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Comment worth noting from St. Cloud, MN

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 14, 2017

Editor: From time to time I post comments more prominently that I think are important but would get little notice otherwise. This is a comment I received about my post two days ago, here.

Update October 19th: Don’t miss all the breaking news on St. Cloud today, here.

From St. Cloud Guy:

I have lived in St Cloud for a long time and I can’t believe how fast the city is going down. The housing market in St. Cloud is falling way behind all the surrounding cities because of the excessive refugee population. Also the schools have become some of the worst ones in the entire state of Minnesota. The Star Tribune estimated over 30% of St Cloud Apollo High School is Somalian now and the other high school St. Cloud Tech has a larger refugee population in its area. They have only been coming to St. Cloud in large numbers the last decade and a half. What will happen in another 10 years? Plus all the extra kids they have? 80%?


It’s very upsetting and frustrating that St. Cloud was a nice normal town that we could raise families here and go to decent schools. Now that is all gone and we have to take huge losses to sell our houses to get out of here. I really wish we would have a say in this since tax money is used for it. We almost have to move out of state, because any decent size city in Minnesota has or is starting to have problems with excessive refugees and poverty.

I don’t care if people want to migrate here but we need to stop paying for it with our tax money and let them get over here on their own and take care of themselves. That’s what all our ancestors did and that’s what made America so strong. At least that way the people that do migrate here on their own will be hard working and motivated to live the American dream not just sit at home collecting welfare checks and having babies.

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22 Responses to “Comment worth noting from St. Cloud, MN”

  1. Kimberly Slater said

    Little Falls is starting to be run over as well. A couple months ago Morrison county HRA opened for one day for applications even though there is a long waiting list. When I went to get app the place was surrounded by Muslims. I was Soo mad! About a week later my landlord asked me about HRA because the buildings he owns are no longer subsidized. He had A Muslim ban from the cities call him to see if he had openings and said he had HRA voucher from Morrison county. He was mad and I was livid. I called he’s and of course they they don’t know anything. I told them if I found out any if these people get HRA before me I will sue the state. I am disabled at a young age and so I don’t get much SSI. My rent is now more than half of what I getand nowhere to move that is cheaper or not surrounded by Muslims. My family wants me to move to the cities but I’m not going there. I will move to the middle of nowhere if I have to.


  2. There is no place on the planet where this failed social experiment has worked. Not one! Ever!

    Centuries ago, the Greeks invaded the city of Troy, by way of “The Trojan Horse” trick. This invasion is happening in full view of everyone. The St Cloud city council, and Wilmer and Minneapolis alike, are guilty of “betraying the public trust”, and putting Minnesotan lives in mortal danger. Once they abrogate their civil duty in this way, and in doing so, abandon the tenants of “public safety”, I believe that they also forfeit their “sovereign immunity” protection.. In short, by their own actions and inaction, they assume the responsibility of becoming personally liable for any negative outcome created (wrongful deaths – communicable diseases – financial malfeasance – misappropriation of public funds – illegal prayer rooms in public schools – sanctioned (ignored) gang activity – creeping sharia law – etc), and personally vulnerable to legal action against each and every one of them.

    The killing of 40 year old, Australian born, Justine Damond by MPD rookie police officer, Mohammad Noir is a perfect example (she called 911 and paid the ultimate price, for not taking MN Governor Dayton’s advice to ALL Minnesotans to “leave, and find another State, in which to live, if you [we] do not like the way things are going in Minnesota”.) …The Hennepin County Health Department cover-up of active Tuberculous in the St Louis Park public schools, and the measles outbreak in Minnesota mostly (80% of the US measles outbreak is located [imported] in Minnesota), is one more. Roving rape gangs in Minneapolis is yet but another. The uniformed sharia police fella in the Cedar-Riverside area of Minneapolis is also insane…The acceptance of the St Cloud based, Somali American Men’s Gun Club is one more, and a biggie. I could go on about these endless examples.

