Lancaster, PA where we are told that the Amish welcome one and all

Update October 16th:  Today I used Lancaster as my example of what you should be doing as a first step locally if you are unhappy with the secrecy surrounding the refugee program where you live. Click here to see what you need to do!  Hold your mayor’s feet to the fire!

We are told that by the big German publication, Deutsche Welle which claims Lancaster is “dubbed America’s refugee capital.”

It is probably written to make Germans concerned about the migrant invasion of their homeland feel bad by encouraging them to think everything is sweetness and light in America (well, except for Trump!).

It is the same old story line….

Welcoming people

Welcoming mayor

Refugees supposedly contributing to economy

Kind-hearted ‘Christian’ resettlement agency

Worries that the flow is slowing

Evil Donald Trump


But, I am posting it as background for my next post (either later today or tomorrow).

Deutsche Welle:

As the US isolates itself under President Donald Trump, one rural town in Pennsylvania keeps rooting for refugees. The Amish and Mennonite communities of Lancaster County say “refugees welcome.”


Mayor Rick Gray
Mayor Gray has presided over the huge refugee build-up in Lancaster since 2006.

Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray explains that welcoming refugees by supporting religious freedom and tolerance “is in [Lancaster’s] genes.”


Stephanie Gromek, who works for Church World Service***, one of nine refugee resettlement agencies in the US, says that in the past year alone, the organization has resettled almost 700 refugees here. The Amish “worked so hard to keep their culture, and that’s what we hope for with our refugees,” she says. [Islamic ‘culture’ too?—-ed]


Gromek deals with cases from around the world in her work and says that in recent times there has been an influx of people from Syria, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


But changes in US policy doesn’t bode well for the countryside community. President Trump’s push to put limits on the number of refugees admitted into the US will likely leave its mark on Lancaster, says Jonathan Charles. [Charles is just some local guy they quoted. Bet you could find a local guy with the complete opposite view—ed]

Stephani Gromek
At least Gromek is being honest! No new refugees means no federal money for her non-profit ‘Christian charity.’

“This current president is not a person we are very fond of. We haven’t had any new arrivals since [Trump] became president. And it will take a few years to see how much it impacts us. But I’m sure that it will.”

Fewer than half as many refugee resettlements are expected this year as compared to last year, says Stephanie Gromek. Still, she remains optimistic: “If we don’t get any refugee arrivals, our organization doesn’t get funding. However, the reasons for what the administration is trying to do are not holding. There’s no weight, no justification for what Trump is trying to do.”

Mayor Gray, however, is worried there might be more at stake and is paying attention to what the migrant community has to say about the political developments in the US. “Some refugees I spoke to are now afraid of what’s going on a national level. They say they’ve seen this kind of thing happening before in their own countries.

“I really hope they’re wrong.”

More here.

See my archive on Lancaster.  There are a lot of posts there.  Don’t miss the one where I attended an Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) meeting in Lancaster a few years ago and first learned that the feds were referring to communities (where citizens were asking questions) as ‘Pockets of Resistance.’  They reported happily that Lancaster and PA generally had no such resisters.

*** Church World Service is the federal government contractor whose subcontractor, Virginia Council of Churches, sent the first refugees to the county where I live in Maryland beginning in about 2006. We were told we were getting spillover from Lancaster of Meskhetian Turks (Sunni Muslims) because there had been some problem in Lancaster. (We never learned what that was, but we heard that from our sheriff at the time.)

You can learn more about CWS’s finances here.

They are 71% funded by the US taxpayer.  So much for Christian charity!


10 thoughts on “Lancaster, PA where we are told that the Amish welcome one and all

  1. It’s sad if the Amish way of life is to be destroyed by the refugee influx and by immigration and social engineering. However it may be inevitable unless the Amish develop enough spirit to defend themselves. It does seem that their form of Christianity demands passivity and nonresistance, sort of the extreme version of what I call the ‘cult of niceness.’ Does anyone remember the 2006 incident in which a maniac entered a schoolhouse in Amish country, where he ended up shooting 10 girls, killing five of them? And the Amish responded by saying they forgave him. So they will have no resistance to any threat to their way of life or their existence.
    I just read that Lancaster, PA is now 40 per cent (!) Latino, and not too many years ago, the governor of PA, I think, was saying that his state ”needed more diversity”, saying it was too White. How quickly things change, and yet even that amount of ‘diversity’ is not enough for the politicians and the refugee racket.
    I think the Amish may well ‘welcome’ the refugees.


