Trump takes easy way out: says we will admit up to 45,000 refugees to begin arriving Sunday

And, no one is happy except maybe the Republican leadership in Congress—they will get some cheap labor for big business donors and the President has asked nothing of them in the way of trashing or reforming the system.

Trump shit eating grin
No one is happy when you split the baby!

They can go home to angry voters who wanted a lower number (or none at all!) and pass the buck to the Prez.

Looking at the wailing headlines this morning (quoting the refugee industry) about how Donald Trump, the meany, has slashed refugee admissions to an all-time low, it seems to me that only Breitbart got it right!

Trump Administration Misses Opportunity to Suspend Refugee Program, Sets FY 2018 Ceiling at 45,000

If Trump had suspended the program (Bush suspended it for two months at the beginning of FY02), it might have lit a fire under the House and Senate Judiciary Committees to begin seriously investigating the program and either trashing it or reforming it.  There is now zero incentive to do that.

And, does anyone think any serious effort will be made in Election year 2018?

The program can move along at this slightly lower level until Trump is no longer President and then they can kick it in to high gear again, and away they go.  They will push up the numbers dramatically to make up for lost time in demographically changing America.

BTW, Breitbart reporter Michael Patrick Leahy did a little calculation and points out that the average annual admissions under George Bush were guess what?  Under 45,000.

So, Donald Trump has done what politicians always do—tried to split the baby—and turned off his base of voters who wanted to see this program and other legal immigration programs reined in.

I’ll have more to say later (have a family gathering to host) when I may be able to calmly give some guidance on what we might do next.

7 thoughts on “Trump takes easy way out: says we will admit up to 45,000 refugees to begin arriving Sunday

  1. It’s time for people to start signing petitions on this subjects for a REDRESS of GRIEVANCES !!! Trump is now a politician; politicians can be bought out and intimidated by other politicians. I’m sure he never meant to sell out from the beginning but now that’s exactly what he’s doing. I am absolutely sick of this BULL!!! How many others out there are mad as hell about this ??? What we need is a reverse refugee program to round up the ones who are here and hell them the HELL OUT !!! That’s what I want to happen and I am sure many others do as well. Who the hell ever took a poll to see how many Americans are actually okay with having third world muslim refugees moving into their comunities by the hundreds and setting up mosques everywhere. I know I wasn’t! Because if they had asked me what I thought I would have said HELL NO !!! We have to hold Trumps feet to the fire and let him know that if he doesn’t follow through with his campaign promises, he’s can kiss his second term goodbye in 2020, cause he’ll be going bye-bye !!!

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  2. President Trump is probably getting tired of fighting liberal judges who keep ruling against him. I pray the Supreme Court makes it perfectly clear the decision on number of refugees is up to the president and the president will cut the program completely. Then hopefully he will start sending people back to their home countries.

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  3. Trump is pathetic, a disgrace. The 45K is bullcrap, his advisor Miller wanted 15K. Who is running the show, tillersonbag or trump? Now add 1200 dirtbags from australia and the forger obama, that trump also approved for our neighborhoods.


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