Afghan refugee charged with murder not an “unaccompanied minor” as he claimed

So, how did the prosecution in Germany know he was in his mid-20’s—that he was a liar?

They checked his teeth—actually one tooth had been removed, but saved. (Is that some sort of method to scam naive western countries—take out the teeth that could give them away as adults?).

You probably know about this dreadful case where the Afghan asylum seeker murdered the young daughter of an EU official and dumped her body in a nearby river.

The poor young woman had worked as a volunteer with the so-called migrant ‘children’ in her university town.


Afghan migrant Hussein Khavari
Boo hoo! This evil creep will now be treated as an adult in the German legal system


Here is what I’d like to know—why can’t we examine the teeth of every ‘unaccompanied alien minor’ arriving at our borders and treat them according to what we find—detention in an adult facility or a teen facility until they can be removed!

From the Daily Mail:

A migrant who raped and killed an EU official’s daughter and lied that he was an ‘unaccompanied minor’ is between 22 and 29 years old, dental checks have proved.

Hussein Khavari ambushed 19-year-old medical student Maria Ladenburger in Freiberg in October last year before raping her and drowning her in a river.

Today, a dental expert appeared to have wrecked his hopes of escaping with a lighter sentence by showing with ‘near certainty’ that Khavari was 25. The bogus Afghan refugee originally claimed to be just 17.

Speaking at Khavari’s trial on Tuesday, research scientist Ursula Wittwer-Backofen revealed her analysis of his upper right canine tooth.

The tooth was removed eight months before he attacked the teenager.

He kept the tooth as some sort of souvenir and on Tuesday it became exhibit A in the courtroom in Freiburg, southern Germany, where he has been standing trial for the past two months for the crime.

More here including pictures of the beautiful student.

Come on Germany, wake up!

See my previous post on Germany earlier this morning.

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8 thoughts on “Afghan refugee charged with murder not an “unaccompanied minor” as he claimed

  1. I don’t know about this particular case, which seems to be a big difference in claimed vs. actual age. However systematic dental exams to confirm age aren’t practical in the field. The margin of error can be huge. Everyone is looking for 21, younger or older. But sometimes the results we saw said “There is a 75% chance that the subject is between 17 and 23”. I seem to recall we discarded 90% of the results as just plain useless.


  2. unless the last name of the murdered person is Merkle as in her kin forget about a change of mind/heart. She only cares for her own and the rest of the nation has to fend for themselves. Evil witch.


  3. Oh heck..Planet Earth, please wake up.

    For centuries, this has not worked! “The book”, coupled with the intentional and manufactured illiteracy of these people, has been the catalyst for all of this. Unfortunately, these people have been used by their own dictator-style leadership (thugs and criminals), have been used as lemmings, as cannon fodder, for this completely evil purpose.. The multiple “Crusades”, occurring a long time ago, were initiated for a reason. REASON! The “reason”, and the issues are the same. They are the same! They choose to be the same!

    The largest battle during “The crusades” (a number of them) was fought just 40 miles south of Paris. Please get a grip on reality here.

    Please show me, just one place on the planet Earth, where this has worked, or where this has ended well… Please, for God’s sake, prove me wrong..

    Good Luck!


  4. Germans deserve what’s coming to them , they wanted refugees they got it now. I have no sympathy for Germans .,let them get raped and get murdered.


  5. Every refugee should at least have to pay for a complete background check, including a dental examination, before being considered for admission. Anyone attempting to enter the country using fraud, including altering body parts to appear younger, should be tried as potential spies, terrorists, or saboteurs and held at an offshore camp until we can determine what they were trying to pull here. Of course, the easiest and cheapest thing to do would just be to not let them come here in the first place, my favorite option.


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