Looks like the latest London Islamic terrorist was a refugee

That is what the Daily Mail is suggesting, here.  Ho hum, so what else is new!

But, what is so funny (not the terror attack), but the fact that Trump must have blurted out prematurely that Scotland Yard knew about this creep weeks before.

Invasion of Europe news….


From The Goldwater.  Headline:

Then here is just a bit of the news:

The stunning turnaround in the British bombing story. The first tweet that President Trump sent out after being informed of the London bombing hinted that British police knew who did it. Trump received criticism from UK politicians for being ‘unhelpful’. We wonder whether anyone will apologize. It would seem that police and British politicians knew all along.

Trump will make his maiden speech to the UN on Tuesday. I wonder what he will say about Islamic terrorism here and in Europe. And, what will he say about our refugee admissions for the coming fiscal year (while we have so many hurricane homeless citizens)?

As said yesterday, police had arrested an 18-year old in the port city of Dover, suspected of plotting and carrying out the attack on the metro of Parsons Green which wounded over 30 people.

In the afternoon, a house in Surrey was raided. A house where an older couple takes in refugee children.

Ms Penelope Jones, 71 years old, and her husband Ronald, 88 years old, have raised 268 foster children in the house over three decades and the last eight of those have been refugees from countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Whilst there has been no official confirmation, the British press has puzzled all the pieces together.

The teen who did it seems to be a ‘problematic foster child’ who was arrested two weeks ago already near where the attack took place.

He was a refugee taken in by a foster family who has taken in many children like him in the past.

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Do you know why we don’t have so many of these terrorist attacks yet? 

It has nothing to do with the BS about how we assimilate them better.

It is because the numbers of potential perps are SO FAR smaller than in the UK, France, Belgium etc…

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Addendum:  Did you ever know anyone, maybe in your own family, with that brain/mouth connection?  It goes like this: Whatever is most recently in the brain comes out in mouth within moments.  Just saying!

4 thoughts on “Looks like the latest London Islamic terrorist was a refugee

  1. Prez Donald said what he said because he is observing a pattern in the UK regarding Scotland yard/police not giving a damn about potential terrorist activity. As far as I’m concerned, these two UK law enforcement agencies are 100% culpable in the harm done to innocent UK citizens by these Islamic terrorists.


  2. Ann- this is not exactly 100% relevant to this particular article, but I thought you and your readers would be interested to see what actually happens to the money that’s being raised by the do-gooders. I came across an article in SPIN magazine from 2015 that details how the Live Aid concerts actually ended up in the hands of a bloodthirsty Ethiopian dictator, Mengitsu, who used it to further his genocidal campaign against his enemies.

    Although the organize, Bob Geldof, was praised by all and sundry for his “humanitarian” efforts, it turned out he and his organization were actually helping to fund a mass African genocide.

    “The Ethiopian dictator, Mengistu, until then deadlocked in the war, was using the money the west gave him to buy sophisticated weapons from the Russians, and was now able to efficiently and viciously crush the opposition. Ethiopia, then the third poorest country in the world, suddenly had the largest, best equipped army on the African continent.”

    I think we need to always keep in perspective what these NGOs and other charities are really doing with the money that is given to them courtesy of the taxpayers and well meaning dupes.



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