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EU officials: ISIS has been wiped out in Syria, time for refugees to go home

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 11, 2017

One of the most maddening things about our UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is that it is permanent.

When we take refugees they are here to stay and on track to citizenship even if their home country goes back to relative peace.

As we have watched Europe, particularly Germany ‘welcoming’ migrants, remember those flooding in to that country will have to seek asylum and wait for that legal process to work its will.  Until their asylum claims are adjudicated they have no right to permanent resettlement—our refugees do!


Angela Merkel, Hilary Clinton

Sure is a good thing we didn’t listen to Hillary who wanted 65.000 Syrians admitted to the US ASAP. Now will Mama Merkel move to send hers back?


This is why we should not fall for every UN/Leftwing scare tactic and jump to admit refugees who in a year or two could go home—like the Syrians.

Here is the news from Germany that is not being widely broadcast!

European Union calls for return of Syrian refugees as the war against Islamic State draws to a close

Senior EU officials have started to call for Syrian refugees who fled the the ensuing violence and suffering from the war against Islamic State to be returned to their home country now that the war is over.

After recovering all strategic strongholds from IS, the Syrian Army on Wednesday claimed that it had won the war against the terrorist group.

This has prompted senior German officials to call on Chancellor Angela Merkel to open up communications with the Syrian government to facilitate the return of refugees who fled the war in Syria.

The right-wing Alternative for Deutschland (AFD) party say Angela Merkel and her new government should immediately strike up talks with Syria’s president Assad to start the ball rolling on a deal to repatriate migrants that had fled to Germany during the migrant crisis.

“This deal should ensure that the returnees will be accepted in Syria and accommodated only in safe areas,” the AFD said in a statement. They are also calling for the Syrian government to help pay for the cost of sending them all back.

The Green Party, which has been invited to help Merkel form a government, branded the politicians “irresponsible, inhumane and heartless”.

The Open Borders Leftists have their hearts set on a new refugee flood—watch for the rise of the Rohingya.  And, just behind those Muslims from Bangladesh/Burma look for the propaganda campaign for millions of climate refugees to be ‘welcomed’ to the west.

The climate refugees are a twofer for them—-they get to yak about global warming and refugees!

See my ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive here and see how Hillary is responsible for the invasion launching now from Libya.

4 Responses to “EU officials: ISIS has been wiped out in Syria, time for refugees to go home”

  1. Tom Steele said

    The war is far from over! Now is the main event between the Syrian Shia govt. forces backed by Hizbullah, Russia and Iran against the Sunni rebel forces backed by the US and Saudi Arabia. This war appears to be dragging in Lebanon and probably Turkey. If you think it is time to send the Syrians home now, you have very little understanding of what is happening in that part of the world.


  2. FatherJon said

    ISIS may have been beaten in the Middle East but that doesn’t mean the end of fighting. Rather it’s just the first step in further conflicts in the region. Turkey, Europe and the US don’t want Assad in power, nor do they want a Kurdish republic. Assad’s not keen on a Kurdish republic either. The Saudis are starting a new zone of conflict focussing on non-Sunni elements and on Iran which backs Assad….da de dah…. and so the round robin of conflict continues. Then we have the promise of possibly thousands of jihadis returning to their social welfare environments in Europe, plotting to continue their fight against unarmed populations.
    No, ISIS may have been beaten on the battlefirled, but there’s a long way to go yet.


  3. sturandot13 said

    Just in case anyone wasn’t aware, this was never about Syrian “refugees”:

    “UN-‘Together’: Propaganda Bid Seeks to Flood West With Migrants”

    “New UN Chief to Europe: Ignore Voters. Open the Borders”

    “EU Insider: US Must Take More Refugees – Get Rid of Sovereignty”


  4. These people have been used as pawns, “useful idiots” by the Globalists’. Knew it then. Their actions prove it now.


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