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I guess the Heritage Foundation doesn’t want to hear from you after all

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 26, 2017

Update #2:  Here is what I said about the missing comments being found.

***Update***  Happy news and happy reading! Some of you went to work today and just now I see that there are 137 comments posted (while the number had hovered around 28 since yesterday)!  All of you who contacted me are now posted for all to see!  Here !

Yesterday I told you about that completely inadequate “reform” proposal for the US Refugee Admissions Program that the Heritage Foundation took to the White House last week.  If you missed the story click here.

Heritage invited comment from the public on its plan, but has apparently failed to post many of your comments.  

I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt until tomorrow morning that their failure to post comments, or more accurately let the commenter believe his or her comment was posted, but then not make it visible for the general public is because they had a technical malfunction and that all comments would be posted on Monday when they return to work…..

However, the other scenario is that Heritage was practicing what is called “shadow banning” (a highly questionable trick in the tech world) where the commenter can see his comment as if it had been posted, but no one else can.  I wrote about it here in August when obviously twitter had briefly shadow-banned me.

Again, we will see what happens tomorrow when DC workers return to their offices and Heritage checks its system.

(I do know that Heritage says they screen comments and reject some, but if so, why do they appear to some readers and not to others if they had been outright rejected? And, if you are immediately thinking they are rejecting comments they don’t like, it doesn’t make sense.  Some of those that have disappeared don’t seem any more critical than some they did post for all to see. And, besides, is it reasonable to assume that a Heritage worker, knowledgeable about refugees, was screening comments on Saturday of a holiday weekend? No.)

This is why I suspect shadow-banning is possibly going on. It would be very shameful if the estimable Heritage Foundation is engaging in that unfair practice.  After all, they were soliciting comments!

Here is what they asked:

What do you think should be done about America’s refugee program?

Several readers wrote to me to tell me that they had posted comments, but I couldn’t see those comments. Some reported that they hadn’t seen mine.  Strange, I thought, because mine is right here in front of me.  This is a screenshot of what I saw.  (At that time there were about 16 comments and as of this writing there are 28.)

I was the first commenter on November 25th right under Ron and before Gail:

Screenshot (1117)_LI


I then tried something else.  I opened the site in another browsing window and what do you know, I was gone!  See screenshot below. Who is now missing between Ron and Gail? Me!


Screenshot (1118)

So, dear readers, how many of you can see my comment, and how many can’t?

About six other people reported that they had posted comments that they could see, but  were not visible to me.  Here are two of those.  Tell me, can you see Margaret Starry or Richard Falknor’s comments?  I can’t (other than in the screenshots they shared with me below)!

image1 (1)_LI

Look for her just before Thomas Stark, do you see her comment?

How about Richard Falknor’s?


Can you see Richard Falknor’s comment immediately following Stephen Palmer? Mr. Falknor could obviously see it in order to take this screenshot.

Since so many comments are missing, there is no way for me, or anyone!, to know if you posted a comment. Please send me an e-mail here: and I will tell you if your comment is visible.  I have already received e-mails from a few of you who sent me your comment’s text and I confirmed that it is not visible to me.

If you can, get a screenshot of your ‘posted’ comment and send it to me.

Or, ask one of your friends to go to Heritage’s comments and see if they can see your comment!

And, tomorrow if Heritage has a good explanation we will report that—stay tuned!

18 Responses to “I guess the Heritage Foundation doesn’t want to hear from you after all”

  1. ljarvik said

    Anne, Heritage gave us the Obamacare mess by pushing Romneycare, and it looks like they may plan to do the same for Refugee Resetlement–unless you can stop them…


  2. 3mama2nana said

    Ann….I see your post now….I just posted as Par


  3. southofcincy said

    Can’t do a screenshot on this Lenovo pad, but using Chrome, posted and it’s showing on my end; checked it on Firefox and it doesn’t. “Why not have main support programs that are GENUINE charities, not programs that mostly rely on taxpayers’ money, help care for these folks while getting on their feet? The towns that are chosen to ‘welcome’ incoming refugees should be advised beforehand, making sure there are available jobs, uncrowded schools, enough medical facilities, and adequate housing. And ASK the community if they are able and willing to support these newcomers without any drain on their own needs.” (Sure hope all comments show up Monday during any weekend rollover process…. )


  4. TwoLaine said

    The first thing I see at the top of the page is 28 comments.