    Just look at present day Europe, the UK, or anywhere else on this small planet (for centuries), for all the evidence you need to support my observation, and my conclusion.


    • At least the Trojans had to sneak in, and there was an official war declared. In our situation, liberals literally use our tax money to fly these people in, where they lie in wait until they can commit some act of terrorism.


      • St. Cloud council member joins Trump to block refugees
        November 2, 2017 by Dr. Luke Tripp 4 Comments

        (MGN Online)
        St. Cloud City Council Member Jeff Johnson submitted a resolution calling for a temporary ban on resettlement of refugees in St. Cloud. This move appears to be in accord with President Trump’s plans to cap refugee admissions to the United States at 45,000 over the next year. Johnson’s resolution is an action associated with the anti-Muslim speakers who have been touring Minnesota and have recently held an anti-Muslim session at Granite City Baptist Church.

        The racial composition of St. Cloud, with a population of 68,000, is about 84 percent White (largely Catholic), eight percent Black (mostly Somali), four percent Asian, three percent Latino, two percent mixed race, and one percent Native American. A few Blacks lived in St. Cloud before the Civil War when St. Cloud’s first mayor, Sylvanus Lowry, held them as slaves in 1856. But the Black community did not emerge until the 1980s when a small group of Black Americans settled in the city.

        I am a Black university professor who has lived in St. Cloud for over 28 years. I was part of that early small Black wave in the 1980s, which encountered strong anti-Black hostility. We were generally treated as intruders and threats to Whites’ safety and quality of life. I witnessed and experienced how St. Cloud earned the dubious reputation of “White Cloud.”

        I believe that Jeff Johnson’s resolution calling for a temporary ban on resettlement of refugees in St. Cloud is aimed at Somalis who are under attack in St. Cloud because of their race (they are Black), their religion (they are Muslims), and their immigration/refugee status (they are perceived to be untrustworthy aliens).

        The City of St. Cloud, historically a very conservative White town, has only recently become home to a significant population of about 6,000 Somalis who represented about eight percent of St. Cloud’s population of 68,000 people in 2013. There has been a series of hateful attacks against the growing Somali community since they began arriving here in the 1990s.

        In the 1990s, Somalis began to trickle into the city and now they are probably the largest Black ethnic group, surpassing the number of Black Americans. Like Black Americans, they also experience intense racial and cultural animus. As compared with the White population, Somalis are sharply different in four categories: race (White European vs. Black African), religion (Christian vs. Muslim), citizenship (American vs. refugee/immigrant), and culture (Eurocentric vs. Afro-Islamic).

        This is a very volatile social mix. The Somali community continues to suffer numerous attacks at various levels and in all areas of social life including schools, stores, workplaces, housing, and the media. We should keep in mind that the attacks began before the tragedy of September 11, 2001, when America’s anti-Islamic fervor reached hysterical levels. In November 2002, the Somali Center, a local headquarters for Somali culture, was vandalized. A racist message was spray-painted on a newly opened Somali market, a mosque, and a community center in south St. Cloud. Furthermore, Somalis have been stigmatized as terrorists, pirates, religious fanatics, and bad neighbors. This historical background will help us understand the racial undercurrents of Johnson’s planned resolution.

        The animosity against Somalis reflects the sentiments of a significant segment of conservative White residents in the city of St. Cloud whose views were politically expressed by their right-wing extremist ex-congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, who represented Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District from 2007 to 2015. Bachmann was a staunch advocate of barriers against immigrants and their culture. Her voting record on anti-immigration legislation is graded A+.

        The point is that racism and religious intolerance are deeply rooted and still prevalent in St. Cloud. We need to make our demand for justice and human rights a top priority of city government. We can do that by lobbying and pushing city government officials to provide resources to support our refugee neighbors.

        The mayor and city council should take positive action to deal with the toxic anti-Somali climate and institutional racism and address the legitimate grievances of the Somali community instead of pretending that systemic racial problems are aberrations. City officials need to develop a strategic plan based on genuine diversity and social justice; one that is dedicated to systemically advocating, building and maintaining respectful, collaborative and reciprocal relationships.

