Except for Somalia and Syria, new rules for travel to US won’t have much impact on refugee program

In Trump’s new mixed bag, most of the eight countries are not significantly represented in the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).

Editor:  By the way, I assume you saw that the Supreme Court has cancelled arguments on the previous travel ban, here I don’t know yet what that means for the refugee portion of the case.

Other than Somalia, Syria and Iran we don’t see many refugees from the other five countries. And, you should know, for Iran, that the vast majority of those we admit as refugees are Christians and other religious minorities.

As I remarked the other day, we do admit very large numbers of questionable refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma (Rohingya Muslims) and some additional African countries who will not be getting the extra scrutiny.

I checked Wrapsnet just now to see how many refugees we have admitted between FY07 and FY17 from the 8 ‘travel ban’ countries. But, don’t forget that many others from these countries get in to the US through other legal programs as well as illegally.

Refugees admitted FY07-FY17 (to date).  Here is what I found:

Chad (182)

Iran (38,236 but only 405 of those are Muslims while over 20,000 are Christians)

Libya (12)

N. Korea (203)

Syria (21,110)

Yemen (146)

Somalia (67,158)

Venezuela (13)

The new vetting rules may have a large impact on Somalis entering the US….

Check out here where all those Somalis have been planted.  Minnesota tops the list with 8,529. But that doesn’t tell the whole Minnesota story as Somalis resettled elsewhere move in large numbers as what the USRAP calls “secondary migrants” to MN.


Screenshot (872)

Screenshot (873)
Alaska welcomed 294, but Hawaii (the state that loves diversity) welcomed zero!


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  1. We need to repatriate them to their homelands. Set up “safe zones” there, as Trump discussed. And close our gates like they used to do pre-Nixon, to give our nation a time of rest & assimilation. We have been allowing WAY too much unrest & violence here. Some people WITH citizenship should be denaturalized & sent off with best wishes. They are timebombs. We need to shut the press down. They are the root cause of 99% of the radicalization of individuals being seen freaking out and murdering innocents.


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