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St. Cloud controversy over refugees draws CAIR’s attention; CAIR draws media attention

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 19, 2017

And, of course, as I look around this morning I see that CAIR’s arrival on the scene draws the national media!  A local Fox affiliate is reporting on the controversy surrounding one city councilman’s proposed moratorium on refugee resettlement and even the Washington Post is now reporting.   I expect to see the spinners and liars from the New York Times arriving soon!  LOL! the new ambulance chasing—CAIR chasing!

It looks like the showdown will be Monday, October 23rd when Councilman Jeff Johnson will propose that the mayor and council ask the federal government and its agent in Minnesota—Lutheran Social Services of MN—to give them a break until more is known about the economic impact of resettlement on the city and until there can be some assurances that the process going forward is transparent. Federal law does give a role to local governments to weigh in with their suggestions.

If this is the first time you are learning about the latest uprising in St. Cloud, see my posts here, here and here recently.

The moral of this story is if you can draw out CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) you can get some national attention for your efforts! 

As I said in my previous post, CAIR must fight to keep Muslim refugees coming in to the US in order to continue to build their political power base.  It is that simple!

Here is CAIR!

Screenshot (995)


How did St. Cloud get here?

Rather than go back over the resolution and what it could possibly do (or what might happen on Monday night at city hall), I think my best contribution to this story is to supply readers with background on how a small Minnesota city became ground zero for a battle, the results of which, will in fact help determine the future of literally every town and city in America in the decades ahead.

It’s the Lutherans in the case of St. Cloud.

We know that Somali refugees have been placed in Minnesota by the US State Department since the late 1980’s.  By the early 1990’s the flood gates were opening as three major federal contractors: Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services of MN (whose ‘mothership’ is Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service where, by the way, rumor has it that some scandal is brewing), and World Relief saw Minnesota’s generous welfare as a real plus for the destitute Somalis. See my 2011 post here.

Not only was the generous welfare a draw, but big companies needed cheap labor (a window company in Owatona for example, or meat packing plants all over the state, including in St. Cloud!).

LSS as employment agency?

jodi harpstead

CEO Harpstead pulls down a salary and benefits package of over $300,000 annually to head the $91 million a year operation

Initially there was no direct resettlement of refugees in St. Cloud, that didn’t come until 2011. But, the so-called secondary migrants were moving to the city helped by an EMPLOYMENT OFFICE run by none other than Lutheran Social Services of MN.  WTH!

Why was a non-profit ‘religious’ charity running an employment office to benefit large corporations?  Was someone paying them to find refugee laborers for St. Cloud area businesses?  Who? Taxpayers?

Here is an August 2010 story from Minnesota Public Radio announcing that in the coming year LSS of MN would be bringing 300 refugees directly to St. Cloud over the next 3 years.

But, we learn that since 2002 (right after 9/11), LSS was running an “employment office” there:

Kim Dettmer, Director of Refugee Services at Lutheran Social Services, said no one has an exact figure for the total number of refugees living in the St. Cloud area. Many community and nonprofit leaders estimate that the African population in St. Cloud is between 8,000 and 10,000–this figure includes people who came to the United States as refugees and who have since become naturalized citizen and no longer have refugee status. Lutheran Social Services learned that St. Cloud had a large and growing Somali population, so it opened an employment office in St. Cloud in 2002 to provide extra support.

Continue reading here.

One of those companies looking for cheap (Lutheran-supplied) labor was apparently Gold n’ Plump a St. Cloud-based chicken processing plant which found out that maybe cheap Somali Muslim labor isn’t cheap after all.  It had to pay out an undisclosed cash settlement to Somali workers in a legal dispute discussed here in the Star Tribune.

In a landmark settlement that could change the way Muslims are treated in the workplace, St. Cloud-based Gold’n Plump Inc. has agreed to allow Somali workers short prayer breaks and the right to refuse handling pork at its poultry processing facilities.

The federally mediated agreement is among the first in the nation that requires employers to accommodate the Islamic prayer schedule and the belief, held by many strict Muslims, that the Qur’an prohibits the touching and eating of pork products.

Community organizers form Red-Green axis:

One of those involved in the settlement was community activist Mahmoud Mohamed. I told you about him and his ‘ethnic community based organization’ here in early 2010 and here again in December of that year where he claims to be part of the “we” who brought the first refugees directly from camps to St. Cloud.  I don’t know if he is still active, or if SASSO is still calling shots in St. Cloud.  And I don’t know if Mohamed is still working with the hard Left community organizer Luke Tripp. Someone needs to do a little research.

The controversy surrounding the resolution vote on Monday (and hopefully there will be a vote so that citizens there can see exactly how each council person votes) did not happen in a vacuum or come out of the blue.  In addition to those events I just mentioned, a lot has gone down in St. Cloud over the years, including but not limited to:

A controversy about Somalis harassing an assistance dog, here. (my first introduction to St. Cloud)

Controversies in the high school, one of many posts here.

