Obama to UN in 2013: We will take 50,000 from DR Congo off your hands

That is what we learned here in June 2013 when Anne Richard, then Asst. Secretary of State for Population Refugees and Migration for President Obama, announced the deal presumably to begin in Fiscal Year 2014 and continue for five years.


anne richard-and-unhcr
Richard with then UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Gutteres who is now Secretary General of the UN.


I just checked the numbers (at Wrapsnet) and see that we have admitted 38,431 from FY14 to the present. So, expect UN pressure to take 11,569 more Congolese from UN camps in Africa over the next couple of years.

(By the way, going back to FY08, we have admitted 48,870 from DR Congo in nearly a decade.)


We learned the stunning news just a couple of days ago that some of those DR Congo ‘refugees’ would return to African camps if they could. See Utah here.

Although the Trump Administration has slowed the flow from camps in countries like Tanzania, we sure hope that maybe the trend (saying “no” to the UN) will continue.

We can’t afford to bring more extremely impoverished and uneducated people to America (with huge families to boot) to live jobless and unhappy in roach-infested apartments! Doesn’t sound very humanitarian to me!

(In case you are wondering, only 1,860, 3% of the DR Congolese we have admitted since FY08 are Muslim. The remainder represent many religious groups.)

One of the key takeaways for readers is that once we begin admitting large numbers from certain countries, mostly because the UN tells us to, the flow never stops.

Anyone suggesting stopping the flow is hit with the ‘how can you be so cruel to keep family members out’ meme.

Somalis are a prime example—we’ve been admitting them for decades—will we ever stop?  How many decades do we continue to clear out the never-ending UN camp pipeline?

Over the next few days I’m going to tell you about some other ethnic groups we aren’t ever going to stop—from Burma, Nepal (Bhutanese) and Iraq—unless someone has the guts to tell the UN NO! No more.

And, this is why it’s a good thing we didn’t open the Syrian spigot in a big way!

2 thoughts on “Obama to UN in 2013: We will take 50,000 from DR Congo off your hands

  1. I feel that tax breaks should be removed for companies which hire refugees. There would be no incentive to bring in refugees and the VOLAGs would evaporate if tax breaks for hiring refugees were removed. Actually, I feel that tax breaks should be given to companies that are willing to hire former inmates. If there was a stronger focus on hiring former inmates or people who have reformed from criminal life, there would probably be a lower crime rate. I have noticemmd that refugees are given housing while many newly released inmates may not even have any resources to resettle into normal society.


  2. This influx is very bad news–at best the people being brought in are severely traumatized & totally unequipped to live in an advanced western nation such as the USA. Most people have forgotten–or likely never knew–about Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, including mass slaughters of civilians & kidnapping of Congolese children as conscripts. I spoke with the former Apostolic Nuncio (the Vatican’s official ambassador) to Gabon & the then-Republic of Congo (it metastasized into the “Democratic” Rep. of Congo after “independence”) who miraculously managed to persuade Kony to allow his children’s army (over the years many actually grew to adulthood while conscripted) to disband & lay down their arms. This brave & good man, Archbishop Andres Carrascosa y Coso, lost count of the times a vast assortment of firearms were pointed in his face during this task–if ever there was a miracle in these times, this is one. The Soros-contaminated UN is destroying America, & the anti-Trump connivers are trying to ensure that the horrid attrition of third world invasion finishes us for good. It is a fact that most of the peoples anywhere in the world who have been displaced by similar violence–especially those who have suffered as a result of the ISIS invaders–would prefer to return to their home countries & customs.


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