Former refugee contractor CEO: America needs refugees to teach us how to love one another

Stephen Bauman, a former CEO of World Relief, one of nine federal resettlement contractors*** (paid by the head to place refugees in towns that are kept in the dark about the resettlement process) was speaking to an interfaith gathering in North Carolina recently when he said some annoying things.

Bauman justice conf
We love refugees, but regular ol’ Americans obviously not so much!

The one that really got me is the one about needing refugees to teach us how to love. 

What the heck, what’s wrong with loving the neighbors in your own town, the low income Americans of all colors who are suffering.  In fact the first question I get when someone first learns about refugee resettlement is:

We have our own poor people why aren’t we taking care of them first?

Here is the story from Baptist News Global:

America needs refugees as much as refugees need places like America, says Stephan Bauman, former president and CEO of World Relief, which has helped to resettle thousands of desperate wanderers.

Bauman addressed refugees and volunteers who have helped to make them at home during a “refugee welcome” event attended by more than 350 at Knollwood Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, N.C., Oct. 21. [Can we conclude that Winston-Salem has no American poor people remaining, that these good Baptists have taken care of them all?—ed]

In the past two years, Knollwood has helped to settle four refugee families — three of them in partnership with Temple Emanuel, a Jewish community in the city. Their resettled families have been Muslim.


Baptist minister Lipsett

While other such relationship building events are not unique, organizer Diane Lipsett said this event paid special attention to why helping refugees “matters to our faith.” She led panel discussions with volunteers from three faiths, and had the entire discussion translated into both Arabic and Swahili so refugees primarily from Syria and the Congo would be fully integrated.

Bauman, who this year became executive director of Cornerstone Trust, a grant management firm in Grand Rapids, Mich., said America needs refugees “so we can love one another, because we don’t naturally love each other.” The common task of service for others induces us to drop our regard for differences.

Resettling refugees, sometimes those from countries not friendly to the United States, shows us “how to love our enemies,” Bauman said. 


For Bob Schwartz, it is the Jewish tradition of “Tikkun olam,” the mandate to repair the world, “to make the world a better place.”

What! It isn’t sufficient to love those around you and repair your own neighborhood?  And, why isn’t Bauman still heading World Relief  (National Association of Evangelicals) if resettling refugees is such a wonderful thing?

Continue reading here.  This article is better than a cup of coffee to wake you up!

Feel the love!

All this phony-baloney love-talk reminds me how much Bauman and World Relief don’t love you—people who ask questions and want to know how the refugee program is working in your home towns (what it costs and the potential cultural/social upheaval that could follow)!

In 2015 I traveled to Minnesota and was interviewed on a local radio station.  (BTW, World Relief was one of three federal contractors originally responsible for the placement of  Somali refugees in the state).

I told listeners that they needed to get a copy of the R & P (Reception & Placement) Abstract, that is the plan each contractor operating in a city prepares for the federal government.  It tells how many refugees the contractor wants to bring and what amenities your town/city has to offer the refugees. (See the recent one from St. Cloud here).

Not only should this document be available to you after it is prepared, but frankly taxpaying citizens should see it and be able to comment on its drafting.  For most areas of the country this document is still SECRET! (Feel the love!)

And, shame on any mayor and council that is not even aware there is such a planning document!

So if Bauman loved YOU, why would he have been running such a secretive program?

Or, is his love limited to only those who agree with him politically (and for the “strangers” he places in your towns)?

See below in this internal memo sent from World Relief headquarters (while Bauman was still CEO) to their subcontractors (they call them affiliates) around the country and shared with me.

Feel the love!

(I’ve removed the names of recipients and highlighted the portions of most interest to me.)

Screenshot (1030)
Stand for the foreign-born vulnerable should be their motto!

From: Casey Leyva
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2015 5:07 PM
Subject: Potential Anti-Refugee Contacts

Dear Office Directors,

We’ve heard recently from other members of RCUSA (Refugee Council USA) that local affiliates have been contacted by individuals questioning the U.S. refugee program. This is a result of an interview Ann Corcoran, a blogger who runs Refugee Resettlement Watch, with a local news station in Minnesota. She has told her followers to to ask you for your R&P abstract – please do not send it. And please let us know if you are contacted.

