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More bad news for Minnesota: 17 cases of Multi-drug-resistant TB reported, 6 dead so far

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 7, 2017

I hate to say it, but in light of the attitude of elected officials in Minnesota, and news like this, maybe some of you should consider leaving the state. Just saying!

From Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart:

An outbreak of 17 cases of multi-drug-resistant (MDR) tuberculosis (TB) has been reported in Ramsey County, the second most populous county in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, a spokesperson for the Minnesota Department of Health confirmed to Breitbart News on Monday.

TB symptoms 2

Working with refugee populations? Do you know what to look for?

“The outbreak has primarily affected elderly residents in the Hmong community, with 10 cases linked to a senior center where the first case was detected in 2016. Four other Hmong residents were also infected. So far six of the 17 people have died, three as a direct result of tuberculosis [TB],” the Star Tribune reported on Monday adding:

Some of the first transmissions occurred among a group of seniors who regularly played cards at the senior center.

But one of the card players had been sick and infectious for five years before diagnosis. That has left public health officials playing catch up in an effort to find everyone who is at risk.

No kidding!

More here.

I ask this same question every time we have a story about refugees with communicable diseases:  Are volunteers for resettlement agencies trained to spot diseases in order to keep themselves and their families safe?

See my ‘health issues‘ category with over 300 posts on refugees’ physical and mental health.  Many of Leahy’s previous articles on TB can be found there.

By the way, I bet none of those glowing reports about the economic boon refugees bring to a city factor in the cost of TB treatment.  I hear it is a huge ticket item in some cities’ health departments.

11 Responses to “More bad news for Minnesota: 17 cases of Multi-drug-resistant TB reported, 6 dead so far”

  1. Here’s the article from the UK Daily Mail. Diversity- the gift that keeps on giving.


  2. Fortunately, I live in a sparsely populated Midwestern state, so I can keep some distance from most other people, especially those who appear ill. But, the other day, some kid whose parent’s appeared to possibly be refugees, started coughing without covering his mouth. This was while waiting on a check-out line, so I was rather trapped. I was horrified that he hadn’t been taught to cover his mouth when coughing….just one more cause for stress and concern about my health, while TB travels around the Midwest. The lack of real concern on the part of U.S. Health agencies, during the vetting process of refugees/immigrants, makes this type of bio-invasion definitely diabolical.

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  3. Ac Hawk said

    Why isn’t a TB test part of the “Extreme Vetting”? At the very least, establish a New Ellis Island!!

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    • Why not an integral part of “extreme vetting?.. Because that would not be representative of a “Welcoming and Just Community”…here in the land that logic and reason has abandoned – and self preservation and survival skills has been trumped by a Scandinavian style, “little House on the Prairie” style, fantasy land approach to real life challenges – Minnesota..


  4. Tom Steele said

    The Hmong have been settled in the US since the late 70s -early 80s. This story says less about refugees and much more about sub-standard living conditions in a Minnesota senior’s centre.

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    • I produced real life radio broadcast stories about this Minnesota problem 15 years ago, on my weekly (8 year) radio talk show program… ..3 times, with a Hennepin County Medical Center (Minneapolis) physician, disguising his voice, and spilling the beans about this problem way back then.

      The result? They declared both major cities – by city council statute – as “sanctuary cities” (the entire State actually) and then embraced the so-called “refugee resettlement program”, to compound the problem.

      These people are criminally obtuse, suicidal, and remarkably stubborn about their recalcitrant psychosis..

      The other problem is that they are perfectly willing to take the rest of us with them over the cliff, including my children and grandchildren – and yours too.

      They are adult-children, suffering from arrested development, and there you have it.

      So…Just pass the brats, the beer, the three bean salad, the desert “bars”, “enjoy the weather”, and do not make me FEEL uncomfortable about my (our) dysfunction, is their answer to almost everything here..

      …$45 Billion dollars of personal wealth has left Minnesota PERMANENTLY in the last 3 years.. Smart people are leaving, just to save themselves, as well as their families, while our governor takes enough medication daily that would kill a Clydesdale…. The mayors of our two major cities are not far behind on that score either.. EG: St Paul MN mayor Chris Coleman just recently proposed a 26.4% property tax increase, because they are running out of other peoples money now.. Go figure Chris. Have another quart of hooch pal..

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  6. Yes ! Just another GIFT from the People of Somalia !

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  7. I just finished posting relating to the St Cloud MN matter from last evening, and now this.

    This one takes my breath away.. No pun intended.. Seriously..

    St Louis Park MN just got caught (Hennepin County (Minneapolis and surrounding area) Health Department) hiding this stuff that past January of 2017..

    Good Lord. Help!

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