Lutherans in MN say they are in compliance with all federal audits/requirements, but…

….they fail to mention that reports coming out of their primary contractor, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (in Baltimore) indicate that maybe there is a bit of a problem there with federal audits…..

I meant to get to this news yesterday in advance of the St. Cloud City Council meeting last night where the majority of the council voted down a resolution (vote was 6-1) by one councilman who is seeking a moratorium on resettlement there in order to assess the economic and social impact resettlement by the Lutherans is having on the community. (I didn’t get to it because I don’t know if it affected all of you, but in many places in the country internet services were down.)

I realized this morning after reading the news at the Star-Tribune that anything I said about the facts involving the Lutheran contractor and subcontractor changing St. Cloud wouldn’t matter one bit.  Here is the St. Cloud Times version of what happened last night (you can see the text of the resolution here and maybe use it as a model where you live!).

The St. Cloud Times, clearly biased against those who want more transparency with the resettlement plan for the city, posted this factually inaccurate opinion piece from Lutheran Social Service of MN the day before the vote.  No surprise that they were helping the Lutheran agency in its quest to forever change St. Cloud and supply local corporations with cheap labor.

Here is what Maureen Warren, a VEEP at LSS-MN told the citizens of St. Cloud:

Maureen Warren, who btw makes over $200,000 a year in salary and related benefits, is doing well by doing good!  Has she taken any refugees to her home?

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota commends the new resolution supporting a just and welcoming community that passed the St. Cloud City Council on Oct. 23.

We applaud the courage and hard work by members of the City Council and others who have shown leadership and commitment to creating a strong and welcoming community for everyone.

We want to take this opportunity to correct misinformation that has surfaced in recent City Council meetings and media reports about our compliance performance in LSS Refugee Services.

On Oct. 23, the St. Cloud Times reported on a different resolution presented by council member Jeff Johnson at the last council meeting that “calls for a city moratorium on the placement of additional refugees through primary resettlement until Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota — one of six nonprofit organizations that helps settle refugees in Minnesota — demonstrates it is in compliance with federal statutes.”

We want the community to know that the LSS refugee resettlement service is subject to regular financial and service audits by the U.S. State Department and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service — and LSS is in full compliance with all federal laws and regulations.

But, how about the reports coming out of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service that they may not be in full compliance with federal grant laws and regulations?

For new readers, LSS-MN does not get refugee cases or cash directly from the federal government, but the refugees are chosen by LIRS, sent to St. Cloud and LSS-MN gets its payment of federal money passed through LIRS. LIRS receives and doles out your money to it subcontractors.

A fish rots from the head down!

Screenshot (1023).png
LIRS fancy headquarters building in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Persistent reports coming out of LIRS indicate that the organization is in turmoil—that the Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services did audit LIRS and found irregularities in its financial reporting relating to salaries and possible misuse of grant dollars.

We received a copy of a June 30th letter to the Board of Directors at LIRS from the Inspector General at HHS instructing LIRS to make a “corrective action plan” to account for the budget irregularities.  Some of those irregularities involve ones relating to salaries of headquarters employees, sources in a position to know tell us.

Apparently that letter and subsequent internal turmoil sent the organization in to a tailspin, employees resigned, but others were given handsome severance packages in order to leave quietly, we hear.

In September the Board of Directors at LIRS announced its own investigation of the top management of the contractor that receives on average 96% of its funding from taxpayers!  Here is the text of one e-mail from Board chairman Rev. Michael Rinehart that we received. Clearly whatever is going on, it is very serious.  If federal grant mismanagement occurred, at minimum the organization must repay misappropriated dollars?

From: Michael Rinehart

Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2017


Executive Committee convened and agreed to an investigation.

I have spoken to Linda.

The investigation team has formed. They will meet next week in St. Louis.

I have the names of three law firms with whom to talk.

Things are moving fast.

Michael Rinehart, Bishop
Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

We are offering an open invitation for a representative of LIRS in Baltimore (or the Board of Directors) to write a guest column for RRW to explain what exactly is going on if the reports I am receiving are in some way inaccurate!

Just a reminder that getting at the truth is our business because LIRS is almost completely funded from the US Treasury (and Congress is doing nothing to watch out for our money!).

Now to the other compliance audits that LSS-MN referenced in its St. Cloud Times piece—the State Department Service audits.

These are audits done on an irregular basis where someone shows up (usually announced!) from the US State Department to assess whether the local subcontractor (LSS-MN) is complying with its contract mostly regarding the care given to refugees.

The compliance reports that are written are kept secret from the public.

I have heard of them being obtained through FOIA requests that the State Department takes years to respond to.

From the recent St. Cloud R & P Abstract:

Screenshot (1059)


If LSS-MN is now in “full compliance” surely they wouldn’t object to releasing those compliance reports where they weren’t compliant and explain to the public what they have done to satisfy the federal requirements that they apparently were not following.

And, readers, isn’t it incredible how little scrutiny they get from Washington—monitoring visits FIVE years apart! And, the 2017 visit was from LIRS in Baltimore.  The US State Department hasn’t been there since 2012!

I’d like to know if there are even any penalties for not being in FULL compliance!

See my giant St. Cloud archive by clicking here.  Don’t miss two posts on LIRS signing contracts with global meatpackers JBS Swift here and Tyson Foods here. (See LSS-MN helped get this deal somehow).

Just think about it—greedy global corporations changing the demographic makeup of small heartland cities with third world-laborers, aided and abetted by the Lutherans!