A huge zoning battle over the construction of a mosque in the middle of a neighborhood, here.

The knife attack by a Somali at the local mall, here.

Somali teen murders African American, here.

Muslim arrested for mosque vandalism blamed on citizens (Islamophobes!) originally, here.

Local paper did not like me visiting St. Cloud, here.

Go here for many more stories in my archive about St. Cloud.

Update! How could I forget this! MN Governor Dayton said in St. Cloud 2015: anyone who doesn’t like immigrants can get out of Minnesota, here.

Bottomline, Lutheran Social Services of MN is responsible for the exploding Somali population in St. Cloud and the chaos and controversy that has followed.

Not in my name!

What you can do: If you are of the Lutheran denomination, you need to let your ministers know exactly how you feel about changing America by changing the people in the name of your faith group (and for Caesar’s money)!

9 Responses to “St. Cloud controversy over refugees draws CAIR’s attention; CAIR draws media attention”

  1. Miss Marple said

    An example of how fighting city hall sometimes do work. Here in car dependent Los Angeles the residents of Playa del Rey won. This case has nothing to do with diversity, although L.A. is one of the most diverse cities on the mainland, it has to do with roads. The brains at Los Angeles city hall decided to reduce car lanes here and make the area more bike friendly. As spread out as Los Angeles is, most people can’t get to work and other daily functions by bike. And what about the elderly? Bike to doctor appointments? Not to mention soccer moms.

    City hall decided this spring to start an experiment, cleverly called Road Diet, with Playa del Rey where thousands from affluent cities to the south drive through daily to get to points north. The experiment was a disaster. Lines were miles long over the summer and trips that used to take twenty minutes would take up to an hour or more. Drivers could no longer make quick stops along the way and businesses lost countless thousands of dollars.

    People down here decided to do something about it, even to recall the local councilman Bonin who was renamed Bonehead. The situation was made very public with local radio stations reporting here from ground zero. The initial good thing is that UN Agenda 21 (now called 2030 Agenda) was exposed as being the instigator of these plans for a pack and stack utopia. Most had never heard of Agenda 21. The mayor, councilmen and the rest are just useful tools for the higher ups. Very well paid tools.

    To make a long story short, the boneheads at city hall decided on a partial reversal of the lanes back to where they were. It did not help much and a couple of days ago it was announced that all lanes will be restored to the way they used to be. The cost of this boondoggle to taxpayers has not been announced yet, if ever. The original excuse for taking lanes away was pedestrian fatalities. There had been two such fatalities over many years in this area and they occurred in the darkness of night.

    The moral of the story is that when city hall works against taxpaying residents, no matter what the situation is, hauling these so-called officials down to earth is a rewarding experience.


  2. Where are the adults serving on the St Cloud MN City council, and some semblance of simple common sense, aside from some demonstrated by Councilman Jeff Johnson?

    The citizenry around Minnesota, including residents of St Cloud are asking for an “impact study” to be completed prior to bringing more so-called “refugees” on board the good ship St Cloud, Minnesota. Sounds reasonable to me. It should be a multifaceted “impact study” to be certain.

    ALL of my grandparents came here from other countries through Ellis Island NYC in the early 20th century. And I am very “ethnic” also. The difference? They immediately began the process of assimilation, learned English, dressed like others around them, and then began the process of doing very hard work in order to carve out a future, and DID NOT DRAIN THE COFFERS OF OTHER AMERICAN TAXPAYERS, per any free-for-all welfare giveaway programs.

    They did not engage in polygamy, polyandry (thank you for that “cultural” lesson MN State Rep. Ms. Ilhan Omar), immigration fraud (She apparently either married her brother, or pretended that he was her husband, in order to bring him to our country ILLEGALLY, female genital mutilation, intentional harassment, intimidation, and threatening “kidnap and rape” of American female citizens (See June 2016 attacks, 3 days in a row of Lake Calhoun MN women in Minneapolis). Additionally, my grandparents did not attempt to force other Americans to accept the “cultural” sharia-style, anti-American (See: Uniformed, “Sharia police” roam the Cedar-Riverside area of Minneapolis), and that cultural aberration and party favor forced upon all of us from the homelands from which they came. I also understand that prayer in St Cloud “PUBLIC SCHOOLS” is allowed for special “cultures”.

    My grandparents did not settle their differences with other Americans by engaging in violence, so-called religiously motivated and justified knife attacks, blowing things up, or running people down with vehicles either (see FBI Minneapolis NOW seeking “8 armed and dangerous Somali men”) & (tracking and investigating 2 Radical Islamic brothers (not Somali) caught in N. Minneapolis in May 2017, with bomb making materials, AK47, multiple handguns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and drone parts, a hand grenade, and who came here all the way from Texas to Minneapolis – and to do what?).

    My grandparents came here to become Americans!..and NOT to destroy America or our way of life, at the point of a gun, or to threaten violence at every turn if Americans refuse to submit, and then cry foul (Islamophobic – xenophobic – racist – bigot – and other anti-immigrant slurs) every time anyone sane offers up a reasonable objection to all this nonsense!

