All nine federal resettlement contractors support Oct. 18th #NoMuslimBanEver rally

That is a rally partially sponsored by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to be held in Washington, DC this coming week. (As of this writing they have 847 confirmed planning to attend, here.)

I told you about it here when the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society was pushing its groupies to attend.

Curious about whether the other eight federal refugee contractors (some receiving nearly all of their funding from the US Treasury)*** were involved, I asked in that post if anyone knew.

I got my answer just now at twitter when the lobbying arm of the refugee industry (Refugee Council USA) put out this message:


Screenshot (969)


So who are the members of the refugee lobbying consortium.  Here they are:

Screenshot (970)

Screenshot (971)

Screenshot (972)

***Check out those logos, below are the nine contractors. Where is Congress? Shouldn’t there be a law that if you take most of your funding from taxpayers, you shouldn’t be marching in the streets against the President and us!

Think about it!  All nine contractors (the Catholic church included!) are telling their people to march against the President and for CAIR! 

Why don’t they just take good care of the refugees they are being paid to care for!

LOL! I’m on a roll today, energized by Ms. Wolfe!

7 thoughts on “All nine federal resettlement contractors support Oct. 18th #NoMuslimBanEver rally

  1. Looking through some Adirondack fall color information, I came across this article from last year. It struck me as strange that the New York state prison system employs Muslim prison chaplains. If there is one, there must be more.

    Guess it’s not strange at all, so I do declare my ignorance. Not only are communities at large dumping grounds for the massive Muslim “migration”, but prisons employ Muslim chaplains to facilitate inmates of the same faith. Not to mention all the translators needed for these events. What a racket and it’s been going on much longer than I realized.

    Muslims connect with their Adirondack neighbors in Saranac Lake
    “The conversation started with a long and sometimes funny talk by Mufti Muhammed Abdullah, an imam who retired recently after serving as a state prison chaplain and lives in Saranac Lake. You often seen him around town with a fishing pole.”

    Looking into this further, I came across this article from 2003. Wonder exactly what these Muslim chaplains teach the inmates.
    “Imam Warith Deen Umar helped found the advocacy group National Association of Muslim Chaplains (NAMC) in 1976. Since then, the 58-year old cleric and NAMC have come to exercise near monopolistic influence over the selection of Muslim prison chaplains in New York state prisons, according to critics.”

    The industry of Department of Corrections. This one from New York state:
    Various Religious Workshops and Religious Education Classes including:
    • Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Islamic Services
    • Quakers
    • Nation of Islam
    • Seventh Day Adventist
    • Buddhist
    • Native American
    • Jehovah Witness


  2. If we don’t ban Muslims now, we will rue the day we did not do so!! They will take over this country not many years from now, if they are not stopped now.

    Dee Winter


  3. Ann, since this is our tax dollars at work, how come no GOP hearings on Capitol Hill where you could testify about taxpayer abuse? There may already be some anti-lobbying restrictions in the grants, or regulations, a lawyer could tell you, you might also compare 990 declarations of lobbying expenses to what is going on, and if fraudulent, then there could be some criminal misrepresentation issues possible with the IRS as well…people try to get away with stuff when they don’t think anyone is watching, so the first step is for them to be watched carefully–strict scrutiny.


    1. There are no committees willing to hold hearing as you describe. Believe me I’ve been asking for 10 years. GOP is run by the Chamber and lobbyists (like Tyson Foods) therefore nothing is going to happen until something huge happens and they are forced into it to cover their asses. (Guess you can see how strongly I feel about this! Breaking my own language rules!).


  4. One of the supporting groups, CAL, (Center for Applied Linguistics), must make big bucks teaching English to the refugees. I’m sure the refugees pay for this out of their own pockets…..(yeah, sure).


  5. The Catholic Church went totally Communist in the 1960s. In the USA Leftist Catholic bishops nominate other Leftist Catholic priests to become bishops so now the hierarchy is almost 100% Communist. The Washington DC headquarters of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is run by totally Leftist laypeople who write all the documents and come up with all the Leftist plans which they have the bishops rubber stamp. Bishops are loath to challenge the lay bureaucracy of the USCCB lest the bishop not be nominated to the position of archbishop and then cardinal by the lay bureaucracy.

    This is not the church of Bing Crosby and “Going My Way” and the “Bells of St. Mary’s.” Today’s Catholic Church and clergy are closer to Che Guevara, the Castro brothers and Chairman Mao. Just look at Pope Francis: Open Communist and Liberation Theology exponent.


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