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Chobani Yogurt update: plant expansion planned for Twin Falls, Idaho

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 14, 2017

Idaho Republican governor Otter praised the yogurt tycoon.

Here is the story from the Utica, NY Observer-Dispatch:

The founder and CEO of Chobani has no regrets about moving part of his Greek yogurt company to south-central Idaho, a region embroiled in the national debate over refugee resettlement that spread to company boycotts by far-right bloggers and conspiracy theorists. [So there were boycotts—who knew?–ed]

lavinia and chobani

Not a conspiracy, they are now out in the open about cozy relationships between refugee agencies and companies looking for immigrant labor. That is Hamdi Ulukaya on the right with the head honcho of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants Lavinia Limon (Bill Clinton’s former Director of ORR). USCRI is the major contractor placing refugees in Twin Falls.  It is 98% funded by taxpayer dollars. Limon makes over $300,000 a year in salary and benefits for changing America by changing the people (and finding Chobani Yogurt its laborers)!

“I hear the conversations here and there, but it’s a peaceful community that we all love,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, a Turkish immigrant. “It’s the home of Chobani.”

Ulukaya spoke to The Associated Press before a Thursday announcement of a $20 million expansion of the company’s facility in the city of Twin Falls — the world’s largest yogurt plant — to serve as its global research and development center tackling how yogurt is made and consumed.


The company employs 2,000 workers, including 300 refugees.

However, Chobani’s time in Idaho also has taken a darker turn as anti-immigrant advocates have seized on the company’s open stance on refugees. Fringe websites have falsely claimed that Ulukaya wanted to “drown the United States in Muslims.” Other websites, like Breitbart News, falsely attempted to link Chobani’s hiring of refugees to an uptick in tuberculosis cases in Idaho.


To counteract the hateful rhetoric, Chobani sued right-wing radio host Alex Jones earlier this year, saying that Jones and his InfoWars website posted fabricated stories linking Ulukaya and the company to a sexual assault case involving refugee children in Twin Falls. Jones originally promised to never back down in his fight against the yogurt giant but eventually retracted his statements in a settlement. [We are aware that Chobani lawyers threatened other news outlets as well—ed.]

Ulukaya declined to comment on the Jones lawsuit but said the rise in anti-refugee sentiment has never delayed a project he wanted to pursue. And he says he is committed to being a welcoming company.

chobani with cup



During Thursday’s expansion launch, Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter praised Chobani’s impact on the community.

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7 Responses to “Chobani Yogurt update: plant expansion planned for Twin Falls, Idaho”

  1. When people, regardless of their societal status, deal in human resettlement for profit, it is human trafficking and is illegal and those who get paid to do so or hire those whom are trafficked, for profit, they are complicit in the crime and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. To deny the connection between Chobani and the three thugs who molested and raped a five year old girl in Twin Falls is just one of the lies that is the norm for muslims who believe they are doing it for their false, moon god, allah. It is plainly enough written in their false prophets demented rantings known as the Koran that it is OK to lie to infedels if it is done in the name of allah. I would not expect ulukaua to be any different than any of the rest that are invading our nation and our state with full intentions of making us another caliphate. Nor would I expect a criminal who is collecting 300k salary to do anything else.


  2. Son of a bitch. Please boycott this e-coli laced crap.


  3. I happen to know for a fact that Chobani products are halal-certified…I am the admin for Boycott Halal in Canada and Boycott Halal in USA.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Wow! Thanks for that info! Can you send links for those sites. We are recently hearing that all big meat packers in the US are Halal. Is that true???


  4. tmasierrahills said

    Another surreal refugee report from Twin Fall, Muslimho. Haven’t read the rest yet but it sounds as if the Observer-Dispatch is on the Yogurt company’s payroll.


  5. FloridaBuff said

    Chobani or other yogurt will kill you and help cause diabetes. It is really full of sugar.


  6. murlimews said

    What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they understand the laws of supply and demand, if you have a huge low-skilled labor force, your wage will be guaranteed to stay low!


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