  2. Lancaster, PA: USA’s merry Muslim “refugee capital” – i.e., our smirking evil elites destroy the Amish–easy prey. “Welcoming”? Obviously the Amish do not think kindly of political activism, so their silence can be seen as agreement to their demographic demise. Of course until recently average Americans have been only a little less lambs-to-the-slaughter.


  3. I’m sorry but I believe DW is making some dishonest claims. I do not buy for ONE minute that the Amish are welcoming foreign refugees, no way, no how.

    Mayor Rick Gray is 100% globalist, but let’s switch that word back to it’s original descriptor: Communist. The communo -fascist globalists LOVE talking about DNA. They are eugenics believers (which has been completely discredited it was proved wrong by the Nazi scientists, who wish it were all true) remember, Obama claimed that “racism.. is in our DNA” as well. Gray is/was an Obama supporter as well.

    And, he’s a hypocrite (as all communist/liberals are): “In 2006, Gray proposed an ordinance to charge home owners a fee to have their satellite dish visible in the front of their house in the historic district of Lancaster, arguing it took away from the value of the district’s historic look.” Source: wikipedia. Ha! Takes away from the city’s historic look, eh? Somali’s won’t? Syrians won’t? What a piece of work the mayor is. They’ve all been co-opted. Spineless people.

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  4. That dear sweet pretty face covers the soul and predatory mind of a SLAVER.
    Call the “refugee contractors” what they are HUMAN TRAFFIKERS …… SLAVE TRADERS. They are proffiteering off Human misery with absolutely no concern or consideration of the Citizens who have to live with them. They are not inserting these Invaders into the country with their money or out of charity. They also are not living with those they force on you, THEY make sure none of them get into the gated communities. They are getting YOUR money for Bringing in Invaders is how these Human Traffikers MAKE MONEY. They are not “humanitarians” or “charitable” they profit off misery like VAMPIRES.

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  5. Like many of a religious persuasion the Amish are allowing their hearts to speak quicker than their brains. Given Muslims’ hatred of any religion other than their own, it’s only a matter of time before we read about how the Amish are being relegated to ‘dhimmi’ status within their own community.

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  6. Ann: So sad to read this as I spent many vacations in the Lancaster area just because of the Amish life style and old world way of life.I have not been there for a few years but now concerned about what to expect if I return?John Larsen


  7. Here’s an interesting Factoid Stephanie Gromek, age 36 is registered as a Democrat (on line search)…and a brief search found this excerpt : ……..while Lancaster awarded incumbent Democratic Mayor Rick Gray a third term. Coincidence that both of these individuals are registered Democrats!!
    Thank you Ann…otherwise we would not know about this invasion of questionable refugees who come here with no job skills or means of support…just with their hand out with the intention of NEVER assimilating. They will destroy the American culture. I hope Trump acts on his promise to house/help these refugees close to their own country…not the USA. But I don’t think the refugees want that…they want FREE housing, education and medical care for the rest of their lives. They are presently treated better than our own American citizens in need of services.

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  8. Thanks, super post I will share on Facebook and in weekly blog!

    From: Refugee Resettlement Watch <> Reply-To: Refugee Resettlement Watch <> Date: Sunday, October 15, 2017 at 9:30 AM To: Microsoft Office User <> Subject: [New post] Lancaster, PA where we are told that the Amish welcome one and all

    Ann Corcoran posted: “We are told that by the big German publication, Deutsche Welle which claims Lancaster is “dubbed America’s refugee capital.” It is probably written to make Germans concerned about the migrant invasion of their homeland feel bad by encouraging them to thi”

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