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St. Cloud Somali one of four facing charges he lied to get in to US, could be stripped of citizenship

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 8, 2017

Yesterday, here, I told you about the ‘family’ of four who are now being charged with lying about their family relationship in order to get in to the US through the Diversity Visa Lottery (the same program used by the recent Uzbek terrorist in NYC).


Welcoming city leaders!

However, I had not seen the press release from the US Justice Department on Monday.

The original winner of the lottery—the supposed mother—lives in Eden Prairie, MN, but the now ‘divorced’ father lives in St. Cloud. The ‘sons’ live in Hennepin County.

Here is what the DOJ press release says about him:

Ahmed Mohamed Warsame

Ahmed Mohamed Warsame aka Jama Solob Kayre, 54, a native of Somalia, using the fictitious identity of Jama Solob Kayre, applied for and received a beneficiary diversity visa as the fictitious spouse of Fosia Abdi Adan, the principal diversity visa immigrant of the fictitious family. Warsame unlawfully obtained his visa as the spouse of a diversity visa immigrant from the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen, under the DV Program on Jan. 10, 2001. Warsame arrived and was admitted to the United States on May 30, 2001, on his diversity immigrant visa as a permanent resident. Throughout the diversity visa application process, Warsame fraudulently claimed that he was married to Adan and that he and Adan had three children together. Such children included Mohamed Jama Solob, the fictitious identity used by Mustaf Abdi Adan, and Mobarak Jama Solob, the fictitious identity used by Faysal Jama Mire. Adan and Warsame, who used the fictitious identity of Jama Solob Kayre, obtained a divorce in Minnesota for their fictitious marriage after Warsame was admitted as a permanent resident. Warsame continued to fraudulently represent his previous fictitious marriage and fraudulently represent his fictitious parentage of Mohamed Jama Solob and Mobarak Jama Solob, throughout the naturalization process. Warsame, using the fictitious name of Jama Solob Kayre, naturalized on Sept. 13, 2006. During his naturalization, he changed his name to Ahmed Mohamed Warsame. Warsame has been residing in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Does anyone in St. Cloud know him?

LOL! Check voter registration rolls! Has Ahmed Mohamed Warsame aka Jama Solob Kayre been voting? And, check the welfare rolls too!

One more fail for the vetting process. How many more like this bunch are in Minnesota?

Twin Cities Pioneer Press has a story here.  Let me know if the Star Tribune and the Saint Cloud Times report this news. ***Update*** thanks to a reader, here is the Star Tribune on the alleged scammers.

I’m repeating my recommendation of yesterday and that is that the US Dept. of Justice should set up a hotline for tips on others who thumbed their noses at our legal system and are here because they lied.

See my ever-growing St. Cloud archive here.

5 Responses to “St. Cloud Somali one of four facing charges he lied to get in to US, could be stripped of citizenship”

  1. pcockroft said

    Are these liars going to stay? None should stay as we already have enough liars and cheats I.e. Muslims. This is why they think and are probably correct, that they are much smarter than Americans. We are really weak both mentally and physically and emotionally so very useful to the NWO and it’s leadership. What has happened to our education system?


  2. And I am sure that there were a lot more than four who lied !


  3. krosevideo said

    We receive these daily updates via your Blog, but it seems you are speaking to the choir. Are you also using Facebook and Twitter to get out the message? Or is it simply being lost on us who already agree with you and your posts? Thank you for what you are doing. //// Roy KRoseVideo


  4. Jan Cotant said

    What about the contractor. Do they bring the diversity via people too. What about their employer?. This is sick. Jan

    Sent from my iPhone



  5. misterpaul5a said

    I have been dealing with Arabs, Muslims, Africans for forty to fifty years and without exception, when the chips are down, they can rarely be trusted to honour their word – this is endemic in their upbringing – they invariably have to cheat and lie to survive – and bad habits die hard. Dealing with them is totally different to dealing with Christian based people. In other words – never let down your guard and in the words of the Marquis of Queensbury referring to the pugilistic profession – ‘ Be on your guard and DEFEND YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES” – stick to this and there is much less chance of one coming to harm. If you ignore this simple rule? Don’t tell me you were not warned, and don’t bleat about your experiences with these people. OK? Fine!


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