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St. Cloud, MN: a microcosm of the battle ahead for cities targeted by federal refugee program

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 24, 2017

The dramatic change in demographic makeup and the escalation of tensions in St. Cloud came to my attention in the earliest days of writing this blog when my then blog partner, Judy, wrote in 2008 about how Somali students were harassing a service dog to such a degree that it caused the disabled student to leave the school.

See that story here.

It is a good thing that we captured some of that story because it seems to no longer be available at the St. Cloud Times, which surprise, surprise, seems to be the case for many of the articles we have reported on from St. Cloud in the ensuing 9 years.

Recommendation!  I can’t do it here, but when I look at RRW’s archives on St. Cloud (that began with the dog abuse story) what immediately comes to mind is that what has happened to the city, now the third highest for the direct resettlement of Somalis in the state (Minneapolis and St. Paul, are numbers one and two), is that someone should do a documentary film or write a book about the transformation of a small American city that began with a meatpacking plant’s desire for cheap labor.

And what got me thinking about it this morning is this snarky editorial in the St. Cloud Times blaming the Christian haters for the tension there.

Before I get to that, take a look at my St. Cloud archive by clicking here.

A sampling of stories that you should look at include:

St. Cloud, MN Somalis turn up the stealth jihad heat, demand “human rights”

St. Cloud, MN a perfect example of community agitation to bring “change”

St. Cloud, MN update: refugees now arriving there directly from camps


On this last post, I checked data at Wrapsnet and St. Cloud was getting Somalis directly, immediately after 9/11, but I believe Lutheran Social Services MN (the resettlement contractor there) didn’t open an office in the city until 2010.

But, direct resettlement doesn’t tell the whole story because Minnesota leads the nation in secondary migration (Somali refugees placed in other states move to MN to be with their own kind of people.)

Here is some of the editorial from the St. Cloud Times showing its disdain for its Christian readers:

If Central Minnesota is going to look back on one year since the Crossroads Center attacks and ask about community relations and people getting along, we at least need to be honest.

Screenshot (864)

Photo used by the St. Cloud Times to illustrate its editorial. What! no photo of the Somali who stabbed ten at the local mall last year (a bit more hateful than words!).

When it comes to publicly exuding religious extremism in Central Minnesota and a lack of tolerance for others, it’s not from new immigrants nor Muslims. It’s from long-time residents. And Christians.


But there also is no denying a small, fervently vocal group of residents is working very hard to degrade new immigrants and Muslims — to the point this group wants to ignore the First Amendment and move from an American democracy to a Christian theocracy.  [WTH! These citizens with concerns are using the First Amendment as you chronicle below. It is the SC Times attempting to silence speech with this editorial!—-ed]

Witness the continued march of anti-Islam guest speakers making stops across Central Minnesota, typically as invited guests of certain Christian pastors.

The latest came Sept. 12-14 when Christian pastor and former Muslim Shahram Hadian spoke in St. Cloud, Browerville and Freeport. His topics: “Trojan Horse of Interfaith Dialogue,” “Islam’s Assault on the Constitution” and “Islam’s March Toward Supremacy.”

Witness the handful of local folks who have shown up regularly at recent St. Cloud City Council meetings to use the public input period to demand City Council members stop the influx of immigrants.

Never mind that this is a free country, and people can live where they choose. These speakers also want city leaders to go into public schools and other places, programs and organizations over which the city has no control.

So how many Christians in St. Cloud have attempted to murder Muslims?

(Don’t miss Leo Hohmann here on the feckless FBI on Somali refugee Adan who attempted to murder Americans one year ago in St. Cloud.)

But, somehow, to the editors at the St. Cloud Times, it’s the Christians (exercising their First Amendment rights!) who are the haters?

The editors continue…

To be clear, Dahir Adan stabbing 10 people at Crossroads a year ago was among the most horrific crimes experienced in Central Minnesota. And, yes, it certainly met the definition of terrorism.

