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Tyson Foods changing America one town at a time; up next Humboldt, TN

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 1, 2017

This time with the help of Tennessee Governor Haslam and Senator (Little Bob) Corker.



Tennessee Republican Governor Haslam gives big wet kiss to Tyson Foods!


As you know BIG MEAT and BIG CHICKEN are major drivers of the US Refugee Admissions Program and here we learn that Tyson Foods new plant in Humboldt, TN will employ 1,500 workers. 

But get this: the pols admit that unemployment is really low, so where might those workers, who will do mostly dirty jobs, come from?

You guessed it! Immigrant and refugee labor will soon be streaming into a town of less than 9,000 people!

And before I get to this really bad news for the citizens of Humboldt, this gives me another opportunity to show you the direct connection between giant global corporations like Tyson Foods (JBS Swift and Chobani too) and the federally funded refugee ‘religious’ contractors placing refugees secretly in to American towns. See Lutherans sign deal with Tyson Foods!

Now to Tyson Foods’ new deal in Tennessee…..

From the Commercial Appeal (hat tip: Joanne):

Tyson Foods will build a new chicken production complex in Humboldt — 75 miles northeast of Memphis — that will employ 1,500 people, company and government officials announced Monday. [Memphis is the closest refugee placement office to Humboldt, but the feds and Catholic Charities could expand to Humboldt as has happened in other states to accommodate meatpackers.—ed]

The $300 million project is to start operations in late 2019 to meet what Tyson described in a release as “strong consumer demand for its chicken.”

Humboldt Mayor Marvin Sikes

It is historic alright. The town will be changed demographically forever!

The new plant in Humboldt will make pre-packaged trays of chicken for retail grocery stores nationwide and is expected to process 1.25 million birds per week, according to the company.

“This is an historic day for Humboldt, Gibson County and West Tennessee,” Humboldt Mayor Marvin Sikes said in a prepared statement. “I want to thank Tyson Foods for their commitment to our community and region. The significant job creation and capital investment that will result from this project will have a positive impact on our community that will last for many years, and I could not be more excited about the future of Humboldt and Gibson County.”


Plant will employ 1,500 people

Tyson Foods picked West Tennessee over potential sites in other states.

Gov. Bill Haslam said in a prepared statement, “The new facility will be Tyson’s fifth location in Tennessee and it means a great deal that a company of this magnitude will continue to grow its footprint in our state. I appreciate Tyson for its continued commitment to Tennessee and for helping us become one step closer to our goal of making Tennessee the No. 1 location in the Southeast for high quality jobs.”

Then here at The News and Observer we learn….

Screenshot (1207)_LI

That is “Little Bob” Senator Corker.  I had to laugh though in this story they have him identified as a lowly Congressman.  Imagine if Trump had picked him to head the State Department—can you say fox in the chicken house!

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and U.S. Sen. Bob Corker attended the news conference and praised Tyson for choosing Humboldt, a rural city of about 8,200 people located about 85 miles (135 kilometers) northeast of Memphis. Tennessee competed with other states for the project. Doug Ramsey, group president of poultry for Tyson, would not discuss which other states were in the mix.


Haslam said that while unemployment in Tennessee is low — at 3 percent as of September — “it’s no news that some of our rural counties have struggled.” He called the plant a “big deal” for the state.

So, if the unemployment rate stands at 3%, where are the workers going to come from?  It might be a financial big deal for bigwigs and assorted hangers-on, but not for the citizens of Humboldt!

Tyson currently operates four facilities in the state, employing about 5,000 people. The company says it paid Tennessee farmers more than $61 million in the 2016 fiscal year.

The announcement marks the second major economic development project Tyson has begun this year in Tennessee. In August, the company announced an $84 million expansion of operations in Union City. That project is expected to create about 300 jobs.

The company’s portfolio of products includes Tyson chicken, Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm and Ball Park.

I think we all need to start making a list of the products companies that employee foreign workers (whose salaries we supplemented with our tax dollars) are producing and become more discerning shoppers.

See my ever expanding file on Tyson Foods, here.  Don’t miss posts on Shelbyville, TN where Tyson Foods initially succumbed to pressure to dump the Labor Day holiday in exchange for a Muslim holiday for its workers.

And, definitely don’t miss: BIG MEAT squawks when Trump lowered refugee ceiling, here.  Or tiny Nebraska town defeats BIG CHICKEN, here.

Wonder why the Heritage Foundation completely missed the boat and never looked at the impact of global corporations and refugee labor on American towns in their supposed “roadmap for reform” plans for the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program?

Could it be because powerful Republicans are pushing for migrant labor for their big business donors?

10 Responses to “Tyson Foods changing America one town at a time; up next Humboldt, TN”

  1. Reblogged this on stepman2001 and commented:
    If you are in Tennessee, consider joining with others that are concerned about the “changing of America”.


  2. krew09 said

    As far as the is a 501c3… just like the Thomas Moore that filed a lawsuit ,but where has the lawsuit gone??Nowhere…it just buys time and appeases the brain dead masses .. Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver tells you clearly that the IRS,and ACLU tell 501c3 organizations what they “can and can’t do,what they can and can’t say”..The IRS and ACLU are firmly in the hand of JEWS.


  3. Boycott them- do not buy this brand period. If we all do this then they will go bust. No more plants will open and ones open will close. Let us speak with our wallets. Just sayin…


  4. That photo in the article of Humboldt Mayor, Marvin Sikes, depicts him as taking a rather, “defensive” stance, LOL. He must have a guilty conscience and is anticipating some challenges to his views.


  5. said

    outrage  no Tyson for me  screw them  


  6. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Doesn’t matter which party these elitist guys (“guys” includes women) come from, they all are blindly changing America and they seem to have no idea what’s coming…increasingly in a short time because the worldwide muslim invasion (hijra) is expanding nearly beyond belief.
    Just because you don’t actually SEE it, locally, doesn’t mean it’s NOT coming.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Marcia Mulder said

    Aren’t they building a big plant around here, too?

    Sent from my iPad



  8. Tyson, Jimmy Dean, Ball Park and Hillshire Farms will definitely be boycotted from my Christmas list, from now on!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Caro K said

    There’s an interesting article in Nov. 30 Wall Street Journal: “Farm Towns, with Changing Priorities, Reject Meatpackers.” This nearly full page article details why some towns are saying no to giant meatpacking companies. It features Tonganoxie, KA saying no to Tysons. Also mentions Humbolt, TN being more receptive. I could find NO mention in the article of locals’ concern about negative costs/social ills due to immigrant labor. Of course the WSJ is on board for cheap labor, at any costs, it appears.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Ann Corcoran said

      Thank you, I haven’t read it yet but several people have sent it…my immediate assumption was that the WSJ would leave the impact of demographic change out of it.

      Liked by 2 people

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