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Open Borders bigwigs to descend on Boise, Idaho

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 14, 2017

Later this month leading refugee advocates/Dems will attend a two-day confab in Boise, Idaho in hopes of generating support for illegal alien amnesty (the DACA kids) and to push for more refugees for Idaho and other states they are working to transform (turning red states blue!).

Idaho protest

This time last year, Idaho citizens demonstrated (in Boise) against more refugees being placed in Idaho.


Here is the announcement published at Boise Weekly from the Frank Church Institute (emphasis is mine) Hat tip: Joanne:

The Trump administration recently unveiled yet another travel ban restricting certain individuals from mainly Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. In a time where the refugee migration worldwide has reached near World War II levels, these bans have proved to be highly controversial and have sparked much debate across the country. The Frank Church Institute plans to continue the debate at the 34th annual Frank Church Conference—Monday, Oct. 23 and Tuesday, Oct. 24—with a focus on current global concerns over refugee displacement and immigration.

anne richard with UN seal

Richard, as you must know, was Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for PRM. Learn more about her at our huge archive:

“[It’s a] timely issue with the new administration’s policies on immigration and DACA, and the public’s questions about the role of refugees both nationally and in the State of Idaho,” said Frank Church Institute Director Garry Wenske.

The theme of the conference at the Simplot Ballroom of the Student Union Building at Boise State University, is “America’s Future: Refugees, Migration and National Security.” Speakers will include former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Anne C. Richard, and International Rescue Committee Senior Vice President Jennifer Sime, as well as Jacob Sullivan, who served as national security advisor to Vice President Joe Biden and deputy chief of staff for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. [You will recognize Sullivan as a bigwig from the Clinton campaign.—ed]

There will also be speakers from local organizations like the International Refugee [Rescue!–ed] Committee and ACLU-Idaho, as well as a panel of experts and refugees, including Refik Sadikovic, a Bosnian refugee who resettled in Boise and is now working toward his Ph. D. at Boise State University. [Token success story is part of their MO!—-ed]

Idaho uzbek

For every refugee success story I can find you someone like this Idaho Uzbek refugee convicted terrorist.

Idaho, especially the southern half of the state, has a long and significant history of accepting displaced people. According to a Pew study, Idaho accepts among the most refugees per capita of any state in the country. The Idaho role in resettlement, however, has been controversial. The College of Southern Idaho Refugee Center was criticized for its role in bringing refugees into Idaho amid fears of an influx of Syrians and fake news surrounding a crime connected with refugees in Twin Falls brought the issue to a boil.

Citizens wishing to get a “better understanding” of what is in the works for Idaho and the country should attend (and take notes)!

Wenske said he expects to fill the ballroom, and hopes the audience can walk away with a “better understanding of some of the issues that we’re facing as a country, as a state, and as a city.”

“Boise is a welcoming city for refugees,” he said. “These are important issues we need to discuss.”

For my Idaho archive, click here.

7 Responses to “Open Borders bigwigs to descend on Boise, Idaho”

  1. I just visited Santa Maria, CA for a week and did not see one Muslim; city is over 80 % Hispanics. What I found interesting is it is the west coast that continues to block the President’s attempts to stop this madness of the Islamic attempt by the UN and Progressives to destroy our Christian country.


  2. Fake news? Oh, you mean the little 5 year old special needs girl that was assaulted, urinated on, and raped while one of the boys video taped it? That fake news? Or the other fake news where a special needs young woman was assaulted and raped in her apartment by a Syrian “refugee”? That fake news? You are a disgrace. You try to negate the horrible acts perpetrated by these animals and victimize already traumatized individuals. You should be ashamed of yourself. IT HAPPENED. And we are NOT a welcoming State, County, or City, and trying to push that on the citizens of this state only tells me that you need to look for another job, because you WILL be voted out!


  3. R.S. HELMS said

    Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:
    COULD IT BE, that we have to check in once in awhile? It is easy to get caught up in what the left does well, smokescreens to help us forget about some of the serious issues. like the refugee crisis … issues keep going unnoticed at times, until they are out of control.

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  4. michellefromsandiego said

    This is a comment with information that bears on TPS and El Salvador. A Spanish-language newspaper in Washington, DC
    has been running monthly half-page ads in Spanish for travel to that country:
    The ads direct the reader to a bilingual (Spanish-English) website for travel, which includes this list of tour operators:


  5. Idahoans have spoken, but no one is listening. That’s because obama’s toxic tentacles still have a corrupt globalist within them.

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  6. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    “Turning RED states blue” Yep, that’s the whole point of this muslim “refugee” invasion.
    Oh yeah, there’s a few regular immigrants coming too.
    People of Idaho, like a year ago, you need to stand your ground.

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  7. said

    sickening news

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