Heritage Foundation leaves out one important consideration in its ‘plan’ for reforming refugee program—you!

First, you need to know that the Heritage Foundation, a huge ‘conservative’ think tank in Washington, hasn’t paid one lick of attention to the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) until this year, until Trump entered the White House.

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Now they are tooting their horn because they got a meeting with retired Admiral Garry Hall in the White House to promote their version of reform.

But, what is absent from their ‘study’ and report entitled:  ‘The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program: A Roadmap for Reform,’ is the cost shifting of the USRAP to state taxpayers, the cultural and economic impact on communities, refugee crime, and the secrecy by which the feds and nine contractors (paid almost exclusively with taxpayer dollars)*** place refugees in American towns and cities.

They do give a little lip service to the idea that refugees must assimilate.  Oh, pray tell, how are you going to force certain ‘religious’ refugees to assimilate while the whole resettlement effort is being done by contractors who have no interest in teaching refugees to assimilate? (They won’t even use the word ‘assimilate!’)

In short, the focus of their work is Washington-centric and how refugee resettlement is somehow mostly an issue of foreign policy to advance US interests!

What about US citizens’ interests!

The authors clearly have no idea what is going on outside the DC bubble.

Here are the three takeaways from their work product:


Screenshot (53)
Do you see anything here about States Rights and the feds shifting costs to states? Anything about the US Treasury heavily funding ‘religious’ NGOs which then operate in secrecy? Anything about the social and cultural impact roiling communities that are overloaded with refugees?


Here is a recent email from the ‘Johnny-come-lately‘ Heritage Foundation:

At Heritage, we bring the best and the brightest minds together to boldly address refugee policy.

Before coming to the White House, Admiral Hall sat on a board at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops the largest of the nine federal contractors placing refugees in your towns (can’t make this up!) http://www.milarch.org/retired-navy-rear-admiral-garry-e-hall-appointed-to-national-review-board-of-the-u-s-conference-of-catholic-bishops/

This summer, Heritage experts Olivia Enos, David Inserra, and Joshua Meservey wrote a report titled “The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program: A Roadmap for Reform”.

Their report asserts that the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program should be used neither as a service to mass distribute global migration rights, nor to solve international conflict.

Rather, it should be reformed to assert American leadership, tangibly help partners and allies, and rescue some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Last Thursday, they briefed Admiral Hall on their report at the National Security Council. He was very receptive and promised to pass it to the new Senior Adviser for Refugees [Who?—ed]

James Jay Carafano, the Vice President for the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy and E. W. Richardson Fellow, said of their work:

“While others have obsessed about the numbers and bans, we have focused on substantive reforms to actually make the program better—reduce abuse, enhance security and promote assimilation. Our work has not gone unnoticed. I have gotten constructive feedback from NGOs on all sides of this issue.”

Plans to make their roadmap to reform a reality are in the works.

What do you think should be done about America’s refugee program?

Readers ask me all the time, what can I do?  Do this!

Go here and tell Heritage what you think about ‘reforming’ the USRAP!  Tell them what is happening in your towns!

Again, the authors clearly have no idea what is going on outside of the swamp.

(As of this writing there are 16 comments at the Heritage site.)

My previous reports on this Heritage project are here and here.

*** The nine federal contractors that secretly place refugees in hundreds of US towns and cities. The USCCB Migration Fund is 97% funded by the US Treasury. Does Admiral Hall know that? Is that OK with him?


18 thoughts on “Heritage Foundation leaves out one important consideration in its ‘plan’ for reforming refugee program—you!

  1. Ann, I just posted this comment 11/26/17. Will try to keep track as to whether it stays posted or is removed by the moderator who does not agree with what was said. Here is my post: “This “reform” effort by the Heritage Foundation is why I no longer financially contribute to this organization or participate as a Heritage Sentinel.

    Heritage clearly has no idea what “refugee resettlements” have done and are doing to local communities across America. Assimilation? Who are you kidding? Mosques that actively preach violent jihad are in these communities and more are being constructed. Islam does not believe in assimilation. Islam is about conquest.

    Many of the refugee resettlement organizations that are handed bucket loads of taxpayer money plant the refugees in communities and run off with the money without looking back. Taxpayers are then left on the hook to pay for the refugees welfare, housing, education, health care, etc. Many of the organizations have suspect financial records and should be audited much more closely.

    We want the current refugee resettlement decreased significantly or stopped.

    It is appalling that the Heritage Foundation would agree with the Chamber of Commerce and support open borders/refugee resettlement after the multiple terror attacks being committed by “refugees” brought to America under the auspices of making America more diverse.”


    1. Thanks so much! I am not seeing your comment at the Heritage site. Can you look this morning and tell me where in the list of people your comment fell.




  3. Here is my comment, Ann.

    Barbara D – November 25, 2017

    What has happened to you guys!! You have lost your conservative rudder. How about the excessive costs, the burdens to local communities, and the profound impact on our culture and voting trends. We are sick of paying for DC’s self-serving programs, and especially of those that entrench ever more Democrats in power. If Heritage wants a permanent “progressive” majority of the radical Left, why don’t they just come out and say so?

    Are you, Heritage, influenced by the Chamber of Commerce, which sees mass immigration as an absolute good. CofC could care less about the rest of us.

    See Ann Corcoran’s post at: refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com


  4. Hi Ann, Just posted this comment on the Heritage website:

    I wish Heritage would sponsor a panel with diverse opinions on this issue, to consider alternatives not discussed in this report—such as supporting a temporary moratorium on all refugee resettlement until the system has been fixed, as President Trump promised during the campaign and the only plan with a mandate from the electorate.


  5. Many of us can be called “Johnny Come Lately” because we lacked information. Thanks to you and many of your colleauges, we are better informed.

    You have a style that draws attention to the issue at hand. Thank you. Not all of us can use that style effectively. My point is that in contacting The Heritage Foundation, let’s keep it civil. Sarcasm is not always the best response. Heritage needs to be informed on this issue, like many others including some people in the Trump administration. Keep in mind that they do provide good information on other conservative topics that we may not hear elsewhere.

    Sarcasm can be a good tool. Too much of it can spoil an argument just like too much pepper in a pot of chili!

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    1. Good point. Did you comment at the Heritage site? People have told me they commented but I’m not seeing their comments.


  6. My how things have changed. My Great Grandfather came to the USA after the Civil War from Norway. with his family and other families. Sold his ship, bought a wagon and team and headed west to the edge of the S. Dakota, Minnesota border. Opened a store, founded a town…

    Being born outside the USA myself of a US Citizen I’m kind of half and half but when I tried to get a SBA loan found I was not foreign enough nor married to one so the SBA wouldn’t buy me a motel or some other business as they were doing for the immigrants from SE Asia.

    Now they are bringing in a diffrent group, trucking them to the nearest Tyson’s meat processing plant and recreating the work conditions of the Triangle Shirtwaist days.


  7. Bringing in Muslims that hate us and our culture and will not assimilate is hurting our communities both financially and with respect to our safety. It is Christian and jews who are in danger and who will add to our country so stop forcing the Muslims on us.


  8. This report doesn’t surprise me, as from my research of the Heritage Foundation, it has some pretty suspect connections. Let me just say all is not as it appears.


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