        A good strategic plan can help dismantle racism in the city. The reality of the growing Somali population and the accompanying racial tensions will eventually compel city officials to make some accommodation. However, without progressive political leadership, racial tensions will continue to fester, thus undermining the vision of a vibrant multicultural city. Will the city officials work to change the image of the city from “White Cloud” to “Rainbow Community?”



        The Minneapolis FBI office is presently looking for 8 ARMED & DANGEROUS Jihadis from our Minnesota community of imported Somali’s.. NOW! 10 others were sentenced to prison just last year by Ramsey County Judge Davis.

        2 Muslim brothers were caught in N Minneapolis this past May – up here from Texas – and likely from Chechnya or Bosnia, or wherever… One was arrested last December – HERE – having possession of an unlicensed handgun at that time. (Another open Minneapolis FBI Office investigation as we speak) They had the following weapons and armaments:

        * hand grenade
        * AK47
        * thousands of rounds of ammo
        * Bomb making equipment
        * drone parts
        * multiple handguns

        What is wrong with this picture? Do we want what all the insanity which has been imported in to all the European cities now, and what has been brought in to their communities, and in to their lives now?

        September of 2016 was a banner month in Minnesota for “nuts” (Thank you General Anthony McAuliff – WWII – Bastogne, Germany for that reply). Then there here was the rampage of a thousand Somali’s (unannounced) at the Mall of America (a celebration they say – See it for yourself on YouTube – and that one scared the “hot-dish” and “lutefisk” out of the other patrons and shop keepers to be certain). …The near riot at the Cedar-Riverside area of Minneapolis (an inter-rival dispute about an HBO presentation), …and then there was the brawl in the Minneapolis gym, at their own bloody (literally) political caucus. Then there were the months of insanity preceding September 2016, and the months after as well…all just plain “NUTS”.

        Our Minneapolis mayor, the ever so incompetent, Betsy Hodges, installs a hate speech (against native Minnesotans only) snitch hotline”..after 30 Somali men attack women by chasing them off the beaches – 3 days in a row – on Lake Calhoun (very affluent area of Minneapolis) and threaten to “kidnap and rape them”.. Result? Not even a parking ticket! (MPD police report sites “terroristic threats”…)

        Then we have the resent arrest – AGAIN – of an 87 year old Somali man in St Cloud, for serially sexually assaulting – ANOTHER CHILD. He was convicted several years ago for the same offense, and sentenced to 20 years PROBATION at that time.

        And, you just can’t say enough about the recent creation of the St Cloud MN “Somali American (men’s) Gun Club”, last year.. Just how did the vetting and “background check” process unfold? . ..Yo! Mogadishu authorities, is this a good dude or dude-et? What say you?

        There is so much more… Can you see where this is going?

        This is not “hate speech”! It is the truth, and this is about survival, people.

        The St Cloud Health Department is being forbidden by the St Cloud immigrant restaurant owners from conducting lawful health code inspections NOW. …and getting away with it! Meanwhile, Minnesota leads the nation (80%) in the imported measles outbreak, and 19 additional diseases (some quite lethal) identified, are likely here in the same numbers.

        …In Minneapolis, 40 year old Justine Damond’s MPD (officer Mohammad Noor) killer this past July, still has not been charged with anything. She made the 911 call, and paid the ultimate price for it.

        There is so much more…sadly.. This is pathetic!

        Moratorium? How about knock this off before more people get killed, raped, bullied, or contract more lethal diseases?

        My children and grandchildren are at stake for me in this. How dare you put their lives at risk, for the sake of your political career, or because you are now too afraid of what you have imported into the gates of your city, or to demonstrate enough courage to face this problem directly and honestly, for the sake of the good people who live there.

        Good for St Cloud City Councilman, Jeff Johnson! It is about bloody time someone with a brain and some courage and common sense spoke up..

