Australia deal: Come on America speak up as Breitbart and Ann Coulter are doing….

Just this morning I reread Nayla Rush’s indepth definitive report on the “deal” Obama set up and Trump is continuing that would bring as many as 1,250 illegal aliens held in detention (by Australia) on offshore islands to your town!

anne richard with UN seal
Rush reported that one of the architects of Obama’s dumb deal (now Trump’s dumb deal) was his Asst. Sec. of State Richard, formerly a VP at the International  Rescue Committee which had been contracted to do the initial screening of these men.

We reported the other day, here, that 50 are on the way to:

Georgia, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona.

I want all of you to take a few minutes and read Rush’s report at the Center for Immigration Studies here.  You will see how truly screwed-up our refugee program has been and CONTINUES to be when you see the kinds of people we are admitting—-mostly single men, some held in detention for as long as 4 years, 80% of whom have been declared in need of serious mental health treatment, from countries like Iran, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

‘Extreme vetting?’ 

No way because instead of the 18-24 months the feds are always bragging about, their vetting was less than a year because the deal was announced only in September of 2016.  See one of our many posts where I reported that the on-again, off-again screening began in November and of course, in less than a year, here they come.

So, can we really expect these men to settle down to jobs in meatpacking towns, in apartments funded by you, collecting their welfare benefits and accessing your local mental health clinics on the way to becoming upstanding and contributing American citizens?

Here is Haaretz reporting on a Breitbart story and Ann Coulter’s response:

This Sunday, Breitbart, the publication run by former Trump adminitration chief strategist Steve Bannon, ran a “news report” which slammed President Trump for continuing an Obama-era deal for the U.S. to resettler Middle Eastern refugees held in Australia.

“The president has now broken two long-promised campaign pledges: Throwing out deals that don’t benefit Americans and stopping the flow of foreign refugees won’t benefit Americans and stopping the flow of foreign refugees,” wrote John Binder in Breitbart.

Screenshot (899).png

Haaretz continued….

Ann Coulter, who has been critical of Trump’s lack of follow through on his hardline immigration promises, joined in Breitbart’s anger, Facetiously joking on Twitter, “This never would have happened if Trump had been elected!!!”

Breitart and Coulter were incised [they must mean ‘incensed’—ed] by reports a second group of about 30 refugees held in Australian-run detention centres on South Pacific islands will leave soon for resettlement in the United States under a controversial refugee swap deal.

The first group of 22, including men from Bangladesh, Sudan and Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar, left one of the camps on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea on Sunday…

I have a very large archive on the”dumb” Australia deal. If you really want to understand the sheer stupidity of the arrangement, click here.

It is no longer Obama’s “dumb deal,” it is Trump’s!

And, I don’t care what the justification of this deal is. This is an abuse of refugee resettlement law and I maintain that Australia needs us more than we need them!

Contact the White House and your elected officials in Washington and tell them what you think.  If you are in one of the five targeted states (listed above) for ‘welcoming’ the Australian rejected asylum seekers, let your governor know what you think as well.

7 thoughts on “Australia deal: Come on America speak up as Breitbart and Ann Coulter are doing….

  1. First of all for those who think there are just rapist in Muslim people i suggest you go to google and have a little research rather than sitting somewhere all day and be a fucking racist and judge other people from other countries, you all may think to yourselves that I’m defending muslims but no you’re completely wrong, I’m not a Muslim, I’m not Christian or Jewish or any of these bulshits that brain washes some idiot people like you to think they’re better than anyone bcz they’re Christian or it’s just they’re religion that is complete and true, questions like what religion?! and living or came from which country?! are just bulshit, there are good and bad people all over the world even in your great and precious country America, there are racists and rapists and terrorist everywhere in every country so stop judging people by their religion or places that they were born, there are many Americans who have raped young girls too but some people are just too blind to see this fact. Those refugees that have been living in that hellhole for 4 years, most of them have kids, kids of any age, their families have traveled bcz they wanted a better future for their children, there are many young girls and boys between these refugees that have been raped or assaulted by some other people there as well, why don’t you talk about them if you’re so worried about young girls being raped, you see, that’s exactly the point, you people who are talking about safety of girls in your country don’t give a shit about them, you are just looking for a reason to be racist and instead of thinking about those young children who are suffering in that hell you just talk about a few (Muslim savages) that raped girls… Most of the people who are in those offshores are people who wanted to run away from these violences that you all talk about, families who wanted a better life for their children. wouldn’t you all want that ?? Of course you do… So stop judging everyone by hearing just about one or a few persons.

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  2. I’m curious how you can be “extreme” when these people rarely have written documentation and often their identity can only be verified by village midwives, missionary records, or other less-than-official documents that can easily be falsified. I’m also curious how much tax money is being allocated to investigate each of these unwanted parasites before they even hit the welfare office? that cost, combined with the salaries of the personnel tasked with investigating them has got to be huge. And finally, what happens to the ones that we reject, taking into consideration the fact that Austrailia doesn’t want them, and it would be extremely difficult to find some country to pawn them off on? the answer to that question might provide a solution about what to do with all of them.


  3. Our town received a mentally ill male from Myanmar a few years ago and he slaughtered 3 small children and now our county is paying for his incarceration, mental health, lawyer and other fees… well over 100K… Make America like Obama’s America again!


  4. I sent this to the POTUS this morning:
    Mr. President, I voted for you last year partially on your stand regarding illegal immigration and refugees. I understand that the ‘Australian Deal’ is moving forward, and soon mostly Muslim males will be arriving in the USA because Australia found them too dangerous to admit. If these are ‘refugees’, where are the women and children?
    I’m not a believer in conspiracy theories, and this is not one of them. This is a stealth invasion of people that desire nothing but seeing our way of life destroyed. It has been proved many times over that these refugees do not appreciate our hospitality, they refuse to integrate or assimilate. Integration and assimilation is what as allowed so many legal immigrants to grow and prosper.
    Please turn the boat around before we’re outnumbered!
    Thank you.
    Charles Ray

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