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Arizona Rohingya refugee story: from poor refugee to political agitator

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 20, 2017

If you don’t know about the Rohingya, you better learn quickly! You can start your education with my over 200 posts here at RRW.

We have admitted almost 20,000 Rohingya to the US in the last ten years and as their numbers increase they become (like all Islamic ethnic groups) political activists.


rohingya demonstration Arizona

Sheraz Islam: from suffering refugee to Islamic political activist! Story and photo here:


This article from the Phoenix New Times features a 25-year-old Rohingya Muslim refugee living in Phoenix who wants to get his mother and 10 siblings here (but for that mean old Donald Trump).

A few things you need to know before reading this story, which the Leftwing media will never tell you.

~The Buddhist government contends that the ‘Rohingya’ are not some special group, but are illegal aliens from Bangladesh (a Muslim country) who decades ago illegally arrived in Burma. The Buddhist leaders of Burma want the country to remain Buddhist and don’t want to be demographically conquered by Muslims.

~Aung San Suu Kyi, the famous Burmese freedom fighter, has not rallied to the Rohingya’s cause which infuriates the Left.

~The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is trying to get its foot in the door in Burma to defend their people and agitate against the government.

~The round of violence that began in 2012 (often cited by the mainstream media) was ignited when a gang of Muslim men raped and murdered a Burmese Buddhist girl (something the media never tells you now), and the Buddhists retaliated.

~As we learned here yesterday, the newest wave of violence was from a Burmese military response to attacks by a Rohingya armed group.

Now to the political agitators at Arizona State.

Here is what I want to know, if they are “ethnic cleansing” in Burma (aka Myanmar), why is that our problem?

Why is that a reason to spend billions of US taxpayer dollars bringing people like Islam here, apparently not to add much to American society, but to political organize for Muslims back home?

BTW, Trump will be supplying more Rohingya activists for mosques and Islamic centers when the first Australian rejects get here (see my earlier post).

From the Phoenix New Times, a new cause, not the Syrian Muslim victims (that was oh so last year), but Rohingya:

Here in Phoenix, Rohingya refugees are wondering why no one seems to be paying attention.

Among those trying to spread awareness about the crisis is Sheraz Islam, whose own father died less than a month ago while trying to flee the country for Bangladesh. His family lost their home, their land, and everything they own, he says. And convincing Americans to care, when they may or may not even be able to point to Myanmar on a map, is a challenge.

“Most people, they don’t know who the Rohingya are,” he says. “When we talk to people, we explain that we are an ethnic minority, and the government [of Myanmar] denied us our citizenship.

“We’d like to live in our own country, but unfortunately we had to leave because we are Rohingya.”

suu kyii and Obama

LOL! Aung San Suu Kyi not sure she wants the Obama smooch! You can imagine how angry the Left is with Suu Kyi. She is one of them, they think. So how can she not be coming to the defense of Muslims!

Islam is one of roughly 600 Rohingya refugees currently living in the Valley. They make up less than a quarter of the total number of Burmese refugees who have been resettled in Arizona since 2001. Most are Muslims, and arrived after 2012, when attacks on the Rohingya intensified after decades of discrimination.


After landing in a refugee camp in Sri Lanka, he applied for asylum through the United Nations. The U.S. State Department approved his application, and, a little less than six years ago, he arrived in Arizona. Lutheran Social Services helped get him set up with a job and apartment, and taught him how to turn the lights on and off — he’d never had electricity before.

“We don’t have these kind of things back in our country,” he explains. “They came and they guided us how to use the oven, how to use the microwave, how to use the bathroom.”

Here we go! Rally organized by Islamic Community Centers, what a surprise!

On Sunday night, he and other Rohingya refugees held a vigil on the Old Main Lawn at Arizona State University.

Organized by the Islamic Community Center of Tempe and Islamic Center of the Northeast Valley, it drew a diverse crowd of student activists, local faith leaders, and refugees from around the world. They held up signs calling on Aung San Suu Kyi — the country’s de facto leader, and, ironically, a former winner of the Nobel Peace Prize — to put an end to the violence against the Rohingya.

Lots more here if you feel like reading it.

Again, my Rohingya Reports category is here, posts extend back ten years.

