Maine food stamp fraud bust has interesting twist

Halal Market maine


Longtime readers know that I’ve had a side interest in food stamp fraud, specifically trafficking in food stamps.  This kind of fraud doesn’t involve purchasing unapproved items with food stamps as you might think, but it’s about selling ones benefits for 50 cents on the dollar.

It works like this: customer comes in with benefits, buys some small item, but the cashier rings up a larger amount.  Customer walks out with half the cash that was rung up. Clerk submits full amount to government for repayment.

It is called trafficking, and the fraud is huge at mom & pop convenience stores nationwide.

You can see my many previous posts on the topic by clicking here.  The vast majority of cases involve immigrant owners/managers of small stores like this one in Maine.

What is different in this Maine case is that the store is a Halal grocery store which says to me that it is very likely that the majority of people participating in the owner’s fraud are people who prefer Halal food.

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Learn more about the case against Daham here:

And, by the way, there have been cases where customers are arrested and also found guilty of taking part in the scheme to defraud the US taxpayer, will there be some here?

From WGME (Hat tip: Frank) $1 MILLION fraud!

PORTLAND (WGME) – A man accused of running a welfare scam out of a Portland halal grocery is pleading guilty.


The market sells meat permissible under Muslim law.

According to federal court documents, Ali Ratib Daham is pleading guilty to federal food stamp and other welfare fraud.

He is also admitting to money laundering and theft from the state’s MaineCare program.


Daham is agreeing to a jail sentence of at least 33 months and will pay more than $1 million in restitution to the government.

In exchange, prosecutors are agreeing to drop dozens of other charges in the case.

The plea deal will be considered in federal district court Tuesday. The guilty plea could cause him to be deported.

They never deport these people, and tell me how is he going to repay $1 million when I’ll bet the money was moved abroad a long time ago.

Here is the pitch I’ve made innumerable times: If you are looking for something to do, start a blog on immigrant welfare fraud.  You will have news to post daily and it would be a great service to our country, especially since any real investigative reporters are few and far between.

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  1. Same racket is run in Australia, in the aboriginal townships where they have welfare food cards. Only used for food purchases, no alcohol or cigarettes can be bought, the cards get on-sold for 50% of their value so that the welfare recipient can continue to indulge their need for booze and ciggies. That means wives and kids don’t get any food for the rest of the month. And they say we’re cruel to our indigenous brethren!!!


    1. Robert K Pavlick – I disagree with the “infidels” belief that Ann holds, I’ll tell you why. I’ve lived overseas for a lot of my young life and some of my adult life (not that it’s required to come to this conclusion!) in a Muslim country. I was practicing Islam for a short time, and was married (now divorced) to a Muslim and a refugee. Third world countries are where we get most of our refugees and immigrants from today. We get the lowest classes- the refuse. I would say most of these peoples are of the “Eastern world” and were not raised with Christian ethics- i.e., the Golden Rule. Honesty, treating the fellow man as one’s better, those are Western Judeo-Christian concepts. Honesty and doing the right thing are so instilled in our culture, we take it for granted. We not only expect it in other peoples, but we unconsciously assume they are much like us! They’re not. I am sorry to say they are not just like us, some of them very much UNlike us.

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      1. I’d like to add something apropo to the immigrant-run convenience store topic- ever notice, it’s always foreign-owned shops that sell the drug paraphernalia and crack pipes- those ones that are disguised as “roses in glass tube”? Those in power that like to think foreigners are bettering this nation need to see these shops. They need to read these articles, too.


      2. Well yes, Freetoairphoenix: The Food Stamp money laundering isn’t only a means of slapping Infidels in the face, it is a means of making money because these unscrupulous merchants buy the Food Stamps for half of their value, so they are making out like bandits. If they did anything like this in their own countries, they would be executed. THAT’S WHY THEY COME HERE !!!!


  2. They got nabbed in the City I live in

    Same thing

    Run the Food Stamp card give card holder 1/2 the amount the card is worth

    Shopkeeper keeps the other half

    No groceries sold

    …and PS

    The shopkeepers were from the Middle East also


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