        15 years ago, all of this was unimaginable! Let alone acceptable…

        “Welcoming community” my backside.. Are you suicidal?

        As for the rest of you in St Cloud, Minnesota, running the political show and circus up there, may God forgive you all, including the mad hatter professor at SCSU.


  3. my neighbor is training his kids to kill yours,he says that in 10 years we will take America,and kill all who don`t become muslim,and they don`t want new muslims..he has 9 kids on our tax dollar,and the average American only has 3 kids


  4. 10 Years, and 80%? Good luck with that theory folks. Now that our very own immigration fraud cheat, and bigamist, having been caught engaging in polyandry, with her own brother, in order to bring him in to the US illegally, MN State Rep, Ilhan Omar, has now made the cover of Time Magazine nationally, the wave of secondary migration from other states beginning to clamp down on welfare system parasites, are on to road to Minnesota NOW! You can bet on it. Try 5 years, and another Dearborn, Michigan on a much larger scale state-wide as a result. This is unsustainable. And, when they are cut off financially, due to dwindling resources per a predictable reduction of remaining taxpayers still here in Minnesota willing to stay here on our own state-wide version of the Titanic, while she begins to sink in to the cultural abyss, the protests and increased potential for serious violence and retaliation will begin. And, who will dial 911 for help in Minneapolis now that, unarmed and in her pajamas, 40 year old, Australian born, Justine Damond was shot to death recently for no reason by MPD police officer Mohammad Noir, after she called 911 for assistance? NOT ME! This social experiment has not worked in one place on the planet, where it has been tried. Not one! But, the incredibly stupid powers that be in Minnesota have sold us all out, but good. From the MN governors padded cell (His family money and Dayton Family Trust is safely located in South Dakota), right down the corrupted political food chain, including democrats and republicans alike, they have forced us all into a form of financial and cultural suicide; dangerous examples (“No Go Zones”) of which can be seen all over the world now. Good Luck!

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    • I thought the Catholic and Lutheran churches were the main reason that Minnesota has been turned into Somali Land USA? That is why I propose a class action law suit against both churches by those affected by the African horde for loss of property values, quality of living and the cost of moving out of Minnesota.

      RICO could also be used against both churches because they are racketeering (i.e. engaged in a fake charity) for big business to provide cheaper labor through the taxpayer’s welfare and not involved in any humanitarian work.

      Further, Somalis are not even refugees because that status is conferred based on racial and religious persecution. Somalia’s civil war is Africans killing Africans and Muslims killing Muslims so Somalis don’t even qualify as refugees.

      Minnesota voters need to tell their congressional delegation that the Somalian refugee status needs to be cancelled and all Somalis need to be shipped back to Africa ASAP. Those Somalis who may have received US citizenship need to have it revoked for fraud since the Somalis entered the country as fake refugees.

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  5. Need more documentation? Check Willmar MN out. The once serene hard working city with a vibrant downtown is now nothing but Somalis standing on the street corners smoking, their women are producing babies that will soon push out the people that have lived and worked their entire lives because of out of control welfare benefits. Free housing, medical care, food and transportation. Why has it come to this you may wonder? Well look no further than the liberals in charge of the city government. They were voted in by people wanting free this and free that, and have now created the mother of all messes. Soon, when the population of immigrants overtakes the population of the people that call Willmar home for years, muslims will rule, and then look forward to Sharia law, abused women being covered from head to toe and the white guy castigated beyond what he or she can take. Willmar is dying like so many other cities and towns in Minnesota and the country because of liberalism. When the hell will you people wake up?!!

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  6. Marty Hill said

    Muslim Invaders are more than happy to swagger into a place like Minnesota, with it pristine, orderly beautiful communities and slowly turn these communities into cesspools…the native folks have to take a beating on their property if they wish to leave…but these communities can never get too crappy for the Invaders to still be very happy and content…considering, no matter how much they trash these once beautiful places they are still far better off than where they came from…Give the Muslims another 10-20 years and middle aged Americans will not be able to recognize their beautiful Country. Newer generations of Americans will grow up accustomed to the muslim degraded lifestyle and will consider this the “new normal.” There will be no hope for future generations unless someone grows “a pair” and puts a stop to this madness.