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  1. Somalian refugees have destroyed my old neighborhood on the West Bank of Minneapolis. Previously, refugees stayed in Riverside Plaza for a few years and moved on. 20 years later, thousands of Somalis are still there- living in section 8, having many more children than they can afford, if they ever bothered to become responsible and learn the language and work. 3rd world immigration is a ridiculous idea. No assimilation, no work, just whining for more. I also left my 16 year career as a section 8 property manager because of Somalians vile behaviors.


  2. PS…Compliance? What compliance? Councilman Johnson continued – again and again – to repeat the unambiguous language in the statute (“SHALL” “WILL”) (in the the Law – for whatever that means today), and the crickets in the air in that room are still chirping. Then there was a loud chant from the crowd about “recall” – “recall”.. The people of St Cloud are righteously angry!

    In my view, that is exactly what they need to do. Legal action, followed by a forced recall election for all of these council members, with the exception of Mr. Johnson, for violating their oath of office, and performing their DUTY to “protect and to serve” the citizens of St Cloud, Minnesota.. Who we need is Mark Levin, and the Landmark Legal Foundation, or a group like that to weigh in here. For the nation, and certainly for Minnesota, St Cloud and Minneapolis IS THE ALAMO now. …A great project for a dream team of good lawyers, and a great place to finally take a stand for the country..

    I wonder if they (St Cloud City Council & Mayor) would accept personal, financial liability (the city of St Cloud and members individually), for the damage to that community and its citizens, when this gets worse. (Wrongful deaths due to future assaults, killings, or diseases – personal injury – professional liability – etc.)???

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  3. Good morning Ann..

    I was there last night, from the beginning to the agonizing end of it, 5.5 hours later. They did everything they could doo to fill up the time with odd – Little House on The Prairie” discussions, and conversational distractions, but it finally came to Council Member Jeff Johnson, and the fireworks began..

    The circus reminded me of my 10 – sometimes miserable, but enlightening years in St Paul, serving on multiple Minnesota state-wide task force activities, connected to the Minnesota Department of Human (Sacrifices) Services, and the Minnesota Supreme Court, and the Commissioners (DHS) Advisory Committee for 6 years of painful experiences, dealing with adult-children, with a passion for the passive-aggressive (denial) approach to just about everything. Yuk!

    Last Night: Then came my funny, but frank discussion (small group afterwards) discussion with Mayor Dave Kleis, and former MN State legislator, and a man I knew from the old days (for me relating to all of the above: 1997-2008)

    It was lively, and with a smile on my face every step of the way, I do believe that I scared the hell out of him, and the others in our little discussion. For an veteran professional politician that he is to be certain, he was remarkably uncomfortable in the end, and concerned privately I believe.

    One fella in the discussion, and in opposition to Mayor Kleis’s assertion to the contrary, acknowledged that there are already dangerous “No Go Zones” in St Cloud…that being only one small facet of our disturbing conversation. I let him know that I have visited the Parisian version of that sort of danger saturated area of Paris personally, and assured him that he did not want to see that there.. The doe in the headlight look on his face was revealing.

    I suggested to the mayor that Jeff Johnson is a very brave man, and no fool. He gets it! I also suggested to him, and in no uncertain terms, that their landmark declaration as a Council, that St Cloud Minnesota will forever be known as a “Welcoming and Just Community”, is the work of adult-children on the bridge of this ship (Captain Queeg – “The Caine Mutiny”) headed to the reef, with the exception of Councilman Jeff Johnson. I assured the mayor, that you (he and St Cloud citizens) cannot out run this thing. …Europeans tried that approach I suggested to him, and look at that present day mess. Even 40 year veteran, very leftist, MN State Rep, Phyllis Kahn found out the hard way last year, that you too will be replaced (Polyandry mistress – and immigration fraud suspect – or worse, MN State Rep, Ilhan Omar), regardless of how much you (she) placate and pander to the Cedar-Riverside “Community” of Minneapolis.

    The mayor’s comment about how far (distance: 70 miles only) Minneapolis is from St Cloud was, to say the least, silly, as an attempt to dismiss my observations, was revealing. …Willful blindness…and dangerous. When I suggested that the Minneapolis FBI Office is currently looking for “8 armed and dangerous Somali jihadi suspects” – NOW – he just stared a blank stare.. “70 miles, (as I told him) is no distance at all my friend”..

    I do believe, per my prepared packets of materials, and cover memorandum, delivered to each Council members in advance of the meeting; including the mayor, coupled with my 20 minute discussion referenced above, I do believe that I put the fear of God in that man (while smiling at him every step of the way in our discussion), as much as any politician wallowing in smug denial, can be made to see the matter for what it actually is.

    Should you wish to speak with me personally (recommended) I am open to that. Happy to share my packet of materials by email attachment..

    Footnote: The chair of the council (president) actually refused (for the second time in two consecutive meetings) to allow a qualified speaker (member of the public), per Jeff Johnson recognizing him to do so, TO OFFER PUBLIC COMMENT, relative to their voting down Councilman Johnson’s RRP moratorium resolution – again.. As opposed to other issues discussed last evening there would – again – be NO PUBLIC COMMENT ALLOWED!

    Jeff Johnson also suggested a public ballot referendum approach to this serious matter. The matter was never allowed to be discussed.

    It was a circus..

    And, this is madness..

    That was an extremely long and painful 5 & 1/2 hours of my life I can tell you..

    Please contact me Ann.. …Boots on the ground here..

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