First 98 of Trump’s refugees have arrived, see where they went

Tillerson and Trump

The new fiscal year (2018) is now ten days old and we see that the first of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s and President Trump’s proposed 45,000 refugees have arrived!

According to Wrapsnet…..

Top ethnic groups arriving in the group of 98 are from the DR Congo (25), Bhutan (21) and Somalia (16).  For our friends in Minnesota know this: the Somalis were distributed to Missouri, New Hampshire, Washington and Wisconsin, but, as you know, they can and often do move within months to be with larger groups of Somalis in Minnesota, Ohio and in San Diego.

26 of the 98 are Muslims if you count the 4 Ahmadiyya from Pakistan who went to Maryland.

Here is where the first 98 were placed:


Screenshot (947)

Screenshot (948)
Top five states are Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and New Hampshire. Alaska and Hawaii got zip.


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    1. You don’t really believe that do you?
      Muslims will do ANYTHING to get into your countries. Once they are in, they will lie to get your ignorant masses to aid them in their quest to conquer and take over your nations!

      The word “TAQIYYA” literally means: “Concealing, precaution, guarding.” It is employed in disguising one’s beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions or strategies. In practical terms it is manifested as dissimulation, lying, deceiving, vexing and confounding with the intention of deflecting attention, foiling or pre-emptive blocking.

      It is currently employed in fending off and neutralizing any criticism of Islam or Muslims. Muslims want you to view them as peaceful victims when, in reality, they are the true AGGRESSORS!

      Translations vary but basically the outcome is the same, lying is encouraged and forgiven to further Islam. You only befriend an infidel to expose his vulnerabilities then use them against him.

      Quran 3:54, 8:30, 2:225, 17:64, 9:3, 40:28, 3:28, 5:32,

      Hadith: Sahih al-Bukhara
      Vol. 7 Book 67 Number 427
      Vol. 4 Book 52 Number 269
      49: 857
      84: 64-65
      50: 369

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  1. Why does NH have to have these people? Everywhere in the world, where there are Muslims and non-Muslims, there is conflict because the Muslims attack the non-Muslims. The Qur’an teaches the Muslims to make war against the unbelievers, and to subjugate them. A real example: CAIR is attempting to demonize the Burmese Buddhists for protecting their home land. It’s only after decades of Muslims attacking, robbing, raping Buddhists, killing their monks and burning their temples, that has made them campaign to send the Rohingyas Muslims back where they came from – Bangladesh. Burmese Buddhists are finding new ways to make life miserable for Muslims who have brought nothing but misery to this Buddhist country. Buddhists are fed up with Islamization, the only contribution of which, has been soaring rape, murder, and crime rates. So, they are doing whatever they have to do. America will have to learn what the Buddhists have learned in Burma.“Democracies go away when people no longer trust the very basic part of democracy, which is the ability to cast a vote for the people you want to represent you, “If they lose faith in that process, it goes away. That’s how democracies die.” This happens to be what the Muslims want!! This is what Keith Ellison, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood want to happen so they can prop up Sharia Law in the U. S. CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood have no allegiance to America, American Law. They only have allegiance to Allah and Sharia Law. It is here in Lewiston Maine. People need to write their congress men and women, the separation of religion and state must remain separated. The Muslims consider all non-believers of their religion infidels, infidels must be subservient to the Muslims or face Sharia Law. The Muslims are expanding throughout America like a cancer. Get educated, look around the world and this country and focus on what the Muslim movement is doing. CAIR and the Muslim brotherhood is using the DNC as a pawn, taking control of America’s politics, schools and universities. Get involved.

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    1. Every state will get them (except Wyoming which has stayed out of the whole thing). People need to organize where they live. It is that simple (and that is hard).


    2. There are some unconfirmed reports that ISIS activists have infiltrated the Rohingyas in the Burma/Bangladesh region. Sounds credible to me given the Koranic injunctions about waging war on infidels by any means.


      1. Does not surprise me. When I first learned about Rohingya ten years ago, even TIME magazine reported on the infiltration by Islamic extremists in to the Rohingya camps.


    1. We only had one media mention of which states they went to: Georgia, Oregon, Colorado, Texas and Arizona. Unfortunately the data is done by ethnic groups and not by where they were shipped in from. I am guessing that some of the 98 are from Australian detention centers, if they hadn’t arrived already before October 1. So looking at the map, possible the 6 went to AZ are from Australia. The other possibility is that they are held somewhere and haven’t actually been set free.


    1. I checked: 1 Eritrean went to Glendale. 4 Iraqis also went to Glendale and 1 Iraqi went to Phoenix. I don’t want to start a rumor but these might be some from Australian detention. A news report said the first detainees were going to GA,OR,CO,TX and Arizona. But see from the map that only Arizona (of those 5 states) has gotten any refugees since Oct. 1.

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