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Pew produces handy summary of where refugees have been placed since FY02

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 3, 2017

The Pew Research Center, which has the money and time, has put together a handy interactive map to show which ethnic groups were placed in which states since fiscal year 2002.

This is the 2017 map (FY17 ended on September 30th, 2017). Of course it can be deceptive because it doesn’t show the numbers.

Take Hawaii for instance that shows Burmese predominated in the refugee flow to that state, but it doesn’t tell you that the flow was probably a whole 3 Burmese refugees (maybe 5 or 6, I was too lazy to look up the number).


Screenshot (1042)

The nationalities change over the years as the US jumps to the United Nations’ tune and follows its dictates as to what groups to further diversify America with (that are in vogue at the moment). DR Congo is a hit-cause right now, but watch for movement to the Burmese Rohingya.  Iraqis had their hay-day.  Bhutan chic is fading, and Syrians are oh-so-yesterday. Somalis remain a reliably cool choice year after year.


In case you are wondering, Wyoming wisely stayed out of the whole mess over decades. However, a couple of years ago the Republican governor there proposed setting up a refugee office in the state with the help of the Lutheran contractor out of its Rocky Mountain office.  There was a robust citizens’ uprising that ended that idea for now.  (See my Wyoming archive.)

Author Jynnah Radford tells us this at the end (a refresher for new readers).

Generally, refugee populations are dispersed across the U.S. based on local community resources, efforts to reunite families and the ability of nonprofit organizations to resettle refugees. Nine voluntary agencies share the national resettlement workload and determine where refugees will settle. (These agencies maintain a nationwide network of 309 affiliated offices in 180 locations to provide services.)

In other words…

Local community resources” = welfare, good medical care including mental health care and available housing, etc.  And, LOL! global companies looking for cheap and compliant labor!

Efforts to reunite families” = once they have established a seed community of a particular ethnic group in your town or city, they will bring in the extended family and that is part of the trick on you! Population gets too large and you are labeled a hate monger and racist for denying ‘family’ reunification if you ask for a slowdown.

Ability of the nonprofit organizations to resettle refugees” = do the members of the big nine*** have a subcontractor group/other citizens’ group up and running.

“Nine share the workload” = those nine have a monopoly on the resettlement process, they bid for bodies (paying clients) among the incoming refugee cases.

(Nine) “determine where refugees will resettle” = you and your community have no say, they are deciding the future of your town in secretive weekly meetings in DC.

***These are the big nine quasi-government agencies, run by no one elected by you, that make the decisions about how to change your town by changing the people (with the help of the Podesta Group and the meatpackers!).



7 Responses to “Pew produces handy summary of where refugees have been placed since FY02”

  1. krew09 said

    There are only so many low skilled jobs Tyson can fill…BUT THE REFUGEES WILL CONTINUE TO FLOOD IN….MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE..WAVE AFTER WAVE AFTER WAVE, To a point that it is absurd to think it is about cheap labor…Cheap labor is merely an incidental result…it is NOT the reason they are brought in…A few measly votes years down the road is NOT the reason they are brought in..these are baseless claims. They are obvious effects of mass immigration…..Politicians don’t think that far in advance.they are worried about now..Americans, as it stands ,vote in pathetically small numbers…immigrants even smaller.
    There is a century old conflict going on…white people,in particular,white Christian Americans are the target..Go look at the reconstruction era states like Virginia and Georgia..white southerners were targets for eradication by order of the Jacobins..They were also known as the Radical Republicans. Their goal was to snuff out whites by putting blacks in power over them.
    Same people are behind the refugee destruction. In Arkansas white people will be asking themselves ” Why was I so short sighted when any fool could see what is coming down the pike.!!!?? “Why didn’t I do anything”? By then it is too late.!!!!!Too bad so sad….

    If you look at political contributions by Tyson..through TYPAC…they don’t give much of anything..a few thousand to lots of candidates…nothing but chicken feed..lolo a joke.chicken feed… Tyson has signed up with the “Diversity & Inclusion at Work” agenda. This means they will have no problems from the central bankers,no investigations of mistreatment of animals..Of course pay minimum wage to anyone who isn’t white…..Locals need to protest…if they don’t want to be displaced demographically. Of course wages would be higher,but any corporation who really wants to save isn’t going to pay the wages,they will simply offshore…At the end of the day…demographic destruction is the admitted name of the game.;


  2. tmasierrahills said

    “DR Congo is a hit-cause right now, but watch for movement to the Burmese Rohingya. Iraqis had their hay-day. Bhutan chic is fading, and Syrians are oh-so-yesterday. Somalis remain a reliably cool choice year after year.”

    Love this sparkling mockery, wish millions could read it.


  3. I suspect that the “Pillow” man has his plants staffed with refugees and is making a ton of money on these badly designed and undesirable pillows he is pushing off as special. I know he is in Minnesota or Michigan, is he involved? Because that makes me angry that he was sitting there as a legitimate business man next to Trump at the Independent business meeting.


  4. Jan Cotant said

    Ann, do the contractors get a per head fee on the extended family resettlement?. Chain migration. Thank you for all your work and information. Jan Cotant, Gaylord, Michigan.

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Ann Corcoran said

      Yes, I have been told they do. When refugees were arriving where I live, the contractor head honcho laughed and said to me “next year start bringing in the family.”


  5. glaivester said

    Question: Do refugees come out of our worldwide immigration limits or are they separate? That is, if we reduced refugees to zero, would that reduce immigration, or would that just open up more slots for family reunification immigrants?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Don’t know the answer. Keep in mind however that refugees are our most expensive immigrants as we fly them here and then they are eligible for welfare, a job counselor etc. upon arrival. Not so for other classes of immigrant.


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