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Supreme Court won’t hear ‘travel ban’ case, but refugee portion not addressed

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 11, 2017

I wish I could explain to you what all of this means for the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program which we reported got off to a flying start for FY18 with 98 arrivals since October 1, but I can’t.  I’m not a lawyer and the whole thing just seems like a huge mess that should not distract you from doing what you must do locally and on the state level (see here).

supreme court 2017

The Supremes should never have wandered in to refugee law in the first place by literally writing, although temporarily, new law.

However, until I read this story at The Hill about the ban, I had forgotten that the 120-day refugee moratorium was still in place until October 24th!

You can thus see how meaningless that moratorium was since 98 arrived in ten days from October 1 and October 10 with the third largest number being the supposedly banned Somalis.

(In fact thousands of refugees were admitted during the ‘moratorium’ at the end of FY17 because of the Supreme Court mucking around in refugee law.)

Here is a bit from The Hill that reminded me:

The court has not yet ruled on whether to ultimately hear the other challenge to the ban, which was brought by the state of Hawaii. That case also challenges the part of Trump’s ban halting the U.S. refugee resettlement program for 120 days. That provision does not expire until Oct. 24.

More here.

HIAS was a plaintiff in the case.

Moral of the story: You are going to have to continue local and state political organizing and not rely on the courts, or the President, or the Washington swamp to bring a resolution to the issue.

See my whole category entitled ‘Supreme Court’ if you want to learn more about what they did regarding refugees.

4 Responses to “Supreme Court won’t hear ‘travel ban’ case, but refugee portion not addressed”

  1. Muslims are changing. Muslims are allowing Jesus to be in them saving them. They no longer reject Artie Whitefox on Islamic content web page. They love me. Love them back. They will understand when you say that Jesus is the bus who has a voice sounding like many waters comforting people.needing to be in us to love others.

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  2. They are not refugees .They are military invaders making a trap for all non Muslims. Muslims are collecting weapons for an attack in Mosques. All need to focus on them. All Muslims need to be corralled up taken out of USA.. All Mosques need to be raided and then taken down.

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  3. futuret said


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  4. Paula said


    IMHO (not being an attorney) the only thing that the SCOTUS could and should rule on is the Constitutional authority of a President to make such a ruling. The fact that it was not dismissed immediately by the first court speaks to the destruction of the separation of powers. These types of suits have been called by the left “lawfare” because what they cannot get through proper legislation they obtain through idiotic and corrupt judicial action. Bureaucratic legislation is also a problem as there is no oversight and the bureaucrats just go merrily along expanding their empires.

    Paula Devlin

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