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Trump and Pence show ignorance about Rohingya situation in Burma

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 22, 2017

I saw the virtue-signaling by Vice President Pence on Fox News yesterday and wanted to throw something at the TV.  The Fox reporter had swallowed the Leftwing media meme (built over the last decade) hook, line and sinker that the Rohingya are victims (just peaceful Muslims minding their own business).

Mike Pence smug

Pence finds Muslims to love (those bad ol’ violent Buddhists, not so much).

Here is my recommendation to him and to Trump on the decades-old conflict in Burma between the Buddhists who run the country and the increasing numbers of devout Rohingya Muslims who the Buddhists say are really illegal migrants from Bangladesh….

Shut up!

I didn’t see the Burmese government chastising you, Mr. President, when you (fearing for the safety of Americans) initiated your ‘travel ban’ aimed at migrants from Muslim countries. Aren’t the Buddhists allowed to protect their people?

Until you have put someone to work studying the complex problem, someone who can fully brief you, simply don’t say a word!

***Update*** Journalists who know the facts call for balanced reporting (instead of constant pro-Muslim biased stories from AP, Reuters, BBC, etc), see here (hat tip:Joanne).

Here is Aljazeera thrilled to report what Pence (and Trump) said out of ignorance this week:

US President Donald Trump wants the UN Security Council to take “strong and swift action” to end violence against Myanmar’s Rohingya.

Speaking at a Security Council meeting on peacekeeping reform, Vice President Mike Pence accused the Myanmar military of responding to attacks on government outposts “with terrible savagery, burning villages, driving the Rohingya from their homes”. [Those attacks came from armed Rohingya militants!—ed]

Pence repeated a US call for the Myanmar military to end the violence and support diplomatic efforts for a long-term solution for the majority-Muslim Rohingya, who are denied citizenship in a country where many Buddhists regard them as illegal immigrants.  [Did he call for the Rohingya to stop their violence?—ed]


It was the strongest US government response yet to the violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state that has forced more than 420,000 Rohingya into Bangladesh, fleeing a military offensive the United Nations has branded ethnic cleansing.

More here.

Get the facts…..

Rohingya NH

American Rohingya!

I bet Trump and Pence don’t even know that we have admitted almost 20,000 Rohingya to live in your towns and cities in the last ten years, including this upstanding future American citizen in New Hampshire.

Or how about this one agitating in Arizona (once their population gets high enough, the political agitation begins).

Just checked Wrapsnet and found that Donald Trump admitted 715 Rohingya (likely picked up in Malaysia or Thailand) since inauguration day. They couldn’t have been screened any more easily than the Syrians!

And, we are going to ‘welcome’ more Rohingya for Pence to love in that batch of failed asylum seekers from Australia.

See my Rohingya Reports category here—-it includes over 200 posts going back ten years—if anyone seriously wants to try to understand some of the facts buried by the mainstream media!

One Response to “Trump and Pence show ignorance about Rohingya situation in Burma”

  1. Trump needs to go. He blocked Hillary …. but now he betrays every promise ….. Trump is not smart and is not a quick learner
    The whole U.N. sees that Trump is Netanyahu’s SOCKPUPPET
    Trump working to break Iran treaty FOR netanyahu
    Trump wants to move embassy to Jerusalem FOR netanyahu against 6 decades of Our best interest.
    Trump stations OUR Troops in israel FOR netanyahu against 6 decades of Our best interest.
    I am through with Trump — AMERICA first ???? Trump just put us into a TRAP to entangle American Troops into any attack on ISISrael and ISISrael is not above FALSE FLAGS as we all know : Israel and US Open First American Military Base in Israel
    I could write a book on how Israel is our ENEMY both politically and spiritually
    Smart? Quick learner? Trump is a MORON.
    David Stockman went on to warn that Donald Trump was a threat to the market and a destabilizing factor.
    The Fox Business host prompted the former Reagan official on what Trump could do to produce such a devastating crash. Stockman, in clear and sober fashion, leveled, “He’s done nothing right. He’s wasted nine months. The top one, two and even three things wrong and hurting America today falls to the Federal Reserve. He was blowing kisses to Janet Yellen. She’s a menace. She should’ve been asked to resign in January.”
    “Second, he should’ve got the budget under control. He is now going to preside over the biggest increase in the national debt in the history of the United States.”
    “Third, he should be trying to bring in the expansionist, imperialist foreign policy. He said he would do it during the campaign. Instead of working with Putin and greater relations, he’s running away. Now he is focused on the North Koreans, the Iranians and everyone else. We don’t need another war – we’re bankrupt.” (see above moves to make US into Israel’s personal bodyguard)


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