UN 2030 Agenda driving international labor migration

Thanks to reader Ron for sending this recent (September 2017) Briefing paper for the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.




The focus of the report is to promote the idea that moving migrant labor freely around the world and encouraging remittances to be sent back to the home country will alleviate world poverty. 

Basically it says that the UN is out to level the playing field around the world by removing “barriers to mobility” (borders be damned!) and supports the idea that migrants living in rich countries should send money out of the richer country to the poorer home country in a kind of redistribution of wealth on a global scale.

You see here what we are up against when we know global corporations are in lock step with the UN for their own greedy desires for refugee laborers willing to work for low wages (subsidized by taxpayers)—your quality of life be damned.  Can you say Chobani Yogurt, JBS Swift and Tyson Foods just to name a few!

Has the Heritage Foundation drunk the kool-aid on this too?

I wasn’t planning to post the document until I had read it more carefully, but decided it is too important to sit around on my desk.

Click here to read the whole thing.


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11 thoughts on “UN 2030 Agenda driving international labor migration

  1. I would like to know what is so “sustainable”about this plan.The expectation that costs should be reduced for everyone that wishes to migrate would make it easier than ever for “developing” country governments to rid themselves of their most impoverished citizens and then benefit from these same people who send back money to family still in home country. Evidently, visa fees are just too high as far as they are concerned. So, host governments should collect even less than now to run systems to keep track of these migrants. The U.N. looks at the U.S.,Canada,Europe,Australia and New Zealand as just geographic areas,land masses,no more,to fill up with surplus populations from Africa and parts of Asia.It’s corporate allies see great swathes of real estate up for grabs. Consider that now even the African lion is endangered due to loss of range and prey, entirely because of ever increasing human encroachment!


    1. I think you’re right! It’s about the One World Order. The goal of the elite 1% is to turn the world “Brown”, no more white people, and no one will have more money than anyone else, except for the slave drivers who will be enforcing this. We will have our property taken away, be moved into cities and high rises where we will get 500 square feet of living space, our water will be regulated and if we use more than we are allowed, we will be charged a penalty and the same for electricity. We will no longer be able to shower every day, or use air conditioning. The will be reserved for the rich who rule over us. We will not be able to afford cars because the prices will go up so high that only the rich can afford cars. This is plan and it MUST be stopped!


  2. To be clear, this does not appear to be a UN-sanctioned position paper. The paper was created by a UK-based think tank in London, and the paper was paid for by the Swiss Agency for International Development. In the footnotes, however, the Swiss agency stops short of endorsing the paper.


    1. Thanks for that info. It sure looks like a UN program. Can you do a little research on the think tank and maybe write up a little something about what you find.


      1. It very much so IS a UN initiative. Ann I know I posted the “income equalization” plan goal is to import the 3rd world to the First World (USA), thereby creating a working class made up of refugees and/or immigrants. This is clearly spelled out in the “17 Sustainable Goals to Transform our World” Goal #10 (ostensibly under the “equality for all” goal),- Ive posted it here at least 3x already. They accomplish this not merely by importing refugees by air but they want free and easy border crossing or erasure of borders altogether. Mind you, there is a plan afoot : “Extension of the Border Zone Initiative :A resolution of support to extend the border zone from its current 75‐mile zone to the entire state of Arizona ” See, there is no border. This is one of those communistic non-elected powers that work as/with the UN. They need not be called or titled officially under the UN’s official badge, but they are working under the auspices of UN goals and they make it very clear- it is not covert but 99.9 percent of Americans have zero idea nor are they willing to comprehend it all. Meanwhile, 60/70 plus years ago, the public fell for the scam that McCarthy was making a witch hunt. Now who is laughing.


  3. In Minnesota, there are very strange bedfellows:

    Alpha News
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    Ellison and Emmer Team Up on America to Somalia Money Transfers
    By Christine Bauman –
    January 26, 2017

    Ellison and Emmer Working Together To Get Somali-American Remittances Flowing Again
    Washington D.C. – Rep. Keith Ellison and Rep. Tom Emmer are teaming up to bring back Somali-American remittances with a new pilot program.
    Scott Paul, a senior humanitarian policy advisor for Oxfam, recently tweeted his thanks to Ellison and Emmer for working on the project. Oxfam is a development organization that focuses on the “injustice of poverty.”

    Scott Paul@ScottTPaul
    Thanks @keithellison @tomemmer @SenSherrodBrown for getting a pilot to help Somali-American remittance companies off the ground! #Champions

    Dec 16, 2016

    Remittances, or money transfers, allows Somali-Americans to funnel money earned here in the U.S. back to their family in their home country. Remittances are considered by many to be the lifeblood of Somalia, with the World Bank estimating up to $1.4 billion being transferred annually. This accounts for up to 23% of their GDP, and is more than the U.S. government gives to the country in foreign aid.
    In recent years, banks all over the U.S. have been closing their Somali money transfer accounts. They no longer wish to take part in the transaction because of regulations put in place by the Obama administration that would hold the banks responsible if the money fell into the hands of extremists.
    One of the last banks to close its doors to Somali remittances was Merchants Bank of California. They stopped facilitating the transfer of money in February 2015. Merchants Bank handled as much as 80% of all remittances going to Somalia. This left a gaping hole in the finances of those in Somalia that depended on the American money.
    Rep. Ellison has long been a proponent of Somali-American remittances. Following the fall-out of Merchants Bank, Ellison wrote an op-ed in the New York Times which he went through all the reasons why he thinks it is a necessary function of U.S. banks. Rep. Ellison has found a somewhat unlikely supporter in Rep. Emmer. Together they co-chair the Congressional Somali Caucus where a key issue is keeping remittances flowing between the U.S. and Somalia.
    In February of 2016, Somalia introduced a new law that would help prevent remittances from falling into the hands of terrorists. This anti-money laundering law was passed in hopes of gaining the trust of U.S. banks so that money transfers between the two countries could begin again.
    Ellison and Emmer along with a handful of other Democrats sent a letter to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud congratulating him on the new law, and indicated they would continue to fight for remittances.
    The Somali-American remittances pilot program that Ellison and Emmer have reportedly been working on would be another step towards getting remittances flowing again. Alpha News reached out to both Rep. Ellison and Rep. Emmer and neither are willing to comment on the program right now.
    Subscribe to Alpha News to stay up-to-date on Somali-American remittances and other legislative news.


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