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  7. 911p said

    This was a planned Genocide for all of us. Please look up Agenda 21 and NWO. The Elites want to take what we have, kill us or rape, enslave, sodomize our kids, they are Demon Spawn and they do not belong on this Earth. No Joke. Do nothing – RIP – you’re not a Victim – you are a willing participant. There has been NOT ONE of the Mosques, Sanctuary City, No go zone, individual homes that were raided that hasn’t been armed. They ALL HAVE WEAPONS. The 50+ ISIS TRAINING CAMPS is a no brainer – I think we can rule out they’re training for synchronized swimming.

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  8. This man told it exactly as it is and I’ve seen similar catastrophes when I lived on the east coast. Its so depressing to watch your neighborhoods go down the tubes for no good reason. it isn’t like we suffer now to make things better in the future….there is no “future”, and it will only get worse in these communities. Furthermore, that this refugee and immigrant invasion is infiltrating the regions that are considered to be true, “Americana”, is startlingly frightening.


  9. Caro K said

    Thirty years ago I spent a lot of time in St. Cloud, and the surrounding area. It’s beautiful land, with rolling hills dotted with lots of glacial lakes (not man made, so deep waters, with great fishing). It was a vibrant Catholic region back then. Most of the little towns in the region were settled by Catholics–St. Joseph, St. Stephen, St. Augusta. Catholic missionaries in the 19th century blanketed a large swatch of the remote region, stretching from MN, across northern WI and the Upper Peninsula of MI, so Catholic settlers had churches to go to. Despite the loveliness and prosperity of the region, with its strong middle and upper middle class population, the only down side I saw 30 years ago were seeming miles, and miles of turkey farms. Bingo. They needed cheap labor.

    I’ve also spent a lot of time in Duluth, MN, the second largest city in the state until the Iron Range played out in the 1980s. It’s the state’s most manufacturing-intense region, but now only its 4th largest city. It’s has a large port, so a solid working class base. It may be my working class roots showing, but people who get their hands dirty speak their mind more freely, so not so optically friendly for Islamic hijra. (Also, I contend, a smaller percentage of the population has the time to support political and religious causes, as they are too busy getting their hands dirty. Some of the most outspoken commentators in the U.K, are people like Tommy Robinson, from Luton. The optics are more convincing when arresting such critics than tamer folk.

    Duluth is also an almost invincible Democrat stronghold. To date, there’s only one mosque, the Islamic Center of the Port Cities in the metropolitan area, pop: 86,000 – 90,000. (St. Cloud’s pop: 68,000, as of 2015: 4 Islamic centers.)


  10. tmasierrahills said

    St. Cloud, MN: Somali refugee hellhole, all state’s cities to follow – Erasing Historic American Nation continues.


  11. Eagle Nest said

    End the refugee progam for ten years!!!!

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  12. Tom Parson said

    This is very disturbing and concerning. Too bad our politicians seem to be selling us out ( For the most part)

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  13. mn4freedom said

    Not to mention you can’t let your children go to the parks without fear of them being attacked by Somali gangs. And the school staff and administration are forced into giving them preferential treatment over fear of lawsuits. So many of the traditional children have been abused. Thus the white flight. It’s not a good situation and is only going to get worse since the Mayor and most City Council members refuse to address it or give honest answers and feel they have no part to play even though the Law says they do.


  14. That is why Muslims were never part of the “Age of Exploration” with Columbus after 1492 because they were militarily blocking European direct trade with China. Without the socialist – welfare state beginning in the USA in the 1960s, they would never move to the USA on their own: They do not have a pioneering spirit of exploration and development but only of military conquest and invasion. Once the Muslims see that you have something, they want to come and take it which is happening today throughout the world where the Leftist elites use your tax money to subjugate and replace you with a foreign population.


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