritage Foundation was out pushing SCHOOL CHOICE. To those who have done their homework CHOICE is a school-to-work program with fixed outcomes toward slotting in pupils into the workforce. Not academic education where students and families decide what career to choose.


  2. glaivester said

    I gave up on Heritage after they fired Jason Richwine (oh sorry, he “resigned” – sure). My suggestion – send back every postage-paid envelope with a note saying why you won’t be giving.


  3. 1. The UN should have NO say about American immigration. 2. Absolutely NO more Muslims for any reason. 3. All immigration should come to an indefinite halt until we cleanse our country of all people here illegally and those here legally who are on any terrorist watch list. 4. Future immigrants should have skills to immediately go to work. We are degrading our country into a third-world outhouse. It is time to reverse this trend.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. FloridaBuff said

    Ann – have you seen anything similar from the affiliated Heritage Action group which has some 17,000 volunteers to lobby US Congress members on issues? I have tried in the past to get them to add refugee resettlement as an issue they monitor but to no avail. They were scheduled to have their annual conference today thru Saturday in Orlando (40 miles from me) but canceled it due to IRMA effects. HA is a great group but targets specific “conservative” issues determined by the leadership, not the members.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I signed up months ago for the Heritage Action calls and was very disappointed. All they seemed to care about was Obamacare. Maybe they did some other issues, but I gave up on them…


  5. tmasierrahills said

    Refugees: Says it all about today’s America that the American Heritage Foundation wants to erase American Heritage.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. sturandot13 said

    I don’t have any use for the STINK tanks — whether or not they CLAIM to be “conservative”. Most of them are globalist (anti-sovereignty) scum.

    Liked by 3 people

  7. JG said

    The answer is yes.


  8. Once again, Ann Coulter nails it with this article “No Amnesty is a Good Amnesty.”

    I am still a loyal Trump supporter, but if he blows it on the Amnesty/ Immigration issue, I am done, finished, fini, kaput. I don’t care about tax reform, I don’t care about education reform or even about the regulatory items he’s trying to fix. I am pretty much a one issue voter and that issue is Immigration.

    We are well on the way to becoming a white, Christian, working minority in our own country. We all now that the refugees are nothing but DITs or Democrats in Training.

    Thanks as always Ann Corcoran for educating us and keeping us informed. I don’t know what this country would do without you.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Ditto: I am pretty much a one issue voter and that issue is Immigration. (Because all of the other issues can be fixed, once the demographic makeup of America is changed, it can’t be fixed)

      Liked by 2 people

  9. ljarvik said

    Here’s the list of Heritage Trustees to contact:


  10. ljarvik said

    I used to work at Heritage and it was somewhat donor-driven at that time so you may want to find out who is paying for this…and who on the Board might object. The Board ousted the last President to bring back Ed Feulner–they can tell him to shut this push down as they are the big money, and money talks…


  11. Not surprising as a think tank but as conservatives.really???


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