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Ho hum! Another Somali stabbing, Minnesota this time (again)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 14, 2017

Of course I saw the news yesterday, but didn’t post on it because, sad to say, this kind of story is becoming commonplace. However, just to be sure my huge ‘crimes’ archive (here) is complete, I’m posting the basic news of what happened at the Mall of America from World Net Daily.

But, the bonus here is that readers can learn a bit about Muslim names.

Leo Hohmann at WND:


Mugshot Mahad Abdiaziz Abdirahman! And, so how exactly does this man benefit America?

For the second time in just over a year, a Somali “refugee” has stabbed shoppers with a knife at a Minnesota mall.

The first case, on Sept. 17, 2016, was a clear act of jihad when Dahir Adan injured 10 people in the Macy’s at the Crossroads Center Mall in St. Cloud after asking his victims, chosen at random, if they were Muslim.

But on Sunday night, a man identified as Mahad Abdiaziz Abdirahman, 20, of Minneapolis stabbed two men at the Mall of America after they tried to stop him from stealing clothes inside the dressing room at Macy’s.

His middle name, Abdiaziz, means “the slave of Allah the master,” a native Arabic speaker told WND.

His first name, Mahad, means “the one who preaches and invites people to Islam.”
Abdirahman is a common Somali Muslim last name. It means “the slave of Allah who is the gracious.”

Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts said in a news conference that “the suspect went in and tried to take some property and, when confronted, he produced a knife and stabbed one man. Some family members assisted the victim and a second man sustained another knife wound.”

More here.

The next time you hear someone from the refugee industry say this: “No refugee has committed a fatal attack on an American” just laugh!  Do you see how they do this? They put the word “fatal” in there (nevermind that there have been fatal attacks) because they know there have been many near fatal ones!

Furthermore, don’t let anyone tell you that an asylee is not a refugee. A successful asylum seeker is every bit as much a refugee as the ones we fly in on your dime.  The Tsarnaev brothers were asylees (political refugees).

They can’t, with a straight face, say there have been no attacks on Americans because there have been dozens of attempts to kill Americans and attempts to commit  jihad attacks, it’s just that many of those have been intercepted by law enforcement before they could do their damage.  Have a look at my ‘crimes’ archive here and see what I mean.

Or, for a quick look, see my 10 terror cases and 5 horrific crimes post here.

13 Responses to “Ho hum! Another Somali stabbing, Minnesota this time (again)”

  1. Ironic!

    The MN CAIR office views the wheelchair bound veteran in Willmar, MN, as having committed a “terrible” and “religiously motivated” “hate crime”, by tossing a frozen pigs foot on to an “immigrant’s” display table at an outdoor farmer’s market stand this summer in Willmar, MN, and then wheeling away without saying a word.

    However, where was all this righteous indignation and outrage in June of 2016, when – for THREE DAYS IN A ROW – 30 Somali men, chased women off the beaches of the affluent Minneapolis inner city Lake Calhoun neighborhood (for being dressed inappropriately and walking their dogs); chasing these women on foot, and in vehicles into their nearby homes (AND THREATENING TO “KIDNAP AND RAPE THEM” [ “Terrorist threats” ] – (I have the police report).

    These 30 little terrorists were charged with nothing! Not even a parking ticket.. Once again for proper emphasis: 3 DAYS IN A ROW, AND 30 MEN, CHASING AND THREATENING TO KIDNAP AND RAPE THESE MINNEAPOLIS WOMEN.

    And this story is just a drop in the bucket of imported depravity, and similar situations, occurring almost every week in Minnesota now.

    Let’s see now, what is seriously wrong with this picture? And law enforcement in Willmar have the nerve to charge this disabled, wheelchair bound, Vietnam vet, with crimes, and assess damages against him?

    How does all this square with the CAIR-MN Civil Rights Director Amir Malik? Where was he, condemning all of this, and declaring this a religious (Sharia) connected “Hate Crime”, relating to even the Lake Calhoun attack? Oh, that’s right; he is busy offering a $10 K reward for any information relating to that phony (inside job, just like in St Cloud MN 2 years ago) Bloomington, MN mosque firebombing scam. I’l claim my reward now Amir…It was a staged event, and a distraction away from the truly news-worthy killing of 40 year old Justine Damond, by MPD rookie cop, Mohammad Noor.. …I’ll take my reward out of the almost $100,000 of donations from the fools in Minnesota, dumb enough to believe this scam story.. Thanks!

