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RRW is on facebook and twitter reaching thousands

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 3, 2017

Once in awhile a reader asks why I’m not on facebook or twitter. I’m on both!

At facebook, RRW has a special facebook page entitled ‘RefugeeInfoResource’ click here. I think you can join without being a formal ‘friend.’

That page has 46,642 likes as of this morning. See my top post there right now:

Screenshot (893)

Screenshot (894)

You might want to go there and see the comments!

On Twitter, I am @refugeewatcher here:

I know it’s small-potatoes to the real experts on twitter, but a couple of days ago I hit 100,000 impressions with over 12.3K followers. LOL! I have more followers than HIAS and LIRS (two multi-million $ federal refugee contractors masquerading as non-profit groups)!

Here are some of my top tweets in the last few weeks:

Screenshot (895)

Screenshot (897)

(The above are screenshots, so links are not hot.)

Join me on facebook and/or twitter!

5 Responses to “RRW is on facebook and twitter reaching thousands”

  1. Ann, glad to see you’re on Gab also.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ann, I see you have a link from your webpage to your Twitter account but you need to put a link from your website to your Facebook page.

    There are plenty of readily available apps (many free) to accomplish that.

    Hopefully, that should make people aware of your Facebook page.


  3. Congrats, Ann, on your high number of positive social media responses! Looks like the masses are getting smarter bit by bit.


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