Most Aussies want immigration curtailed, 48% want Muslim ban

More than half surveyed said Australia felt like a foreign country!

And, the upshot of this news story is a warning that if the nationalists can mount a  countrywide political campaign they could become the power in Australia.

Rejecting the usual excuse that migrants stimulate economic growth, economics are not a major concern—loss of culture and quality of life is driving the worry.  (Hint! Although it isn’t politically correct, don’t be afraid to bring up those concerns!)

From Perth Now:

THREE quarters of Australians believe the country doesn’t need any more people and nearly half support a partial ban on Muslim immigrants.

Nauru refugees
For those of you wondering, there is no fresh news about the possibly 1,250 Australian rejected asylum seekers coming to America after the first 50 or so we reported here last month:

An Australian Population Research Institute survey of more than 2000 people also found 54 per cent want a reduction in the annual migrant intake.

The independent organisation believes the results are driven by quality of life concerns and rapid changes in Australia’s ethnic and religious make-up.

“Australian voters’ concern about immigration levels and ethnic diversity does not derive from economic adversity,” academics Katharine Betts and Bob Birrell wrote in a report based on the survey.

“Rather, it stems from the increasingly obvious impact of population growth on their quality of life and the rapid change in Australia’s ethnic and religious make-up.”


… 74 per cent of those surveyed believe Australia is “already full”, with most pointing to roads congestion, hospitals capacity, affordable housing and fewer jobs as evidence.

Some 54 per cent want Australia to cut its annual immigrant intake of about 190,000 people and 48 per cent backed a partial ban on Muslim immigration.


The strongest support for the partial ban came from One Nation voters (89 per cent), with more than 50 per cent of Liberal voters agreeing and just over a third of Labor supporters.

“The willingness to take a tough, discriminating stance on Muslim immigration is not limited to a small minority, but extends to almost half of all voters,” the report said.

More than half of those surveyed feared Australia risked losing its culture and identity, with a similar number saying it had changed beyond recognition and sometimes “felt like a foreign country”.

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3 thoughts on “Most Aussies want immigration curtailed, 48% want Muslim ban

  1. I heard on BBC World Radio last night that Australian govnmnt is moving migrants out of one of island centers into housing in nearby town. A Kurdish man was interviewed and he said that he and fellow migrants don’t want this because they have been attacked by town people before ,even though center is prison,it’s safer than town for them to live in.BBC reporter asked him where he wanted to go and he answered New Zealand.NZ has agreed to take migrants but Australians refuse to send them there. Maybe there is concern that migrants will come to Australia with hopes of ending up in NZ? Like they go to Lapedusa and Lesbos with plan to file processing claim and being granted a pass to Germany or Sweden?


  2. The rump of the illegals housed on Manus Island are facing de-housing this week but are preparing for a fight with the local authorities. As the PNG government has flown in the infamous Border Protection Unit to enforce the evacuation, it’s likely to be a bloody confrontation –

    And yes, most Aussies are becoming very militant about the kind of migrants we’re allowing in. For too long we’ve been piling them in regardless of their abilities or willingness to assimilate and forge a decent living for themselves. Too often they’re forming ghettoes and turning to crime to supplement their welfare benefits which are already very generous by world standards.

    We’re hoping that the next general election addresses our concerns instead of just blowng smoke up our nostrils.


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