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Australian Prime Minister turns down New Zealand offer to take some detainees. Why? Says they are going to the US!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 5, 2017

In my story on Friday about “globalist gladiator” Russell Crowe wanting to take a refugee or two home with him, I reported that New Zealand’s new Prime Minister says she would take 150 off their hands.  (The asylum seekers are staging a protest at the moment).

Turnbull and Ardern

Prime Minister Ardern says she would like some of those illegal alien men, but Turnbull has turned her down.  Got a deal with the Donald!

Now Malcolm Turnbull says thanks, but no thanks!  I’ve got my deal with Trump!

He said they might take up to 1,250 mostly Muslim men to Anytown, USA if they pass security screening.  Turnbull is probably thinking it will be harder for them to get back to Australia from America then from New Zealand once they are legalized.

From the Times of Malta:

Australia turned down on Sunday an offer to take 150 asylum seekers being held in an Australian-run detention centre in Papua New Guinea, where UN officials have warned a humanitarian emergency is unfolding.

About 600 men have barricaded themselves inside the camp on remote Manus island in Papua New Guinea, defying efforts by Australia and PNG to shut it. Food, running water and medical services were cut off by Australia five days ago.

Australian authorities want the men moved to a transit centre elsewhere on the island at the start of a process the asylum seekers fear will result in them being resettled in PNG or another developing nation. The men also fear violent reprisals from the local community.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Friday her country was willing to take 150 asylum seekers from among those held on Manus island and another camp on the tiny Pacific nation of Nauru.

Her Australian counterpart, Malcolm Turnbull, however said Canberra preferred to work through an existing refugee swap deal he negotiated with former US President Barack Obama last year. Under that deal, up to 1,250 asylum seekers could be sent to the United States and Australia will in turn accept refugees from Central America. [The US will take the Muslim men off our hands and we will get Christian families in exchange!–ed]

See my entire Australia “dumb deal” archive here.

For readers shouting that it was Obama’s deal. Yes, originally it was, but President Trump could have walked away from the truly unprecedented arrangement that Obama made as he walked out the door.

13 Responses to “Australian Prime Minister turns down New Zealand offer to take some detainees. Why? Says they are going to the US!”

  1. What you will have to do is keep emailing the White House asking Pres Trump to dump this poorly thought out deal that we the people do not want them here. I don’t know any other way to contact the President but sending in your emails might get someones attention.


  2. HAWAII —- send them all to Hawaii —– Hawaiian judge demands muslums come live in Your neighborhood …. BUT in all these decades Hawaii has taken FOUR, only 4 …. ship ALL Invaders, I mean immigrants, to Hawaii ….. Hawaii demands they come in, but Hawaii has taken just FOUR of them ….. imagine that “tropical paradise” with 45,000+ muslums on their tax dole and attacking vacationers on the beach for wearing bikinis


  3. Some of them are coming to Canada as well.

    There was a report on the CBC News yesterday interviewing a new arrival in Vancouver. The new arrival says he will be working to bring more of them to Canada.


  4. FatherJon said

    Yes, Turnbull thinks it’s better to get rid of 600 to the USA than just 150 to NZ. But there’s another reason we don’t want them to go to NZ. Because of the easy access between NZ and Australia people can move freely without visas. The thinking is that these illegals who hold the unmovable ambition of coming to Australia, might gain easy access to Australia through NZ, using that country as a stepping stone. These people are rat cunning, everything they do shows their twisted ingenuity, manipulating the media, the greenies and various gullible church groups. If there’s a trick in the book untestedm they’ll find it.


  5. surj1936 said

    Those refugees must be castrated before entering any Western world countries. Period.


  6. jodi.hoel said

    Ann, Why would President Trump take these Muslims in when they clearly pose a threat to our National security? Jodi Hoel  

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


    • Ann Corcoran said

      He decided to honor the Obama/Turnbull deal. Why is a great mystery.


      • pcockroft said

        Has he not repealed Obama’s illegal deals when he took office? This is just another one so he needs to,do the same here. Let Australia deal and absolutely refuse their entry here. He can say this deal is not a winner for any country. Where is the Art of The Deal in this?


        • FatherJon said

          PM Turnbull doesn’t want to jeopardise the supposed offer for the US to take 1200 illegals from both Nauru and Manus by sending a mere 150 to New Zealand. 150 is the maximum tiny NZ is offering to take. Many Aussies think Trump is just stalling though, and has no intention of taking any more than the 50 sent already.


  7. vdorta said

    This “deal” gets dumber by the day. I sent a message to the White House today.


  8. Trump doesnt have to honor a communist forger usurper agreement, does he think we are stupid.


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