San Diego: Unfair says Syrian refugee that her brothers can’t come to US from Saudi Arabia

What is wrong with this sob story?

This Syrian family and the brothers left behind were in Saudi Arabia (one of the brothers had already emigrated to S.A.). Saudi Arabia is a safe country!  Therefore, why are these people now the responsibility of the US taxpayer? They weren’t living in some sqaulid camp.

They were in arguably the richest country in the Middle East!


SA tent city
So tell us again why Saudi Arabia couldn’t house millions of Muslim refugees in their tent cities reserved for the brief Hajj period? Instead we are taking Syrian ‘refugees’ from S.A.!


From the San Diego Union-Tribune.

It is worth reading the whole article because there are lots of useful nuggets and some important comments by critics of the program (besides the story of a Syrian family that came to the US as ‘refugees’ from Saudi Arabia!)

By the way, I’m sure many of you are saying—yes! If we must have them, keep them in California!

Even though overall arrival numbers in fiscal 2017 dropped by more than half from the previous year, San Diego County continued its legacy as the California county that took in the most refugees.

In a year that began with a promise of more refugees than ever before coming to the U.S. and ended with an ongoing court battle over how many and whom the president could block from coming, about 1,500 refugees resettled in San Diego County, according to data from the State Department. That’s down from just over 3,100 the year before, and it’s the only time that number has dipped below 2,000 in the last decade.

“The fact that we remained the largest county, it definitely makes us proud to continue the tradition of San Diego being a safe haven,” said Etleva Bejko, director of refugee and immigration services for Jewish Family Service, a resettlement agency.

Where refugees resettle once the U.S. agrees to take them is a complicated decision-making process that factors in whether they already have family living here, which agencies have the bandwidth to support them and which places have infrastructure in place to help them succeed. That often means that places like San Diego that already have large populations of people from a country will continue to take refugees from that country. [Multiplier effect! Like Ft. Wayne in my previous post—ed]

San Diego County has been known for leading the state in refugee arrivals since large numbers of Iraqis fleeing war began arriving in late summer of 2007.

Confirmation again! Federal resettlement contractors paid by the head!

Bejko said her organization has had to reorganize support efforts because of the overall decreases in arrivals. Resettlement agencies receive funding based on the number of refugees that they help.


Three members of the Tarakji family, originally from Damascus, Syria, were some of the few who made it to the U.S. after the travel ban. The slowdown in accepting refugees has separated them from two other members of their family.

Catholic Charities resettled mother Alshifaa Hammoush, 52, father Manaf Tarakji, 58, and daughter Maria Tarakji, 21, in April. Two sons, Yasser Tarakji, 29, and Yaman Tarakji, 27, remain in Saudi Arabia.

They had already been trying to immigrate to the U.S. to reunite with their extended family who live in San Diego County when the war in Syria broke out. [They hit the jackpot because the refugee category is the most desirable way to get into the country. They get their hands held by a federal contractor who helps them get all of their welfare (not available to other categories of legal immigrant)!—ed]

After bombing destroyed the pharmacy where Hammoush worked and scared off Manf Tarakji’s clients for his electronics repair business, and a car exploded outside their building, the family fled in 2013 to Saudi Arabia, where the oldest son was already living and working.

Once in Saudi Arabia, they couldn’t continue the process to get family-sponsored green cards.

They stayed there in limbo, unable to fully establish new lives because they were on visitor visas that they had to renew every three months, until they were accepted as refugees to the U.S. Yaman Tarakji was separated into his own refugee case because of his age, and he is still waiting for processing.

The oldest brother, Yasser Tarakji also tried to apply but never heard back from the U.N. agency that registers refugees.


Still, separation from the two sons is painful for all of them. Whenever Maria Tarakji looks at photos from their last day together in Saudi Arabia, her eyes wet with tears.

“The U.S. was accepting refugees forever. It’s unfair to do this now,” Maria Tarakji said. “It’s really hard to live here, and our brother is not here.”

She said she’s had to take responsibility for tasks that her brothers used to handle, like choosing an internet router.

Both brothers work in computer programming and repair.

Continue reading here.

See my San Diego archive here.  It wasn’t too long ago that we reported that the IRC there was involved in some housing fraud controversy.

10 thoughts on “San Diego: Unfair says Syrian refugee that her brothers can’t come to US from Saudi Arabia

  1. Wow, she needs her brothers to help her with internet routers….how could anyone dispute the greed of U.S. taxpayers who don’t think this is a life and death situation. There are Arabian females in the USA who drive cars which is a bit more complex than basic IT (which, hopefully, they realize!)


