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US Bishops lambast Trump over closure of Central American Minors program

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 12, 2017

As we told you the other day, the Trump Administration has closed a completely illegal program at the US State Department that was created out of thin air by Obama’s team in 2014.

Obama had taken it upon himself to simply write refugee law!

Besides the fact that youths (mostly male teens) flooding north from Central America are economic migrants and in some cases escaping violence, they are NOT refugees who must prove they were being persecuted for race, religion, political persuasion etc. to be legitimate refugees. Escaping violence is not a criteria in the internationally understood definition of a ‘refugee.’

Bishop immigration

Vasquez: Ending the program perpetuates family breakdown, never mind that the parents didn’t stay home with their children! And, the parents can go home to embrace their children at any time!

And, of course, no where in this whiny article at Catholic News Service does it mention that the Bishops Migration Fund is nearly 100% funded by taxpayer dollars. See here.

They NEVER mention their federal funding to take care of the “children.”

Here is Bishop Joe Vasquez of Austin, head of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Migration:

Vasquez offered prayers for those affected.

“We continue to pray and express our support for parents who endure anxiety and emotional hardship knowing their children will continue to languish in violence; and to the children themselves, who will not be able to reunite and embrace their parents,” he said.

The next time someone says something like this in your presence ask, so if that parent was so concerned about the welfare of his or her children, why did they leave the child in a hell hole and illegally go to the US for a better life for themselves?

And, if they are so worried now they could reunite easily—in their home country.

The illegal parent here in America is responsible for reuniting his own family by going home!

9 Responses to “US Bishops lambast Trump over closure of Central American Minors program”

  1. Ann,
    Very, very well stated. I hasten to thank you for your honesty. Sometimes I think I am more Catholic than the Catholic Bishops. SOOOOOO many of them are self-serving, what’s-in-it-for-me phonies. And this from a practicing Catholic.


  2. What is happening now is not immigration. Muslims are using that word to infiltrate other countries to force them to submit to them. Muslims want to do what Jesus refused to do. Muslims will stop doing that when they see that Jesus would not want to rule the world through sinful bodies. Jesus ran away from people trying to crown him king. People tried to do that when Jesus feed a vast throng with three loaves of bread and three fishes


  3. said

    send them back  enough already  

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  4. Since just about all Central Americans are Roman Catholic, then the Pope and Bishops worldwide should be putting pressure on Central American governments to provide education, safety, jobs and decent living conditions right where those young people are IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES !!!! It should not be necessary to uproot them and separate them from their families to achieve the goal of a better life !

    These deplorable conditions have existed in Central America, Mexico and South America for 300 years now ! What is wrong with these people that they cannot seem to make any progress in 300 years ?????

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  5. nafbpo7 said

    Anyone see the latest reports out of Long Island, NY and the continuing saga about the MS-13 murder escapades?


  6. icthelite said

    The thing that disturbed me was our Congress, knowing what 44 did was illegal but never did a thing about it. Congress had the power to stop this before it ever got off the drawing board but did nothing. As I see it Congress is this country’s major problem not whoever happens to be seated in the Oval Office.

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  7. the PEDOpriests are mad because they were DREAMING of lots of little boys who knew nothing about filing complaints …..

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  8. TwoLaine said

    I thought TX was a law and order state. If churches are going to flaunt the law, and tempt people to break the law, they should be shut down. They are no longer churches, they are activist law breakers.

    And last, but not least, churches should not be on the government payroll for breaking the law.

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