Finally, please don’t go searching for this woman’s blog. I give you her information so you know if and when someone calls that this is the same topic. Here are Scott’s tips on interacting with these types of blogs:

Here is an important remember of how blog analytics work. Remember that what feeds the beast essentially are clicks. Ever hear the term “click-bait”? Seeing something in your Facebook feed that says “Velociraptor eats Skittles and your mind will be blown at what happens next!”, would be a dramatized example of that. In other words, while we all don’t really like anything this blogger has to say, every time we share the link, she gets a click. Bloggers have some very useful tools. They are able to tell when people read articles, what they are interested in, and what they search for on the blog. The more times this article is shared, the more the blogger will think they are onto something here and post more about it. Just as a news organization may hammer on a specific story, not because it is a great story, but because it builds up ratings and viewership. What can be done about this?

The best thing I recommend is if a blog such as this is posted by ForRefugees (Chris C.) or Refugee Resettlement Watch (Ann C.) and we believe it is worth sharing for FYI, that the person who locates it simply copy and paste the text from the blog into the e-mail. This will ensure that the clicks are limited. It will get 1 or 2 clicks from WR, versus 20 clicks. Those add up.

Casey Leyva
R&P Program Manager

7 E. Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
T 443.451.1916

Fascinating isn’t it how hard they tried to keep my posts from being widely read. And, I love it that they didn’t want any conflicting information reaching the sensitive ears of their staffers.

The Refugee Council USA mentioned in the first paragraph is the lobbying arm of the refugee industry and we have mentioned them many times here.  Most recently they (including World Relief) were involved in joining CAIR to march at the #NoMuslimBanEver rally against the President here.

***These are the nine federal refugee contractors that are responsible for placing all refugees in your towns.  These nine get the refugee cases from the US State Department and distribute them to over 300 subcontractors operating in your towns.  They all keep the R & P Abstracts under wraps because they don’t want you to know their plans.

22 thoughts on “Former refugee contractor CEO: America needs refugees to teach us how to love one another

  1. I wish there was an easy way to find out how much people like Stephen Bauman made as CEO of these agencies.
    The states should be filing class action suits against these so called “charities”.


    1. CEO compensation for most VOLAGs can be found in their IRS Form 990 tax returns.

      You can always look up the organization here:

      CEO compensation is in Part VII, Section A, which is on page 7 of the Form 990.

      Church World Service: EIN 13-4080201. Their Website ( says, “The CWS 990 is available through the Guidestar website [] and upon request.” You have to register (for free) at Guidestar to see the 990s. Their 990s can also be found (without registering) on the site at In FY 2016, CEO REV JOHN L MCCULLOUGH was compensated $333,626.

      Episcopal Migration Ministries (more correctly, Domestic And Foreign Missionary Society Of The Protestant Episcopal Church In The USA , or DFMS): There are no Form 990s, because this is a CHURCH and churches are 501(c)(3)s but are exempt from filing any kind of tax returns. (“Separation of church and state,” you know.) But it does have a Dunn & Bradstreet business ID (DUNS) so that it can do business with the US Government: 071036669

      Ethiopian Community Development Council: EIN 52-1308986. Their 990s can also be found (without registering) on the site at In FY 2016, President TSEHAYE TEFERRA was compensated $325,291.

      HIAS (formerly Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society): EIN 13-5633307. Their 990s are available on their Website at In 2016, CEO Mark Hetfield was compensated $343,630.

      International Rescue Committee: EIN 13-5660870. Their 990s are available on their Website at In FY 2015, CEO David Miliband was compensated $671,749.

      Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service: EIN 13-2574854. Their 990s are available on their Website at In 2016, CEO Linda Hartke was compensated $327,876.

      U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI): EIN 13-1878704. Their 990s are generally available on their Webstite at , but they seem to be late in posting their latest filings. Might be better to consult the site at In FY 2015, CEO Lavinia Limon was compensated $302,519.

      United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB): EIN 53-0196617. IRS Group # 0928. This one is complicated. USCCB is definitely a distinct 501(c)(3) “public charity” (recognized by the IRS since 1946) and not just a “ministry” within the Catholic Church, but it is really just the “parent” to a vast “group” of subordinate non-profit, 501(c)(3) public charities, the identities of which the USCCB maintains in its proprietary Official Catholic Directory of XXXX (XXXX is 2017 for the latest edition) and which the IRS automatically recognizes as tax-exempt by virtue of their being listed in the Official Catholic Directory. Each subordinate organization has its own EIN and must file its own Form 990s. In any case, USCCB itself, as the parent of the group, apparently does not take in sufficient revenue to require them to file Form 990s. See this page on the USCCB Website for more info:

      World Relief: EIN 23-6393344. Their 990s can be found on their own Website: n FY 2016, CEO Stephan Bauman was compensated $132,740. In FY 2015, he got $204,173.


