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Archive for November 28th, 2017

We welcome further explanation from the Heritage Foundation about comments being withheld over the weekend

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 28, 2017

Update December 18th:  See Jim Simpson’s report at the Daily Caller about the “flawed” Heritage report.

If you are arriving here for the first time today, see this post on Sunday to catch up.

We see that when the Heritage Foundation asked for comments (there are now 208, more?) on their US Refugee Admissions Program ‘reform’ plan that they have now added the following note from an editor:

Editor’s note: Thanks to everyone who has commented on this post. Some of those comments were initially not visible due to a delay in our system. We value your opinion and apologize for any confusion.

They have also corrected one commenter with this:

Screenshot (1194)


In order to alleviate any further confusion we invite someone from Heritage’s IT staff to explain how it was that over 100 comments initially were visible only to the commenter, making them believe they were accepted, while others were visible to everyone.

We understand holding comments for moderation, we do it all the time, but the difference is that the commenter isn’t seeing his or her comment (as if it had posted) visible to them, but to no one else!

Please write to me, I am at and I will be happy to post verbatim whatever the tech explanation is.

And, by the way, some who were posted early-on (visible to all) were not all people Heritage tech people might have recognized as previous commenters.

Nor is it a reasonable explanation to say that the forum was only for members of Heritage (although many who commented are obviously members) because otherwise that should have been made clear at Heritage’s website page.  We would have honored a notice that said: Member forum only.

And, it is not sufficient to use a holiday weekend screw-up as a reason since Heritage put out the appeal for comments on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving (we didn’t post about it until the 25th, Saturday), on a long holiday weekend, so clearly they expected people to send in comments over the weekend and should have been ready, especially on such a hot topic.

Of course Heritage doesn’t owe any of us an explanation, but it would be to the Heritage Foundation’s advantage to fully explain what happened and thus regain its squeaky clean reputation. 

But, we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that the ‘reform’ plan itself should be withdrawn and re-written taking in to consideration, first and foremost, the enormous economic and societal costs to local US citizens.

Go here and see what we said about the report in July.

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Somali arrested in Australia on terror charges; planned to shoot New Year’s Eve revelers say police

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 28, 2017

He is a 20-year-old born in Australia to Somali immigrant parents which brings us to the questions everyone is avoiding:  So how do you screen for Islamists like this? How do you stop terrorists radicalized in the West after we ‘welcomed’ them and gave them an opportunity for a good life?

Notice that Hungary, Poland and Japan don’t have arrests like this—why? They don’t admit Muslim immigrants. 

One of many stories on the arrest, this one from News 24:

Melbourne – An Islamic State (ISIS) sympathiser planned to buy a gun and kill as many revellers as possible on New Year’s Eve in Melbourne’s popular Federation Square, police alleged on Tuesday after foiling the plot.

The 20-year-old, born in Australia to Somali parents, was detained in a raid on a house in the Melbourne suburb of Werribee on Monday. He is expected to be charged over the coming days.

Police claim he accessed a guide book online produced by Al-Qaeda on how to commit terror acts and use firearms, but was arrested before he could purchase an automatic rifle.

“What we will be alleging is that he was intending to use a firearm to shoot and kill as many people as he could in the Federation Square area on New Year’s Eve,” said Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton.


Patton said the man, who lived with his parents, had been on their radar since the beginning of the year, part of a small community of extremists that police have been monitoring.

His behaviour had gradually escalated over time, but police believe he was acting alone.

We hear this all the time!

A person who knows the suspect told the Melbourne Herald Sun: “He is a very quiet guy. This is an absolute shock.”

More here.

See my Australia archive by clicking here.

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Maine food stamp fraud bust has interesting twist

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 28, 2017

Halal Market maine



Longtime readers know that I’ve had a side interest in food stamp fraud, specifically trafficking in food stamps.  This kind of fraud doesn’t involve purchasing unapproved items with food stamps as you might think, but it’s about selling ones benefits for 50 cents on the dollar.

It works like this: customer comes in with benefits, buys some small item, but the cashier rings up a larger amount.  Customer walks out with half the cash that was rung up. Clerk submits full amount to government for repayment.

It is called trafficking, and the fraud is huge at mom & pop convenience stores nationwide.

You can see my many previous posts on the topic by clicking here.  The vast majority of cases involve immigrant owners/managers of small stores like this one in Maine.

What is different in this Maine case is that the store is a Halal grocery store which says to me that it is very likely that the majority of people participating in the owner’s fraud are people who prefer Halal food.

And, by the way, there have been cases where customers are arrested and also found guilty of taking part in the scheme to defraud the US taxpayer, will there be some here?

From WGME (Hat tip: Frank) $1 MILLION fraud!

PORTLAND (WGME) – A man accused of running a welfare scam out of a Portland halal grocery is pleading guilty.


The market sells meat permissible under Muslim law.

According to federal court documents, Ali Ratib Daham is pleading guilty to federal food stamp and other welfare fraud.

He is also admitting to money laundering and theft from the state’s MaineCare program.


Daham is agreeing to a jail sentence of at least 33 months and will pay more than $1 million in restitution to the government.

In exchange, prosecutors are agreeing to drop dozens of other charges in the case.

The plea deal will be considered in federal district court Tuesday. The guilty plea could cause him to be deported.

They never deport these people, and tell me how is he going to repay $1 million when I’ll bet the money was moved abroad a long time ago.

Here is the pitch I’ve made innumerable times: If you are looking for something to do, start a blog on immigrant welfare fraud.  You will have news to post daily and it would be a great service to our country, especially since any real investigative reporters are few and far between.

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