15 Responses to “Arizona Rohingya refugee story: from poor refugee to political agitator”

  1. brant119 said

    In case you readers want some facts, here is what I have learned. The Rohinga history goes back to the Eighth century. in September of 1954, U Nu the prime minister stated they were an ethnic people living in the country. They were recognized as such until around 1962. The Myanmar Encyclopedia published by the government in 1964 clearly uses the word Rohinga to describe the primarily Muslim people of Rakhine. There are also Rohinga Hindus. In the last weeks a young pregnant Hindu girl saw her husband killed in front of her and others from her village were killed. The racism is directed to Rohingas are discriminated regardless of religion. There are 165 ethnic groups in Myanmar and many have fought the military in guerilla warfare. The Chin Christian people were also attacked,

    There are 400,000 who have fled. While at one point there were some Bengalis who crossed the border to live in Burma, experts indicate that the base Rohinga population is not Bnngali. At one time there was a Rohinga kingdom and for many years Rohinga had parliament seats.

    I do not know how any readers cannot see that this is a genocide similar to what has happened in Bosnia, Rwanda,, the Holocaust and Armenia, How can one look at the videos and interviews and not be affected?, I learned of a grandmother being decapitated by Buddhisdt and children had their hands cut off. They are burning people alive. The so called terrorist groups number between 500 and 1000 There is also circumsatcial evidence that the government paid off Rakhine buddhists to do the so called Rohinga rape. The fact that no observers are allowed in to Rakhine is significant, It is not a US problem to solve. Everybody reports on this cleansing from the ineffective UN to individual governments but words do not help and the Myanmar leaders are acting like the nut in North Korea

    Ann-you are being to rough on this non Arab population. Yes some can become radicalized but would you not resist in? By the way there are other Musims in Burma. The 19,000 Rohinga figure includes other Muslims. By the way a Burmese Mudlim friend who came 15 years ago served 2 years in the Peace Corp in Africa and his brother is in the Marines-would you have not wanted them here? I think we should take o some Rohinga as a token of support. The families here are extremely grateful but worried.

    There is no comparison to Hurricane refugees. How are the Rohinga living on the streets or in makeshift camps?. Our folks will bounce back. It is a crazy analogy. Somehow you have lost compassion and empathy and for the life of me, I cannot understand the hatred. I have agreed with you on reform issues and perhaps a quasi private program But to continue to disdain people based on religion ( and trust me I am afraid of the terrorist threat as you are) but blind hatred under these circumstances is wrong. These folks are not ISIS or Somail islamists. Please see what is really happening . There are so many first hand reports of killings, burning and rapes. The world must act!

    I cannot understand the hatred of one of the recent comments, Does that person approve or the verified killings and terror? Very sad if he does. Maybe he is happy every time a Muslim is killed. i


    • misterpaul5a said

      Why not recognise that, just as Muslims do not want to accept OUR cultural way of life, ( except where it suits their ultimate sumvertive purposes) WE do not prefer to live their way. It is clear for all to see that Muslims are attempting, work-wide, to impose THEIR way of life on others – usually on the pain of death in many cases. Are non-Muslims expected to submit? Or are we allowed to retain our own religions and identities? Is it not rather strange that NO OTHER RELIGION, in this more enlightened age, in the entire world is seeking to impose its practices on others – EXCEPT ISLAM. In which case – we are clearly justified in resisting Muslim colonisation.

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    • For years I worked for a US Foreign Aid Agency and traveled, lived and worked among the poorest in 3rd world countries. You have to be armed with compassion and mercy to understand the plight of people and try to figure out the best way to use US taxpayer resources in seeking to resolve problems. The #1 caveat is to not get sucked into the emotionalism of the issue. That is not to say we have no feelings of compassion, but we have to ask what is the truth about the history and why are things the way they are now in order to truly fix the problem in a sustainable way. Band aids and platitudes won’t work. We listen to people to hear their side, we also do tons of research to find out the historical records and context from as many sides as we can. We seek the roots of the conflicts and seek to work together with different groups that live in close proximity. Many times we find out people lie, or maybe it’s hearsay. But we also find truth. We must strive to reach a realistic view of the situation in order to actually form an unbiased opinion.
      The US has since its inception welcomed many immigrants with all sorts of backgrounds, races, ages, skill levels, and religious beliefs. Never discriminating. We have welcomed economic migrants, foreign students, asylum seekers and refugees. Whether permanent or temporary residence follows, many are benefited by our social systems. What does America expect in return? Loyalty and gratefulness. Be productive. Be a blessing to your neighbor as you have been blessed.
      You are right that the Rohingya Muslims have a complicated history, especially in Myanmar. And, yes, one could say that not all Rohingya Muslims are terrorists. But all Muslims are bound to the commandments of the Quran and they must follow in the steps of their Prophet and must seek to establish Sharia wherever they are. They must obey their Islamic traditions and ideology. This ideology is incompatible with our Constitution and the Rule of Law. Does every Muslim strictly and faithfully adhere to these commandments? No, but in the eyes of those who do, they are considered apostates and deserve a death sentence–that can be carried out by ANY Muslim Anywhere in the World. These are facts, not hate speech.
      When Muslims come to any country, not Islamic, as migrants, refugees or seeking asylum, they are not just escaping a “bad situation”. They are seeking to ultimately establish Islam and Sharia in that area of the world. That is the exact issue in the history of Myanmar. If the Rohingyas want to live in peace all they need to do is apply as an immigrant to Pakistan, Bangladesh or any other Muslim majority country. Did you ever wonder why they don’t? Why hasn’t Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait or the Emirates extended a helping hand to them? Investigate Ann Corcoran’s archives on Civilizational Jihad. No one here hates Muslims. We hate the evil espoused by the Islamic ideology of supremacy and discrimination. Now, that is blatant discrimination for all to see.
      If you care for your friends, read the Quran. Discuss it with them. Do your research. Keep you eyes and your ears open without bias.
      Please see this article on the history of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. tmasierrahills said