    • TwoLaine said

      Yours is not included.


      • TwoLaine said

        “Comments are subject to approval and moderation. We remind everyone that The Heritage Foundation promotes a civil society where ideas and debate flourish. Please be respectful of each other and the subjects of any criticism.”

        FYI, I emailed you my screen shot of the 28 current comments.

        Your issue is may be that you don’t have your computer set to give you a fresh a web page every time you go to it, and you may need to clear your cache too.


    • TwoLaine said

      To do a refresh of a web page you can do Ctrl + F5 on Windows, or, if you are using a Mac, Apple + R or Cmd + R.


  5. ECM said

    Heritage, like every compromised pol (which is basically all of them), dances to the tune of the piper that pays them.


  6. TwoLaine said

    I heard someone say in an interview recently that Apple suppresses info they don’t want their users to see. Are any of you on Apple devices?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I’m not, anyone else?


    • Decades long Apple user checking in. From a technical standpoint, I can’t imagine how that could possibly work aside from a ban list embedded into Safari (the native Apple browser), and there isn’t one. Even then, it would only fail to connect to specific sites programmed into it as of the time it left the factory (and added in any updates). Artificial Intelligence is not advanced enough (yet!) to “understand” or even identify an opinion, it can only recognize specific words.

      Having said that, Apple definitely bans Apps it disagrees with from the App store. No way around that as Apple Apps are proprietary. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act should be applied to social media companies and the entire Internet should be regulated as a common carrier utility. Companies should have to choose between providing medium or message, never both. Being able to be a medium of communication while also providing content is an inherent conflict of interest that cannot be resolved by market forces. Imagine the phone company being able to control what you say to someone on the telephone; that’s precisely what social media companies are doing on the Internet.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. murlimews said

    Ann-Here’s my comment but I couldn’t get the blue background. It’s between Jane’s comment, and Stephen Palmer’s:

    Caro K. – November 25, 2017

    The United States is $20 trillion in debt. We cannot afford to take on the responsibility of caring for indigent refugees as we already are over-loaded with faltering towns, an opiod crisis, stagnant wages, insufficient housing, civil strife, etc. Stop the refugee program for five years, until we are in better shape to consider such a commitment.

    In 2007 Gregory Clark, chair of the Economics Dept, University of California, at Davis, published, “A Farewell to Alms.” You can compress his 377 pages into six building blocks of a successful society:
    1. Stable institutions
    2. Creation of well-defined property rights
    3. Low marginal tax rates
    4. Innovative ideas
    5. Free markets and free trade
    6. Avoidance of armed conflict
    All of our energy is spent trying to help millions of people caught up in disasters, often of their own making.
    The first foot forward should be knowing WHAT WORKS, teaching what works, and helping those caught between the learning and the application of that wisdom stay as close to their home countries as possible, with MINIMUM relocation.

    We should not suck up the best and brightest of those faltering countries, leaving them less capable of making their homelands successful in the future.


  8. futuret said



  9. This is extremely disappointing. I thought better of the Heritage Foundation organization and its personnel. Keep this up and we will have no “Heritage” on which to reflect in the not too distant future I fear.

    The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.
    —General Norman Schwarzkopf

    Right is right, and wrong is wrong, and a body ain’t got no business doing wrong when he ain’t ignorant and knows better.
    —Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    And where is Paul Harvey, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, and even the imperfect JFK when we need them the most?

    Liked by 1 person

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