      1. I need to amend the paragraph above about the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). It and all of its current and future “subordinate” organizations (as long as they are or are slated to be listed in the latest Official Catholic Directory) are indeed considered internal to the CHURCH. This can be inferred from the following paragraph from the “IRS Determination Letter” ( posted on the USCCB Website here: The key is Code section 170(b)(1)(A)(i), which can be read here: and which signals that the USCCB and all of its “subordinate” 501(c)(3)s are “a church or a convention or association of churches.” Also the “IRS Determination Letter” makes no mention of any requirement to file a tax return, as such letters normally do for 501(c)(3)s that do have to file. Bottom line: No tax returns (990) need be filed by USCCB or any Catholic group listed in the Official Catholic Directory. Ever.

        Extract from from the “IRS Determination Letter” (

        “Our records indicate that you were issued a determination letter in March 1948, that you are currently exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and are not a private foundation within the meaning of section 509(a) of the Code because you are described in sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(i).”


  2. Oh, yah. Eight dead on Halloween in NY City truck attack by an Uzbekistan muslim. They “love” to terrorize and kill us. Thomas Jefferson banned muslims from this country. It’s time to revive that policy, permanently!!

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    1. “Refugee”? as in “fearful people permanently fleeing from tyranny – imminent danger – and seeking asylum, and “refuge”? I don’t think so…

      Just another demonstration of the “love” and “peace” from the so-called “religion of peace”… If this is the “love” being referenced, I would not like to see their demonstration of “hate”.. Thank you Senator Schumer for your legislation, and the “diversity visa” Bill… In my view, Schumer is indirectly responsible for all those who were run down and killed (murdered), or injured in his own city – NYC.. Way to go Chucky!

      Thank you Ann.. Truly!


  3. Former refugee contractor CEO Stephen Bauman: America needs refugees to teach us how to love one another.

    Like dodging trucks together?

    “America needs refugees as much as refugees need places like America, says Stephan Bauman, former president and CEO of World Relief, which has helped to resettle thousands of desperate wanderers.”

    “Desperate wanderers,” oh that’s rich. So desperate they can afford to wander from the Congo to Idaho and get set up with a dozen governmental programs–plus free translators!

    It is only about a 265-mile round-trip between my home and San Francisco, and when I need to travel there, to see my doctors, it is always a significant economic hit. But then I’m disadvantaged by merely being an American citizen.

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  4. Love?

    My heart breaks for those families, and all the people in NYC this evening; especially after my last post before all this happened today.. Please, for God’s sake, wake up! Your children and grandchildren (and mine also) are in the line of fire here..


  5. Regarding how to read R & P abstracts that we may be able to get from VOLAGs or their “affiliates” (i.e., subcontractors) or state coordinators, the State Department’s annotated template Sample Affiliate/Sub-office Abstract and Sample URM (unaccompanied refugee minors) Affiliate/Sub-Office Abstract documents, which include some instructions explaining the various fill-in field, are provided as “related documents” with the annual Reception and Placement Program grant opportunity announcement on For example, the FY 2018 announcement is here here: Click on the RELATED DOCUMENTS tab to find the links for the R & P abstract templates.

    Each year’s Reception and Placement Program grant opportunity is also announced on the State Department’s own Website as a Notice of Funding Opportunity. The FY 2018 Notice is here:

    Possibly because the annotated Abstract templates provided at are not sufficient to understanding how to complete a proper Abstract, the State’s announcement also provides further explanatory instructions in Appendix B (for the Affiliate/Sub-office Abstract) and Appendix C (for the URM Affiliate/Sub-Office Abstract of the Notice. Go to and scroll down to the bottom to find Appendix B and Appendix C.

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    1. Thank you so much for that information. After I write about our latest Uzbek terrorist, I’ll have a look at those links!


