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US Catholic Bishops rolling in federal dough according to financial statements

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 19, 2017

USCCBYesterday I said that it is time for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to add one important detail to every press release or news story where they lecture us (or Donald Trump) about humanitarianism, about social justice, about “welcoming the stranger.”

That important missing piece of information is how much of your money (not freely given) goes to them directly from the US Treasury.

Thanks to reader Joanne for pointing us to recent audited financial reports for the Bishops, here.  And, specifically the most recent one available.

As you look at the numbers, don’t miss the millions going to the Bishops for the Unaccompanied Alien Children!


Screenshot (855)

For fun I went back to the 2010 report for comparison. Wow!


Screenshot (857)


During Obama’s time in office they went from $58 million to $95 million!

You need to know too, that individual Catholic Charities (usually through the local diocese) are also getting money separately from the feds for many activities.  Use to research your local “charities.”

As we have said repeatedly: refugee resettlement is a business!

10 Responses to “US Catholic Bishops rolling in federal dough according to financial statements”

  1. Makes me very sad to always see such hateful, ignorant comments. Always by those who reject Christ Jesus.


  2. PL Anon said

    I can hardly believe the anti-Catholic bigotry and ignorance I’ve seen expressed here!…are these comments coming from other “Christians”? Just for the record (and you can look it up) the pedophilia issue among Catholic priests represents LESS than 1-2% of the many Godly men who have dedicated their lives to Christ and His Church!…the percentage is higher in many other denominations, and among public school teachers (sadly). Since we are all fallen sinners, perhaps we could find a little more charity? Although I agree that the bishops might not be using the best judgement on this issue…Catholic Charities is one of the LARGEST providers of charitable monies and works internationally. Can’t we look to the Christian unity Christ desired of His Church, and figure out better ways to use our energies than through anonymous internet hate?…at least get it accurate!


  3. John Magee said

    This is disgraceful and really makes me angry. It’s not charity when churches use our tax dollars to help resettle migrants and help the poor. I though charity was supposed to be a sacrifice. To be fair Protestant charities take their share of money from Uncle Sam too. Lutheran charities are busy resettling Muslim Somalis in places like Minnesota.


  4. cmsgret said

    The bishops are in don’t ask, don’t tell mode. Paid off by Aunt Sam to keep their mouths shut. Can’t help but wonder how many of the young men and boys are being sexually assaulted and abused by the pro-homosexual Catholic Church.


  5. These comments are vile, and stupid. And they have absolutely nothing to do with article.


  6. Well,that ought to be enough money to hide more pedophelia


  7. So WE are paying them to MOLEST children ….. PEDOpriest parasites.


  8. sootysmum said

    I have always thought that the Catholic church was money grubbing. They own property worth billions, the cardinals etc walk around with valuable jewellery in silks and satins yet when there is a disaster they cannot find the money to do anything. Don’t get me wrong, many priests are wonderful but the Christian element doesn’t seem to make it to the top.


  9. Paula said


    One can only wonder how much black market money they make on child sex trafficking and organ harvesting.


    Liked by 1 person

  10. pcockroft said

    Are they funding pedophilia?

    Liked by 1 person

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