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Ignorance at the Washington Post is stunning

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 21, 2017

“As for the cost, most is borne by private resettlement agencies.”

(Washington Post Editorial Board)


What! They don’t read RRW every day?

I’ve said it on many occasions but it is frightening to know something about an issue and then see flat-out ignorance about it from people who should have the facts….


Screenshot (860)

Too funny!


But, I suppose when it comes to the Washington Post it might just be that they do know the facts, but are purposefully spewing FAKE NEWS, like this line in their pro-more-refugees-anti-Trump editorial (Trump flirts with a new age of American timidity) a few days ago.

After taking a whack at Stephen Miller they say this:

The stated rationales for further refu­gee cuts — concerns over terrorists sneaking in, and the costs involved — are not defensible. In fact, both the Obama and Trump administrations have tightened vetting for refugees, who are now the subject of exhaustive background checks despite the fact that very few terrorist attacks, in the United States or Europe, have been carried out by refugees. As for the cost, most is borne by private resettlement agencies.

Nevermind for now, that we, and many others, have chronicled the number of refugee terrorists (or wannabe terrorists caught before they acted) in the refugee population in Europe and here.  It is that last sentence that rockets me through the roof!

After years of, not just me, but many other investigators exposing how much money the “private resettlement agencies”*** are paid OUT OF THE US TREASURY to resettle refugees, how can they possibly promote such a falsehood!

See my post on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops here two days ago.

And, here, if you missed it is my recent accounting of all 9 federal refugee contractors. Episcopal Migration Ministries takes the top prize at 99.5% funded by taxpayer dollars!

***These are the federal contractors paid by the head for refugee “clients” they place (secretively!) in your towns and cities. Congress should be investigating how they are using the millions of federal dollars they receive annually.

And, as long as they are running the program on your dime along with their side job of political agitation and community organizing, there can never be reform of the USRAP!

5 Responses to “Ignorance at the Washington Post is stunning”

  1. tomasrose said

    incredible ignorance from the WP. the private resettlement agencies do not pay ANY of the costs; they net a handy profit when it is all accounted for. I wonder if they really believe that or if they think Americans are that stupid. American media has issues that go way beyond Russian manipulation.


  2. Behind the Big News::


  3. Ann- Don’t know if you saw this piece in PJ Media, but it’s must reading for all of us concerned about the refugee cap for 2018. Not surprisingly, the State Department’s “refugee program director” Lawrence Bartlett is doing his best to convince everyone how great the refugees are and all the money they contribute to our economy. This would be a sick joke if it wasn’t an outright lie as you have documented over and over again in your work.

    “Bartlett added that most refugees admitted are not competing with Americans for jobs, particularly entry-level workers employed by hotels, meat-packing plants and other industries. They’re taking jobs that are otherwise unfilled, and refugees, frankly, do quite well,” he said. “We’ve been petitioned by some industries to resettle more refugees in their locations because they find refugees to be such good workers.”


  4. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon,com, also owns the Washington Post. The Post recently received a contract from the CIA to promote the CIAs ideas.

    Jeff Bezos = needs cheap workers for his fulfillment center warehouses.
    CIA = needs cheap and compliant citizens, i.e. immigrants from the Third World.

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  5. TakeBackOurRepublic said

    Disinformation and propaganda…’s what WAPO does best.

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