It is unsettling that even a year later the FBI is not providing more details, especially clarity as to whether Adan was acting alone.

More here.

I’m frustrated! The story of St. Cloud needs to reach all Americans, so someone in the larger media needs to do a full investigation, or better still write a whole book or produce a documentary film so that all of America can be warned!

11 Responses to “St. Cloud, MN: a microcosm of the battle ahead for cities targeted by federal refugee program”

  1. You should reach out to Breitbart. They have a contact tab at the bottom of their page.


  2. Dee Winter said


    Minneapolis, MN is in deep crap right now what with the Muslim loving mayor there. She is going over and above and excusing anything and everything that the Muslim people do or say. Either the American citizen need to step up to the plate and get rid of here, or they are another city going down the tube and will soon have Sharia law taking over.

    Dee Winter


  3. Does anyone remember Black Hawk Down tragedy – video clips of Somalis dragging and desecrating American soldiers corpse were shown all over the world. The soldier was stripped naked and Somali children – CAUTION, GRAPHIC CONTENT DEPICTING DESECRATION OF CORPSE FOLLOWS: they speared sticks up the US soldiers rear end and gleefully grinned into the news cam? What angers me even more is, it was the UN camera crews who shared this around the world. It was a deliberate act to demoralize troops and the American people. The video content itself was insulting, airing it was a double insult. Have we forgotten the Somali culture enough to lie to ourselves that they are “people, just like us”?


  4. Your point is well taken, Ann. In fact, some very thorough vid documentaries have been done on the Latino illegal immigrant invasion of America, as you know. This leaves me to think that there’s a reason why no one has done a comprehensive study and consequent vid, books and articles on the Islamic invasions of American cities and towns; I think potential researchers are terrified to openly give the facts on this matter for fear of retaliation, such as what’s happened to others who have dared to dispel/challenge myths about Islamic immigrants, legal or not.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. paleodrone said

    We had to leave a school in Hopkins because of the Somalis. My child is still traumatized by the horrific abuse that occurre there, and we left after only three days, but boy did we see too much in those three days. First, her teacher took all of her expensive school supplies I had worked hard to purchase; I am a single mother who lives on my own income only, and had really worked hard to get her the best. As soon as we got there, her supplies were taken from her and given to the Somalis, and my child was given old, dirty stuff from the year before – I went to collect it and got the nastiest vibe in the world from teacher who yelled at me and told me I was stealing from Somalis when I showed up at the end of the day and found and retrieved everything I had lovingly bought. it got worse, but I have to go now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Corcoran said

      Holy cow! What a story. Could you tell us more. I’d like to post it as an opinion piece (or have you already written the story in more detail).


  6. Katherine said

    Bless you dear Ann…we are under siege here in St. Cloud and sure can use your logic and wisdom.

    On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 7:03 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “The dramatic change in demographic makeup and the > escalation of tensions in St. Cloud came to my attention in the earliest > days of writing this blog when my then blog partner, Judy, wrote in 2008 > about how Somali students were harassing a service dog to s” >

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Corcoran said

      Thanks, and so sorry I didn’t see all of the comments that I’ve been sent…including yours over the last few days.


  7. ljarvik said

    Ann, you should turn your posts into a book so they cant be taken down…quoting the deleted articles…


  8. Can’t there be a class action and/or RICO law suit by native Minnesotans against the VOLAGs for:
    — degrading the native Minnesotan’s property values,
    — degrading the quality of life of native Minnesotans,
    — human trafficking and slave labor procurement, and,
    — forcing native Minnesotans to provide unlimited welfare to 100,000 African beggars?

    Why can’t the VOLAGs move to Africa if they love Africans so much?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Corcoran said

      Those ‘humanitarians’ willing to do their charitable work in Africa are to be admired, bringing them here on the taxpayers dime is for chickens and cheapskates!


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