Brigitte Gabriel: Refugee resettlement is driven by the desire for cheap immigrant labor/subsidies

Brigitte Gabriel microphone

Of course I couldn’t agree more.  It is not the only factor, but it is the primary reason that most Republican leaders never push for trashing or reforming the Refugee Act of 1980.

(After all, Congressional leaders are playing baseball with Tyson Foods lobbyists and you, the taxpayer, are not invited!)

The US Refugee Admissions Program is NOT first and foremost about ‘humanitarianism,’ it is a business!

(It is a business! Just ask the Lutheran contractor in New England, here.)

Okay, this is one of those things I’ve written about until I want to barf (right Mr. Nixon!).

I’m just going to let you read what ACT for America leader Gabriel said at the Value Voters Summit in Washington this past week.  See here at CNS News:

ACT for America President Brigitte Gabriel said certain U.S. industries seek to hire refugees instead of regular U.S. workers because a refugee’s salary is often subsidized through the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), which means “the regular American goes to the back” of the employment line while refugees are imported and hired, many of whom “do not share our values” and sometimes work “against our own country.”

“Refugee resettlement is not about humanitarianism,” said Gabriel during her speech at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 13. “It is about supplying cheap labor – industries looking to boost their bottom line is what drives most refugee resettlement in the United States today.”

More here.

And, it isn’t just the refugees, but many immigrant groups that supply labor which allows these large global industries to pay cheaper wages.

However, there is a big difference between refugee cheap labor and other immigrant cheap labor!

One big difference with the refugee program is that the refugees have taxpayer- funded head hunters masquerading as ‘religious charities’ (aka VOLAGS, aka contractors***) helping corporations find the workers and get them signed up for welfare which becomes the avenue for those special employer tax credits Gabriel mentions.

(Remember BIG MEAT wailing here back in February when Trump first dropped the refugee ceiling to 50,000! They weren’t wailing for the love of those poor souls living in 3rd world hell holes.)

Refugee workers and giant corporations have their own federally-funded employment services! 

Right now for each refugee admitted to the US they come with a $2,125 per head federal payment to a contractor.

The contractor is required to spend $1,125 on the refugee and pockets $1,000 to run its own office. So you could look at this as another taxpayer subsidy to say Tyson Foods or Marriott Hotels!

What a business model!

Workers are found by the UN, you pay the UN

You pay to have them screened/processed in to the US

Contractors get them settled in towns where global corporations (and other companies) need labor

You pay as contractors get the family settled, and find them a job

Wages inadequate so welfare is supplied (you pay for housing subsidies/school/medical/police etc)

Employer gets federal tax incentives to employ people on welfare….

And, the next year a fresh batch of refugee workers (who can’t go home) arrive in American towns!

What a racket!

*** These are the nine major contractors (LOL! I’m going to tell you this over and over and over again).  There will be no reform of how the US admits and settles refugees as long as these nine are paid for their ‘charitable’ work.  And, on top of it, act as Leftwing community organizers and political activists.


5 thoughts on “Brigitte Gabriel: Refugee resettlement is driven by the desire for cheap immigrant labor/subsidies

  1. I’m not sure that is the main motivation, or just a means to an end. With hordes of refugee invaders coming upon our shores, what bothers me is their ability to vote in 5 years.This is changing our demographics into a one-party country. The “cheap labor” narrative invites many corporations to the bargaining table. Not in front of cameras to be sure, but throwing their g big lobbyist money behind the movement. “One hand washes the other’, at the very least.


    1. Yes, of course the left wants more Democrat voters, but the troubling thing is that the Republicans/Chamber/global corporations want the cheap labor so we get it from both sides!


  2. The people who employ them also tend to be multinational corporations, so much of the actual wealth generated from the labor often doesn’t help our economy as much as we are led to believe. I wonder how many generations would have to pay into the system just to offset the costs of flying them over here and putting them up? this is just a mind-boggling waste of money that cannot be rationally justified.


  3. “Cheap labor” my foot! How many of these rabid refugees work – less than 40%. And how do the rest live? On welfare. The workers barely make enough to survive, themselves. The rest just suck our wallets dry. So the “cheap labor” excuse is pure, unadulterated crap.
    The REAL reason for bringing them here is to pad their own pockets – Americans be damned – and bring terrorism to our doorsteps.


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