    The third world knows how to play whitey like a fine violin.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. misterpaul5a said

    Yes Ann – and another agitator funded by our dear friends – The Saudis no doubt!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. misterpaul5a said

    Would it not solve one of the current refugee problems if Saudi Arabia (not a country but simply a family!) took in the poor Rohingya Muslims crying out for mercy and a place to live. After all they have, over many centuries, been infiltrating Burma with the aim of creating a Muslim enclave. The demographics of this enclave would ensure that within twenty to thirty years Islam would be the dominant force in a largely Buddhist country. After all Saudi has millions of acres of undeveloped land which their fellow Muslims could willingly help them to cultivate and continue their breeding habits at the expense of the extremely rich Saudis. Problem solved all-round. Who’s a clever boy then? Yes, mistrrpaul5a, you are quite right!

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  5. India trying to deport 40,000 Rohingya Muslim over ‘ties to terrorism’

    How many of the 50K+ fy2018 refugees can we take from India? Can we move them into the McCain compound? New ISIS Gladio fighters.

    Liked by 1 person

    • misterpaul5a said

      Well it seems to me that Saudi Arabia would be the ideal place to entertain these Rohingya MUSLIMS – such a beautiful country – Yes? Plenty of land, plenty of money and plenty of fellow Muslims to greet them in peace and security. Where’s the big problem?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. misterpaul5a said

    Phonographnut – sorry far too cryptic for my limited intelligence – do try and be a little more explicit so that my tiny brain can judge the (potentially) deep meaning hidden within. Thanks


  7. surj1936 said

    If you look at the fetchers of the Rohingyas they look more like Bangladeshis and not Burmese, so they must be sent back packing to Bangladesh. Period


  8. ljarvik said

    China just signed a deal for Burmese oil, my guess is Rohynga uprising is being used to sabotage Chinese-Burmese cooperation…poor Myanmar should have stayed closed to world–now it may be destroyed…

    Sent from my iPhone



  9. misterpaul5a said

    Let’s face the unpalatable truth (for once) every Muslim immigrant into ANY country is a nail in the coffin of freedom of thought and the democracy we have enjoyed for hundreds of years – they are a net loss to any country in terms of the economy and are simply a drain on any of our Welfare Systems – which were designed EXCLUSIVELY for the indigenous populations – NOT for aliens and leeches. They are a curse on every nation that accepts them as immigrants and the fact is that SOONER or later one of their kind will be prompted to act out the orders they are given from birth, to tear down our democracies. The ONLY answer is to limit their entry to maybe a couple of dozen per year – and with strict rules of reporting to local Authorities on a regular basis. How much safer we would be without their hate-filled cult of murder and conquest. The only thing they can contribute to the West is NOT their culture but OIL. Other than that they are simply a useless disturbing force dedicated to our eventual destruction. If you want peace and progress – bar them all.

    Liked by 2 people

    • surj1936 said

      Misterpaul5a. You are right in what you say But ..”The only thing they can contribute to the West is NOT their culture but OIL ” That oil is also drawn out by the Western know how.Techonolgy . Arabs would not draw oil without our know how.


      • misterpaul5a said

        You do have a point – but China, which is a glutton for oil, already has stolen all of the know-how of oil exploration through minute by minute hacking of all the west’s technical knowledge – and, China is greedy for oil – anybody’s oil- since they destroyed their own oil fields decades ago. President Trump has Sussed them out and this is going to be a new ball-game in the next eight years. Mark my words – the POTUS is one cute cookie, bu Jove!


  10. said

    gag me

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