Nebraska health officials: Public safety our top concern, but we are telling you nothing about TB death

We don’t know if the person who died of TUBERCULOSIS in Nebraska in late October was an American who had been traveling or an immigrant who might have lived in that part of Nebraska as part of the ever-expanding foreign born meatpacker work force in the state.

Fremont Nebraska
Downtown Fremont, NE where the largest employer in town is Hormel, the company that makes Spam according to wikipedia:,_Nebraska#Economy


We don’t know because health officials there aren’t saying and didn’t answer questions by Breitbart reporter, Michael Leahy, who has become an expert on TB over the last year.

So, of course, one naturally asks the question:

How does the secrecy surrounding this case and withholding of statistics in other states keep us safer?

Wouldn’t you like to know if the deceased person crossed your path (the patient isn’t alive to explain where he or she had traveled for months preceding death)?

From Breitbart:

State and local public health officials are offering few details about the mysterious tuberculosis (TB) death of a patient first diagnosed last month at a hospital in Fremont, Nebraska.

Fremont is a city of 26,000 about 40 miles northwest of Omaha that was at the center of a national controversy in 2010 when it passed an ordinance that prohibits landlords from renting to individuals who are not American citizens.

“Three Rivers Public Health Department said they received notification that a patient evaluated and treated at Fremont Health on October 29, 2017 tested positive for tuberculosis. That patient was transferred to Nebraska Medicine and later died at that facility,” WOWT reported.

“We’re actively investigating this case of TB and we’re interviewing family and community members to identify any setting where other individuals might have been exposed to this patient,” Terra Uhing, executive director of Three Rivers Public Health Department, which is responsible for public health in three rural counties–Dodge, Washington, and Saunders–with a combined population of about 77,000, said in a statement released on Monday.

“Safety is our number one priority and we’re taking all the necessary steps to make sure people identified at risk for exposure are evaluated,” Uhing added in that statement.

Deaths from active TB are rare in the United States, since highly effective and relatively inexpensive treatment regimens have been widely in effect for more than five decades [Unless it is Multi-drug resistant TB—ed]. Virtually all patients who receive an early diagnosis and complete the treatment regimen survive.

The patient who was diagnosed with TB in Fremont, Nebraska on October 29 died within days of that diagnosis, indicating the patient had been walking around with active TB for many months prior to death.

There is much more including how local communities have been stressed by BIG MEAT bringing in cheap immigrant labor.  I’m not saying the dead patient worked at a meat plant, but the point is, we don’t know because health officials are withholding virtually all information.

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If you have a few hours, visit RRW’s ‘health issues category’ here where I have archived 342 other posts on refugee/immigrant physical and mental health. There are lots of TB stories there because refugees are admitted to the US with TB (with the understanding that state and US taxpayers will foot the bill for their meds!).

9 thoughts on “Nebraska health officials: Public safety our top concern, but we are telling you nothing about TB death

  1. I am of the opinion that anyone working in any phase of the food and beverage industry, from processing plants to food servers, should be screened for this disease.


  2. So why has not the Federal Agencies that are supposed to check out matter such as these not on the ball? I would think that a death caused by a possible unknown strain of TB, possibly brought into this country by an infected immigrant that slipped through the vetting process would be of great concern Has anyone sent an inquiry to CDC or HHS asking them if they are aware of this rumor?


  3. Just think. These disease ridden invaders are handling our food. While TB may be a concern, I am also worried about them deliberately poisoning us with smallpox, or adding other toxic substances like ricin or arsenic. I think I will avoid buying Hormel products until I am satisfied that they can adequately protect the security of my food products, and that starts with hiring trustworthy employees.


      1. Once your comfortable with where your local butcher gets their meat buying from that ensures the meat is fresh and you’re buying a product that hasn’t been water soaked to increase its weight. Also, you’re supporting a local business run by one of your townspeople.


  4. The head honcho of Norway’s SSB (the state bureau of statistics) was fired today. Christine Meyer had attempted to demote several people on her staff who came up with the right figures for the damage invasion has done to Norway. She wanted false numbers to be published, putting a positive spin on the “refugee” invasion. She serves some dark forces, but I’m sure they’ll find her another position – the famous revolving political door.

    Some critics contend the reputation and credibility of SSB itself is at stake, after Meyer confirmed in mid-October that 25 researchers would be transferred out of the research division. They included Erling Holmøy, a veteran researcher who’s best known for creating Norway’s so-called “immigration account,” which calculates what immigration costs the country.

    Meyer, who supports immigration, has denied claims that she wants to get rid of the immigration account that she was skeptical about when she took over at SSB in 2015. She has said, however, that she has feared the accounting of costs tied to immigration would stigmatize immigrants.


  5. Even if THAT “refugee” person who died of TB did not work in Hormel’s plant, they were- in all probability- in contact with persons who DID work there. I will NEVER buy Hormel products again. Nor will my extended family. Hormel’s hiring practices are reprehensible and potentially life-threatening. Too bad. I liked fried Spam. NEVER AGAIN.


  6. They will use this as a HUGE VACCINaTION Push! Vaccines are big business too!

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