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DHS says they can’t handle 50,000 refugees for FY18, but 40,000 is okay!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 20, 2017

It is not okay with me and thousands of American taxpayers who want to see the program abolished or reformed! Just dickering over numbers is a fools errand—unless of course the White House and Congress have no intention of seriously investigating the program, ever!

Donald Trump announces his Candidacy for President

Dumb political move: 50,000 (or 40,000) third worlders beginning to arrive in 10 days gets Trump nothing! The Left will still hate him and it will do nothing to satisfy Americans looking for relief from the financial and cultural burdens the program creates.

This is a huge disappointment.

Suspending the program in light of Harvey, Irma and Maria (when Americans are hurting and need housing and help) would have been the sensible thing to do in this non-election year.

Does bringing more poverty to America at this time make political sense?

And, does anyone really think that when the entire Congress and a third of the Senate is up for election in 2018, they will lift a finger to investigate and reform? Of course not!

This article at Politico (thanks to Joanne) tells us why the White House has been remiss in following refugee law and getting the decision made in a timely fashion.  Here we are right up to the deadline and the dickering continues….

And, Trump doesn’t get it!

He will get s*** at 40,000, or 50,000, anyway.  He might as well suspend the program and tell Congress to review the law! He has the power to do that!


Department of Homeland Security officials have warned the White House that they may have trouble processing 50,000 refugees next year, putting additional pressure on President Donald Trump to lower the cap on refugees entering the United States to the lowest point in decades.

In private meetings with White House officials in recent weeks, DHS officials have raised logistical concerns about handling 50,000 refugees in fiscal year 2018 if the president decides to maintain the cap that he imposed as part of the travel ban, according to two administration officials.

One of the administration officials said the department was swamped with a backlog of asylum applications, which have skyrocketed in recent years. In June, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services had roughly 275,000 pending “affirmative” asylum cases — when someone arrives in the U.S. and requests safe haven. The figure amounts to a more than 600 percent increase in the backlog compared with December 2013.

The pressure from DHS comes as Trump faces a vanishing window to make the decision on refugee admissions. According to the statute that governs the program, the president should determine refugee levels before the start of the fiscal year on Oct. 1.

Though administration officials say Trump has not yet made up his mind, they expect him to lower the refugee cap below 50,000.

DHS has recommended setting the fiscal year 2018 refugee ceiling at 40,000, the administration officials said.

You can read the rest yourself, here.  I have to go get a tooth pulled—highly preferable to reading more about this huge political blunder!


9 Responses to “DHS says they can’t handle 50,000 refugees for FY18, but 40,000 is okay!”

  1. Michael Aarethun said

    Then there is the question of adding the 800,000 DACAs into the system. Yes they are here, No to it being any fault of their own as brought here as children BUT where does that fit into the immigration plan. It looks like we just wave our magic twanger like Froggy Gremlin and poof our legal population goes up by 800,000 and the overall problem is diminished by 800,000.

    So perspective. The current limit is 50,000 a year from the entire world.

    Not all states are part of that. Hawaii and it’s rogue judge for example is still listed as THREE for year. The major areas asking for more are where the four businesses that deal in poultry processing reside. Minnesota is the prncipal destination.
    However there is no more Ellis Island which checked for communicable diseases and now Minnesota has a mini epidemic and asking for help on that while they ask for more immigrants…..

    The proposed limit by DHS to account for vetting for criminals and other negative types is 40,000.

    The entire system is under control fo the Supreme Court. Essentially everything is frozen as is unless they authorize a change. The court will start looking at the problem in October. Still President Trump engineered a very high speed approach to that level using a little legal judo on the judges at the lower levels. And there it sits. Want more change talk to the Chief Justice.

    The actual limit can be 50,000 under current SCOTUS approved rules ….. or less.

    Mexico? They currently have one million two hundred an fifty thousand citizens who applied to legally emigrate. But their illegals have been steadily going back south of the border of their own volition in a reverse migration due to no jobs and high costs of living. Same reason a million USA citizens moved south of the border.

    Question. Will the DACA’s be legitimized – something Obamas announcement which is all it amounted to legally failed to do. Probably yes. So where do they fit in. Odds are Froggy Gremlin will indeed plunk his magic twanger and create 800,000 new spaces. The remaining 1.25 million will not lose their place in line or ability to compete with the rest of the world for the 40,000 to 50,000 annual slots.

    At that point depending on what Congress does they can get a special kind of green card of some sort be able to make minimum wage plus, pay taxes and everything else except vote. Unless instant citizenship is awarded to those who did apply.

    Will The DACAs be able to apply for citizenship under the six years residence minimum requirement rule? Then be able to vote.? Only Congress knows. With them figure about 10 years to make a decision and it won’t be based on what the voters elected them to accomplish.

    But Congress has a time limit a six month extension to the two year extension they already had….squandered by the last administration who did nothing to legitimize Obamas comment that created all of this. Like Iran and NK deal it is n’t legal until it’s law and it isn’t law until it goes through Congress and then gains a Presidential signature.

    How would 800,000 new voters affect things? Not at all if they are in California. the current 435 seats will still be divided with more constituents per seat and they already have three million or so extra beyond that needed for their electoral college position. The rust belt states? Maybe if the jobs materialize and that looks iffy at present. No real immediate hope for the Socialist left but more legal income for their local coffers and national income tax totals.

    For that reason alone the left will vote in favor of anything that will get DACA through. But will an imiproved economy and secfurity from drug smugglers and other illegals result? Schumer alread stuck the knife in Trumps back on that ittle deal But Trump proved his point. A. You can’t trust the left and B. You can’t trust the right wing of the left the Imitation repubicans working directly for the the left.

    There it is. President Trump awaiting, pen ready to sign something. As long as it is coupleld with suipport for border security.

    Looks like Schumer missed and stabbed himself on this one.


  2. When we can’t take care of our own people, why in the world would they heap more liability of the US taxpayers? When does refugee resettlement begin in the Arab countries?


  3. ljarvik said

    I don’t understand how this administration works or doesn’t…but President could overrule DHS and say ZERO until we find out what is really going on, if he wants…it would have no political downside, he’s attacked constantly anyway, and a huge upside with his base–not to mention being good for national security. People could still come as tourists, students, businesspeople, etc. Just not refugee resettlement, temporarily until we know exactly who’s who and what’s what…which we don’t at this point, especially after Syrian refugees just attacked London.


  4. Tell DHS they have to pay out of THEIR paychecks and the Refujihadis will live in THEIR homes with THEIR families……..
    See how many they want THEN.


  5. We have thousands of people displaced from the hurricanes in Texas and Florida that need to be taken care of before we worry about bringing in MORE people who will end up on assistance because they refuse to learn the language and find employment! Muslims says it is beneath them to work for infidels and yet the liberals say bring them by the boatload! We need to take care of our own first!

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  6. said

    sickening news


  7. …and don’t forget the soon invasion of puerto ricans fleeing the hurricane. Enough is enough, stop the immigration flow NOW! Trump says it is 10X cheaper to keep “refugees” in/near their countries, so why import many thousands at continued great expense to Americans let alone the national security concerns???

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