  2. Not to mention, Syria is perfectly safe in most areas, and would be completely safe if not for Saudi Arabia (which attacked us on 9/11) and that other ‘great ally’ which near-sunk the USS Liberty.


  3. It is unfair that non-moslems can’t build churches and Jews can’t even safely go to sowdie barbaria and build synagogues. It is unfair that they still practice slavery and take children for that – they made a deal with us to stop it but since Mohamed did it and allah ok’s it – they break their promise to stop slavery. It is unfair that they treat non-moslems according to sharia, basically they have dhimmi rights and those rights are disgusting. It is unfair that the sowdies fund violent jihads around the world. It is unfair that their goons, oh er I mean ‘citizens’, come to our countries and bring their slaves with them (many have been caught with slaves and either kicked out of our country or sit in prisons), practice violent jihad, preach the intolerance and hatefilled message of islam. It is unfair that they bribe/threaten our Universities, medias, politicians, etc to be their useful idiots. And I should mention that they even get religious leaders to be their useful idiots too via their taqiyya dribbling. I could go on but I am tired of typing.


  4. I had the answer before I finished reading the headline. ……. Yes, it is terribly unfair …… the only FAIR thing to do is SHIP HER THERE so she can be with her brothers in Saudi Arabia and they can all mudslum together.



    San Diego might be considered unsafe for refugee resettlement, due to the heroin/fentanyl epidemic going on there. Obviously the Mexican cartels are not responsible for this epidemic, because the California governor wants to protect all of the illegal Mexicans with their new statewide sanctuary law.

    I haven’t seen where the California authorities have identified who is responsible. Could it be they are covering for the leprechauns.


  6. Now that the governor of California, fondly referred to as governor Moonbeam, has signed legislation declaring California a sanctuary state, the situation will get much worse. It’s not a pretty picture now in cities big and small here, and it will only get worse. They’ll come in even larger numbers sucking up generous state welfare for years to come while crime goes through the roof.

    As an aside, on Saturday October 7, 2017 members of a group by the name of SIAN (Stop Islamisation of Norway) set up a stand in the small and picturesque city of Gjøvik, population 30,000.

    About 700 people, probably Islam supporters, gathered to demonstrate against SIAN. It turned violent after these supporters caused mayhem, hindering SIAN from doing what they came for. One such person damaged the stand by overturning it. This person was removed by police and a group of 50 followed trying to get their cohort from being taken to prison. The gang of 50 then attacked the policemen and one policeman was injured. Three Islam supporters were arrested.

    There are many native Norwegians against the transformation of their country, but few get a platform for their valid opinions. All major media be it print, electronic, radio and TV are propagandists for the invasion of Norway.

    However, Ann Corcoran has a counterpart in that country. Not only one, but three ladies who run Human Rights Service (HRS). They document the transformation of what once was a homogeneous country. Recently they asked for supporters to document with a camera this transformation. The big media organs all but asked for their lynching. How could anyone be so politically incorrect and ask for photos of new Norwegians in the new Norway. Big media claimed it was an insult to the newcomers. Cheerleaders for this media claimed that no such thing had never been done before. In other words, no photos had ever been taken that risked insulting the subjects.

    In the many comments at HRS, it was pointed out that since the camera was invented, photos have been taken of people and situations all over the world. Artists painted, drew and sculptured history before the camera. How can documenting the current transformation of western culture be any different?

    Most media, independent too, get state subsidies in Norway. HRS gets NOK 1.8 million, the equivalent of US $ 225,000 per year. The crybabies want this subsidy to HRS removed, although main media outlets each get subsidies in the equivalent millions of US dollars.



  7. Time and time again, these people work the family reunification angle to bring in more and more relatives. and of course, each of these relatives wants to bring in more relatives, essentially turning our country into one big flop house for the third world. People joke about California, but none of the natives vote for this–we have simply been overwhelmed by immigrants and foreigners, and our government has been hijacked not only by the invaders, but by their allies who move here from out of state and use the foreigners to get political power. I would say if anything, California should be used to set an example for the rest of the nation, by arresting treasonous politicians like Jerry Brown and Xavier Becerra. Remember, many of us are stuck here and cannot afford to move elsewhere since on top of everything else the foreign hordes have taken all the jobs and have already used up most of the resources.


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