    So, where are you Amir?




    Well, Minnesota Law Enforcement, and City Council Members and Mayors, County personnel, State officials, and US Congressional Representation – Where are you people? Passing out the beer, brats and hot-dish at a political fundraiser?

    Where is there any protection, or defense whatsoever, for the average Minnesota citizen now? Are you hanging out at the Mall of America perhaps, with your female family members, enjoying the “Minnesota Nice” holiday season activities, and the amusement park there? …Walking your DOG around Lake Calhoun perhaps? I think not! …Not likely huh?

    So, where are all of you now? Better yet, where will you move to after you allow this once great State to be saturated with 3rd world (at best) crime, violence, stabbings, rape of women and children, genital mutilation, 3rd world imported diseases, shootings, and to be systematically destroyed?

    Our Governor Dayton will retreat to South Dakota, where his Family Trust fund is located.

    Where are YOU? Where are YOU going?



  2. Even if they don’t maim or kill, who asked for them to be here in the first place?

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  3. Just wait 15 more minutes here in Minnesota, and another brother or sister of “the book” and “the religion of peace”, will strike another blow once again.

    For too many of these wonderful madcap, culturally eclectic souls, WE have invited to share our “community”, and by the force of “law”, WE (Minnesota) now “live in a dog eat dog world, and WE are wearing milk bone underwear”, to quote Norm on the sit-com “Cheers”..

    WE are now being forced to accept a new normal here now, where this sort of third world (their normal) crime, violence, murder, and mayhem, AND DISEASE, is supposed to be acceptable to US, and without complaint, lest WE find ourselves labeled as this “ist” or that “phobe”, or worse..

    I intentionally use WE vs. Them, due to the fact, that our recent arrivals from foreign hell-holes around the globe, as OUR guests ironically, intentionally refuse to assimilate in the slightest at every turn. THEY are simply here to confiscate our resources, while THEY plot to overthrow our country, do away with OUR Constitutional Law by substitution, and imposition of THEIR barbaric sharia law, and by doing so, recreate the hell-hole from which they came.

    Look at present day Europe for all the proof you need. …Just that simple!

    Then there is the catch-all loaded question posed by the cradle-to-grave victim class here, designed to marginalize our natural and righteous inclination to object to all of this… …”Why all the hate?”.

    WE have entered the insane lane here, and there is no relief on the horizon for us I fear..

    I love this country! MY Country! I also love my children and grandchildren, and people I call friend, enough, to make that “joyful noise”, necessary to defend them, and to fight back.

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  4. MikeyParks said

    Isn’t that the cover of GQ Magazine?


  5. Not so lacking in “lethal: here in Minnesota..

    Teen Admits Murder
    Avoids Prison Cell
    Click to EnlargePhoto:
    AUG 10, 2015 AT 8:11 PM
    St. Cloud, Minn (KNSI) – A teenager pleaded guilty Monday to stabbing a man to death near the St. Cloud State University campus.
    17-year-old Muhiyadin Mohamed Hassan admitted to stabbing 20-year-old Davee Devose during a fight near the intersection of 6th Avenue and 5th Street at around 1:30am on June 26th.
    Hassan agreed to plead guilty after prosecutors agreed to not pursue an adult certification for the teen, who was 16-years-old when he committed the crime.
    Hassan faces a 12 and a half year sentence after pleading guilty to second degree murder, but the sentence will be stayed while the teen goes through a program at the juvenile facilty in Red Wing which could take up to two years.
    He will be under probation until he’s 21.
    If Hassan violates probation or doesn’t complete the program at the juvenile facility, he still could do some prison time.
    The plea deal isn’t sitting well with Devose’s friends.
    “I don’t think justice was served at all,” said Kara Stuckel.
    “It just doesn’t make sense how they (prosecutors) could just blow it off like that, just two years in juvy, we’ll see where you are at that point.”
    “It’s just not fair.”
    -Devose is pictured below-

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  6. thetinfoilhatsociety said

    One word: deport.

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  7. futuret said



  8. I love your caption for the picture. Fitting!


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