    To the St Cloud City Council: Enough already with any acceptance of the CAIR party line nonsense toolkit, laced with accusations of xenophobia, racism, Islamophobia, etc. etc. And, as a part of your expected “impact study” please explain to your indigenous St Cloud constituency, just how that “background check” works exactly relating to the members of your newly formed “Somali American Men’s Gun Club”, for a firearm “conceal and carry permit” there. What “background check is possible for a group of people with January 1st as a common birth date, and those who were imported in to our “community” very recently. I would relish an unedited PUBLIC debate, and public conversation about all this and more with the head of CAIR Minnesota. Neither he nor MN congressman Keith Ellison would show up for that one.

    Then there is the cover up of the communicable disease(s) being imported to our fair State of Minnesota, without proper oversight, without proper screening, and with little to no proper vetting (See 80% of the nation’s outbreak of measles is here in Minnesota). Then there is HIV Aids, cholera, Active Tuberculosis, and the additional 17 diseases identified arriving here daily. (The Illegal alien community harbored in the “sanctuary state” of Minnesota only serves to compound this problem).

    And yes, 40 year old Justine Damond, having been shot to death a few months ago by MPD rookie police officer Mohammad Noir, the politically correct appointment by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and company, after her calling 911 for assistance in an affluent Minneapolis neighborhood, begs the obvious question relating to public safety concerns, now more than ever. What public safety?

    Oh, and by the way St Cloud City Council members, can you see your political dissipation light is going out very soon, as the demographic power structure of your “community” is overwhelmed by way of the next wave of secondary migration from other US “communities”, and from other states into your “community”. Can you say Dearborn Michigan now? Many more “refugees” coming from states, which are beginning to see the economic and cultural handwriting on the wall, and cutting off the welfare gravy train.

    Being welcoming is one thing. Acting like fools, and carelessly endangering the lives and future of my children and grandchildren, and St Cloud residents is an entirely different kind of stupid. It is dangerous, and it is completely irresponsible, and unacceptable! Want to see your political future, and the future of St Cloud? Look at present day Dearborn, Michigan..

    As opposed to many of you, I have actually visited and have seen the “No Go Zone” in Paris, France personally good friends and neighbors. The Parisian police do not GO there, and for darn good reasons folks. And, it all begins the very same way. …Paris, London, Brussels, Stockholm, Rome, Barcelona, portions of Minneapolis now…and many more.

    Lastly, please show me anywhere on the planet where this social experiment has worked, when people and such a “culture” as described accurately above has worked, or where this has not ended badly. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Anywhere?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Corcoran said

      Excellent! Thank you Bob!


    • Bob I certainly hope you are leading the investigation into this impact study and are vocal with your elected officials on a weekly basis about your concerns. Otherwise nothing will get done. Call attention to this travesty that is ruining your state and city.


    • Miss Marple said

      Thank you Mr. Carrillo. This is beyond excellent. And no, these kinds of orchestrated social experiments never have a happy ending. Can’t think of one. In Sweden a muslim and his three wives were just given accommodations in three apartments bought by the council for almost 2 million US dollars. The wives can’t live together by islamic rule. The Swedish till is racing to the bottom and then what will the outnumbered native Swedes do? Nothing, it’s too late.

      The good, old days of Lake Wobegon seem so long ago. From the sometimes truthful Wikipedia:

      Keillor relates that people would often ask him if it were a real town, and his answer that it was fiction seemed to disappoint them, because “people want stories to be true.” So he began to say that it was located in “central Minnesota, near Stearns County, up around Holdingford, not far from St. Rosa and Albany and Freeport, northwest of St. Cloud,” Which he says is “sort of the truth, I guess.”[3]


  3. paleodrone said

    I know a lot of these Luthereans, they voted for hildabeast and are pro refugee, but when my mom took a wrong exit off the freeway, those ladies were in terror about being in the “Somali” area. Ugh!


  4. Martin Luther would be so -ISSED OFF. He would tear down the “church” These idiots need therapy,…..
    “If Heaven has a gate, a wall, and extreme vetting, why can’t America?”
    Immigration without Assimilation is Invasion

    Hawaiian judge demands mudslums come in …. BUT in all these decades Hawaii has taken FOUR …. ship ALL Invaders, I mean immigrants, to Hawaii ….. Hawaii demands they come in, but Hawaii has taken just FOUR of them ….. imagine that “tropical paradise” with 45,000+ muslums on their tax dole and attacking vacationers on the beach for wearing bikinis


  5. susanne olson said

    well, maybe Breitbart can pick this up and get some needed headlines on these phoney charities.

    On Thu, Oct 19, 2017 at 6:10 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “And, of course, as I look around this morning I see > that CAIR’s arrival on the scene draws the national media! A local Fox > affiliate is reporting on the controversy surrounding one city councilman’s > proposed moratorium on refugee resettlement and even th” >


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