  6. I am very sorry that his parents didn’t teach him love, but that is on them, and maybe it is not too late. If not, go to therapy. Join another snowflake group. Scream on whatever day the other snowflakes plan to scream.

    Me, I learned it from my parents, a long time ago. I don’t need to pay extra and frivolous taxes for any “lessons” from anyone. NO Thank You.


  7. Individuals like Casey Leyva should do the world a favor and just “click-off”. I can see how some Jewish folk can identify with (African/Muslim/Middle-Eastern) wanderers, due to the nomadic history of some Jewish tribes, but, merely being a wanderer does not a good candidate for American citizenship make. Leyva, Bauman and Baptist Lipsett should take their unresolved love for wandering refugees and convince Israel to become a sanctuary country.


  8. Bob Carrillo said

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 31, 2017 at 11:07 am
    Sorry.. Not feel’in the love much these days.

    It is one thing if I reach in to my own pocket (which I do regularly) and give to others, and support causes of my choosing. It is an entirely different matter when well paid charlatans (so-called non profit contractors) reach in to my pocket, while holding a government funded gun to my head as the ultimate persuasion (coercion) to do the same.. The first is charity. The second is tantamount to armed robbery, and theft.

    I am also not feeling the love, when in St Cloud Minnesota, the so-called “refugees” there, are now refusing to routinely allow proper and legally required Health Department inspections of their restaurants and food service delivery facilities – AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT EVERY DAY!

    That my friends is not “love” nor “assimilation” at all. It is intimidation, and it is dangerous. These places should have been shut down yesterday. However, it is my theory these days, that the “the public authority” is now intimidated, and even petrified relating to these people they have invited in to their community in such large numbers (25% to 30% of the St Cloud population now). Petrified of the reprisal, which is sure to follow. Just look at European cities and the UK today for all the proof that you need.

    What ever happened to the concept of “public health” safety measures, required by LAW, and “public safety”? The Hennepin County (Minneapolis area) Health Department has been caught hiding active Tuberculous in the St Louis Park Minnesota Public Schools recently..


    How about “public authority” stupidity, malfeasance, and criminal negligence – (and personal liability for abrogating their civic DUTY to protect the public they are obliged to serve, and to protect) at the hands of every member of the St Cloud, MN City Council, and the St Cloud, Minnesota Mayor! …PERSONALLY LIABLE!

    Minnesota has acquired the dubious distinction of having 80% of the US measles outbreak, and located all over Minnesota now. Why, and how come? Then there are the other 19 identified diseases (some quite lethal) imported in to the US on the backs of legal as well as illegal “immigrants” in the past few years alone. Some record of achievement!

    Nervous yet? I have children and grandchildren here. I am extremely nervous about all of this.. You should be too. Minnesota’s response, almost all politicians included? “Oh, just pass the bratwurst, the beer, and the hot-dish!” ..Let’s just have a useless meet and greet, as happened in Maple Lake, Minnesota last Saturday afternoon with US Congressman Tom Emmer (R), and it’ll be all OK!.. Smile for the selfie..

    How would you like to eat a sandwich (that bratwurst for example) just made by someone who routinely decides (or culturally accustomed) not to wash their hands, as they leave the men’s or women’s latrine?

    Love? Really?

    Welcome to third world Minnesota..

    …Pass the brats, would-ya? Ummmm.. Soooo Good..


  9. I might point out that WR’s Website admins also have those very same “very useful tools” that the “bloggers” do,and more, which means they can know when a visit to *their* Website is the result of a visitor clicking on a link on this (Ann’s) Website first. The difference is that WR’s Casey Leyva discourages her colleagues from considering opposing points of view, whereas Ann encourages her readers to learn everything they can about the Refugee Resettlement Industrial Complex before drawing their own conclusions and deciding whether to support it or challenge it intelligently and respectfully. I wonder how often appears as a referring site in WR’s Website admin logs and how Casey and her colleagues are advising WR leadership to exploit those clicks.


  10. I’m not a hacker, nor do I know anyone who could do something like this, but it would be GREAT if someone could hack into their systems, get all the email addresses, and start sending them posts just like this. Legal? No. Incredibly satisfying to contemplate? Yes. Oh yes.


  11. Ann, you scared them. How fitting on Halloween. Your work is really helping expose them! I don’t know who would want to be part of an organization that works so hard at keeping their numbers and data secret.


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